Review Game: God Eater 3

Review Game: God Eater 3

6 years is certainly not a short time for fans of God Eater since the release of the second series in 2013 and the full and revised version of 2015 yesterday. Bandai Namco and its internal team did not stop working hard to present many changes in each series. Its peak fruit is quite sweet in its third series this year. Although I haven’t played it for a long time since completing the second series, it didn’t make me forget the important aspects that the Japanese developer changed in his third series.

The game tells of an oracle cell that suddenly appears and destroys everything, creating a new Aragami called Adaptive Aragami that cannot be killed with ordinary weapons. To overcome this, the remaining human beings created a new God Eater named Adaptive God Eater or AGE. You will play the AGE who is locked up in one of the refugee camps named port Pennywort with your best friend, Hugo.

Initially, you and Hugo will be assigned to annihilate the wandering Aragami, until finally meeting a new type of stronger Aragami named Ashborn. Along the way, you will find some intrigue and drama to uncover the mystery of Ashborn, the destruction of Fenrir, and the Oracle Cell that caused the chaos.

God Eater 3 has gameplay that is more or less the same as the previous series, but with quite a lot of changes. If previously you will use Blood Power to become a special skill, then in this series you will use Burst Arts. It is divided into three types: Ground, Jump, and Step, each of which has a unique style and combo.

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