Hunt Down New Aragami In God Eater 3

Being one of Bandai Namco’s main franchises, God Eater 3 is indeed very well considered by them. Unfortunately, the focus on gameplay minimizes some of the other aspects in it, including customization. Luckily, the developer and publisher from Japan is preparing a new update to satisfy you.

Version 1.20 will add a class-based mission that will bring you new challenges. Finalizing it will give you accessories for your character. A new Aragami named Amen Ra will also be added. Unlike Ra, this purple Amen Ra will be able to devour with the power of her sun without having to throw energy forward.

While 10 hairstyles and some costumes from the game’s characters like clothes from Hugo, Claire, to Lulu will also be added. Although it looks less original, at least it will beautify your character.

Version 1.30 will invite you to do a new gear project by Ein who is assisted by Zeke’s sister, Neil Pennywort. Two new Aragami that were added to the game, Anubis and Havakiri, will get a new form in this update. Anubis will have his Ashborn form, while Havakiri will have a new form named Fallen Havakiri.

Not only the update, Bandai Namco also arranged the balancing of the game, both aragami, motion from Havakiri, to the devour mode of the Ashborn Aragami to avoid being too strong.

At the end of the page, Bandai Namco also teases the presence of update 1.40 which will give Time Attack Mode. Challenge you to fight against time to defeat the Aragami. Unfortunately they are still silent for what they will add in the series.

God Eater 3 can now be played on PC and PlayStation 4. You can follow the updated information from us both from Japanese and English sources about the game. For those of you who are curious about the game, you can read our full review.

This Is The Reason Why Gamers Lazy To Download Game

Sometimes we can find a gamer who have a hundred title of games in their games library, but sometimes we also meet the other kind of gamers who only have a few title of games in their library. Is usually happen, that’s because they lazy to download another game.

Why this thing can happen ? There is so much factor, if you want to know the reason, you need to read this article till the end.

First is price. Yeah, for buying a new game we need money, right ? Not every gamers have much money to buy another games. Sometimes they need to wait the crack version to play some games. Another reason is there is “gacha” in the game. Gacha is a system, maybe like a jackpot system. So you need to buy with real money and gambling, if you lucky, you will get a rare item, and if you’re not, you will get trash item. This is why gamers lazy and decide to not downloading the game.

The second one is the game quality. Not every games is good. If a game have a bad review, gamers will ignoring the game and move to the other one. Specially for P2P game, gamers will spend money to buy a suck game, it’s not possible right ?

Third is the capacity. For downloading a new game, we need to download a big file, like Dota 2, we need to download around 15GB of files. If the connection good, maybe this is not a problem, but for some gamers who have a slow internet connection, this thing will be a obstruction to them.

Glitch In Game Which Turned Into A Blessing For Developers

There is none of game Developer want’s a glitch in their game. Usually, developers will hold the release of the game if they found a glitch on their game. But glitch will never can be erased totally. In a game, we will always find a glitch. But sometimes, glitch can be a blessing to game developers, seriously.

Like killer penguins in Zoo Tycon. As we know, this game is a unique game where the player will bring to handle a zoo. Player will be a zoo manager and need to manage all thing in the zoo. But in Zoo Tycon, there is a glitch, we can see the penguins eating another animals in the zoo. This is only a glitch, but because of this, many people exciting to try this game.

We also can see the glitch in Team Fortress game. In this game, there is a glitch in character colour. But because of this glitch, the developer got an idea to made a new characters named SPY. This character can spying other team and became the one of them.

You see ? Even the glitch can be a blessing, it’s about how you take the opportunity. Because of glitch, that game can be so popular in the world. Cool right ?

Best Build For Omen In Arena Of Valor

For now, there is so many players using Omen in rank match in AoV. You know why ? Because Omen can take down any enemy hero. So, what is the best build for Omen ?

Omen can reach maximum attack speed in AoV. His passive skill, Thirst really devastating and overpowered ! But Omen can be a destructive hero depends on the user. So if you want to use Omen, you need to know what is the best build for Omen.

First item is Gilded Graves. For Omen, movement speed is the most crucial aspect. Omen is a good ganker, so he need a high movement speed item to help him on ganking. Not only that, this graves also giveing 35 resistence and 110 magic defense. So Omen can survive against mage enemy.

Gambar terkait

The second one is Fafnir Talon. This item can boost Omen attack speed and durability. This item really usefull in early game. Fafnir Talon also giving the ability to lifesteal 10% from his attack. Is that good ?

Third item is Blitz Blade. This item can give you ability to use chain lighting every 8 second. This lightning have 150 damage. Blitz Blade also boost Omen attack speed by 30% and provide lifesteal 10%.

For defensive item, you can buy Hercule’s Madness. With this gauntlet, you will gain a shield every 8 second. This item also boost Omen physical defence and magic resistence.

Moonton Will Release Bruno Special Skin Named “PSG Striker”

A few days later when the news emerged that Indonesian e-sport teams namely Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) and Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) a few days ago on the RRQ Official Account. Mobile Legend, Moonton issued a special skin that seemed to answer the two collaborations. At the Advance server a few days ago, a new Skin called “PSG Striker” was issued

A leak account about mobile legend, @ML_Leaks, leaked an in-game picture wherein there is a new skin called “PSG Striker” The skin is rumored to belong to Bruno, who is the only mob character who has similarities with soccer players. Bruno himself uses a soccer ball as one of his skills, and can use a sliding tackle to give Crowd Control to the enemy.

Besides that, the skin is rumored to be the Zodiac skin, but this can’t be trusted. This is because the average Zodiac skin has the names of skins such as constellations ranging from Capricorn, Aquarius, and so on. While the skin that will be obtained by Bruno is called “PSG Striker”. Well, what do you think ?

For information, Bruno is marksman type hero who have a good escape skill and have great passive ability. You can get this hero with 15.000 BP.

Heartstone Major Update: The Years of the Dragon

Beginning in 2019 it will update its Hearthstone massive and quite interesting to observe. Heartshtone creative director Ben Thompson and chief game designer Mike Donais said that this year is the edition of “The Years of the Dragon” or the year of the dragon. The Years of the Dragon will bring a lot of updates and new features in the game Hearthstone. In addition, the new cards will also appear in the latest update.

The first feature done by Hearthstone developers was a random card back. Where players will get back skin cards randomly when using certain decks in matches. Besides that Blizzard is also making a new card back design which is certainly more interesting.

The second feature developed by Hearthstone developer is a smart card selector. Smart card selector will make it easier for players to make the deck as they wish. Blizzard has the technology to track and collect data Hearthstone matches and dack cards used by players. Later the players will more easily arrange the deck with the help of a smart card selector. Deck made also adjusts to the cards held by a player, even smart cards can provide guidance selector alternative card if the player does not have the desired card in deck.

Next is the update carried out in the arena system. Blizzard wants the arena to be more alive and more varied. Therefore they prepare an update card according to the specified expansion pack. Later bimonthly cards that can be played in the arena will be rotated.

Another update that will also be included in Hearthstone is a single player story. There will be a new single player story mode that has a bigger and more interesting story. Later in the latest expansion of the single player there will be a new chapter 5, 8 rounds each chapter and two modes of play each round. Players can play the first chapter for free, while the next chapter can be purchased with 700 gold. Players can also buy one directly expansion with the original currency.

Then there will be a new hall of fame feature. Hall of fame is a place for special cards that have an imbalance effect in the game. Previously Blizzard would do nerf for cards that were felt too strong and impressed in the game. Even if they don’t do that, Blizzard will ban the use of the card to play standard decks. Now they will put imba cards into the hall of fame feature as proof of the history of the card. Cards such as Genn, Baku and Doomguard will likely enter the hall of fame as soon as possible.

First Impression: Resident Evil II Remake Version

As a writer, i’m not a fan of horror or survival horror games. As long as i playing games, just a few horror games i wrote in my entire life. One of those game is Resident Evil 2 Remake Version.

Hasil gambar untuk resident evil II remake

Capcom as the developer is anouncing of the development of Resident Evil 2 Remake version for PS 4. If you want to feel nostalgic with this game, you should buy and play this remake version. You know why ? Because the atmosphere is truly scary ! Serious ! It’s totally different from the old one version. So there is no doubt why Capcom still want to continue the remake version of Resident Evil 2.

When visiting Playstation Experience Southeast Asia 2018 ( PSX SEA 2018 ), we trying the demo version of Resident Evil 2. It’s just 15 minutes and we already felt the scary atmosphere of this game. IT’S TOTALLY SCARY DUDE !

Hasil gambar untuk resident evil II remake

If you think that the remake version just improving only the graphic quality, you are WRONG ! The gameplay, city, atmosphere all is new. In the remake version, there is a different location for some item and you need to solved some puzzle to get the item.

We think Capcom want to bring a new experience to gamer since this game is already played back in time. There are so many new location which can be explore by the gamers. So dare to play this game ?

SNK Announces New Samurai Shodown For Xbox, PC, And Playstation 4

If console games adapted to the mobile platform might only be suggested to sell nostalgia and please gamers who like smartphone games, SNK as a developer certainly seems aware that if the fans of fighting games they are expecting more new series which really feels actual.

So that departing from that reason, SNK apparently did not miss to want to re-prepare what had been their obligation so far. After King of Fighter XIV, the Samurai Shodown franchise has also finally been resurrected to no longer be a F2P mobile RPG game, but as a non-mobile “fighting game” that greatly reflects the significance of its old series.

Through the trailer that you can see above, SNK has revealed a new freshness from Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Galford’s cool action and other armed warriors in unique cell-shading graphics. Directly supported by Unreal Engine 4, the new Samurai Shodown game is planned for SNK to be ready for release before August arrives on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Because it was also reported from the line up of fighting games that will be contested for the peak EVO 2019 event in Las Vegas around the beginning of August, the organizers have surprisingly added the latest Samurai Shodown game as one of the main games to be competed.

Together with Mortal Kombat 11, which was confirmed to be released in April, it is certainly interesting to see how serious SNK is to bring the newest Samurai Shodown game into the more modern eSports arena, especially considering that the franchise is already known to be so legendary in years Past 90s.

The International 2019 Will Be HeldAt Disneyland Paris

Two of the five Dota 2 Major tournaments this year have been completed, while the third major will be held in March. Making competition towards The International 2019 increasingly tight. The top Dota 2 teams began to step on the gas to collect points so that they could qualify automatically for the biggest date of the Dota 2 year.

One of the two major tournaments is planned to be held in the city of Paris, France. Precisely in the entertainment center of Paris Disney Land. When the execution itself has not been published whether it will be the fourth major May next or the last major before TI next June 9. Professional players who have made it to the major certainly can take part in the tournament while on vacation in Paris, France, of course.

Disney itself is reaching out and is very interested in the world of esport. Major esport tournaments such as Overwatch, Injustice 2, and League of Legends are on the agenda of their tournaments. In addition, the French are also marketing esport to the public. There are several pro Dota 2 players from France such as Sebastian ‘7ckngMad’ Debs who currently plays for OG.

this year’s third major, DreamLeague Season 11 in Stockholm, Sweden, will only be held in March. By fighting for a total DPC Points of 15,000, of course there is no big team that wants to miss the opportunity and qualify for The International 2019 which lists the total prize of more than 360 billion rupiahs.

Underrated Old Hero In Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Game !

Can not be denied, there is so much new heroes released by Moonton on Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. But it’s like a double edge sword, why ? Because popularity of old heroes dramatically down because the release of a new hero. Sad right ? If we look back in the past, heroes like Nana, Tigreal and Eudora is the most playable heroes, specially for beginner and new comer, but for now, all is changed. Almost all player never use them anymore.

Lets talk about Tigreal. In season 1 – 3, Tigreal become the most popular tank in Mobile Legends. His capability to harassing and breaking enemy formation is absolutely good. He can drag enemy to tower easily and can suck them with his ultimate skill. But after Hylos, Akai and Johnson released, no one wanna use this hero anymore. His low damage and skill damage is the biggest reason why no one wanna use him anymore.

The next one is Eudora. Same as Tigreal. In the past, Eudora is the most destructive mage in Mobile Legends. Her skill can burst enemy HP out. Maybe she’s the worst enemy to marksman, with her set skill, she can take down marksman hero so easy. But for now, player with high rank will not use her anymore because Eudora lack of crowd control skill and have a slow movement speed.

counter harley mobile legends cv

And the last one is Nana. Even after reworks, her popularity still same. Back in time, Nana is fun to play support hero. Her second skill can turn enemy into a wild cute harmless animal. Not only that, Nana also can make her enemy fly away with her ultimate skill. But for now, many player said that Nana is a shit hero, low damage and low movement speed is the reason why player don’t want use her.