Hero Who Got Rework In Mobile Legends

Moonton as a publisher of the Mobile Legends game recently applied rework to some of their heroes. This rework was done because the hero was unable to compete with the new hero who came out. Therefore, with this rework, the ability of the hero can increase dramatically. What are the heroes?

The first hero is Vexana. Formerly Vexana was a mage that was rarely used because it did not have a large damage skill. Besides that Vexana’s skills are also difficult to target. After getting rework, Vexana returned to demand. This is because the skill has great damage and necromancer ability that is able to raise the opponent’s hero to be an ally.

The second hero who gets massive rework is Sun. This hero is an underrated hero before getting rework. Since getting rework, Sun is increasingly in demand by players. Besides that the shadow that Sun made now gets a buff, which can get attack speed from the item that is owned by the original Sun.

Nana, who doesn’t know this cute support hero? Nana used to be a very popular support hero, since she came out with a new hero like Angela, Nana’s popularity dropped dramatically. But since getting rework, Nana is again popular among players supporting Mobile Legends.

The last hero is Gatot Kaca. Heroes taken from Indonesian super heroes also get rework. Formerly Gatot Kaca did not have great damage and was only useful for crowd control, but since it got rework, it became a tank with the biggest magic damage on Mobile Legends.

Sekiro Became The Most Highest Wishlist Game On Steam

Steam turns out to have calculated how many wishlist players in each game have not been released. Not only that, they also turned out to have provided a separate Top Chart page that ranks the most frequently listed games in the Steam community. This was only known when Simon Carless (via PC Gamer) spread this information via his Twitter.

From the page, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – the game from the developer Dark Souls is the most anticipated game by the Steam community. Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus and Devil May Cry V are under the game which was originally developed as Tenchu’s current-gen series.

This list of most wishlists is getting more and more interesting to explore. Not only mastered by games from major publishers, indie games also seem to be still in great demand. Games like Eastward, My Friend Pedro, Forager, and other indie games are in the top 50 row amidst giant games with a large budget.

Unfortunately Steam does not mention how many wishlists each game has. Even though the information is confidential and not very important, it will be a little interesting to see how much the comparison of each game and the level of interest of the Steam community will be on the game.

Nintendo Switch Can Surpassed Playstation Vita

The Nintendo Switch has done something unexpected, where Nintendo has surpassed the PlayStation Vita sales record in Japan.

Nintendo’s new hybrid console quickly passed not only six million units sold in Japan this week, but left the PlayStation portable system far away in the sales process.

This data comes from Media Create, which released the latest report on the Japanese video game market earlier this week. According to him, the Nintendo Switch sells 281,222 other units in Japan this week, and that means making a total of 6.112100 units sold.

As we know, the PlayStation Vita sales record in Japan was only 5,955,448 units. Forgotten handhelds have been available in Japan since December 17, 2011. While the newcomer, the Nintendo Switch, has only been available in Japan since March 3, 2017, but sales have been quickly pursued by Nintendo.

While the Switch is certain to have a fast and strong start in Japan, where console games have declined in recent years thanks to surges in mobile games, and it seems that Sony has to swallow the fact that the Switch is more popular even though Sony released PS Vita in 2011 .

Estimated PS Vita Sony has sold a total of about 16 million units, but the Nintendo Switch seems to be easy to catch up to, how not? now it’s 6 million more, what if it’s 7 years? We will see later.

New Event In Mobile Legends For Christmas

Every year, Mobile Legend often celebrates events on major days. Like yesterday’s Halloween event held in October. Well, this time Mobile Legend is preparing for an event to celebrate Christmas which will be held this December. If you are curious about these events. Next we will summarize and explain some of the events that will be held in Mobile Legend. See the article below.

As usual, if it’s not a free Hero, Mobile Legend will provide free skins to its players to celebrate the event. Skins that can be obtained are “Black Mamba – Natalia”, “Pale Flame – Valir”, “Arhat King – Gatot Kaca”, “Vanguard Elite – Bruno”, and finally “Power of Wildness – Hilda”. All skins are Elite type, and can be obtained on December 22.

It turns out that it is not just Christmas that will be celebrated in the game. On December 22, coinciding with the launch of the Christmas event in Mobile Legend, Mobile Legend will also celebrate the end of season 10. Where players who have the above rank Elite will get Skin Season prizes along with tickets and BP in not small amounts. What rank are you ?

Mobile Legend often makes skins to celebrate the event. The skin was generally themed with the event, for example the Impish Trickster Lolita Skin that was made to celebrate Haloween days ago. Well, for this Christmas event, Mobile Legend will provide several new skins such as Skin Christmas Zilong and Freya. Both will be released on December 22nd. In addition there was also Skin Gord rework last year which made it even cooler. Ready for money, bro!

In addition to Free Skin and Season skin, Mobile legend also reopens survival mode, which of course is made even more interesting. This Survival Event was based on a Christmas theme, with snow and jungle monsters being changed like snowman. Very interesting isn’t it?

Bai “rOtK” Fan Involved in “Bet” Scandal When Livestream

Trainers from the Dota 2 professional team from China, Vici Gaming, have just been involved in a gambling scandal. Bai “rOtK” Fan recorded his conversation with someone who was talking about having to bet to PSG. LGD or Natus Vincere in the MegaFon Winter Clash tournament last weekend when he was livestream and forgot to turn off the camera and mic.

As a result the conversation was heard clearly by the viewers where ROKK said some crude swear for PSG’s frustration. LGD lost to Na’vi to a conversation about the money he put in to bet. According to him if he wins, he will get approximately $ 7,000 USD but in the end PSG. LGD lost 2-0 over Na’vi in ​​the final lower bracket. Annoyed at his defeat, he issued harsh cursing when talking to people in the same room and maybe RoKK forgot to turn off his livestream until the audience heard a conversation discussing the gambling.

Valve itself has implemented regulations regarding gambling in its other competitive games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Every pro-player, team and all involved in the event in any situation may not be involved in gambling. Maybe the rule can also be applied in competitive scenes Dota 2 considering dev. and the publisher is the same, Valve. Although rOtK itself is not currently an active pro player, its status as a coach is still tied to the professional team of Vici Gaming who also still often participates in major tournaments.

After the video was viral on a local social network, namely Weibo, finally ROTK gave a statement about what happened in Livestream last weekend. There are three important points that he said.

The conversation was her with a close friend who asked for advice on a bet. Finally he gave a choice which he thought was right PSG. LGD, but the friend kept asking the same thing until finally ROKK assured “if I lose I will pay half of your loss”. According to him he did not need money from such results which would later affect his reputation and career. Basically the money he earned was enough for all his needs.

I have known this LGD for a long time. When we meet they are used to calling each other with the words “b * st * rds” or “do * s”. It may sound rude but it does not mean to insult them and they know it.

I am very uncontrolled about my words that might make people who do not understand me well will think differently. My words caused some negative reactions, so I’m here to apologize for all Dota 2 fans.

Two PSG players. LGD also gave its reaction regarding the scandal that befell rOtK. The captain of PSG. LGD, namely Xu “fy” Linsen through his Weibo account gave his opinion.

Behemoth Will Come To MHW PC Version

Capcom is still endlessly pampering the players of Monster Hunter World on the PC platform. Even though they are currently generous to hold a special winter and Christmas event (on all platforms) by reopening many limited quests that you might have missed, this time the PC players arrived at an event that had been long awaited.

One of the iconic monsters of the Final Fantasy series, Behemoth reportedly in the near future will soon set foot in the world around Astera to challenge you directly. December 21 at 7 am WIB will be a pretty thrilling moment if you are able to deal with the ferocity of the Behemoth, or even be depressed miserably?

Besides Behemoth, there are also interesting rewards that you can reap from this event, such as the Drachen armor set, special Insect Glaive weapons with the name Gae Bolg, to the cute Moggle skin for Palicomu.

Before you want to challenge the Behemoth, don’t forget to pay attention to the Hunter Rank you have. Because the main and most important condition for being able to carry out the Behemoth quest is that you have to defeat Xeno‘jiiva first, or at least take HR 16 and above.

Finally, don’t forget to read other interesting information about the game Monster Hunter World or other interesting stories about the world of video games from us.

The Latest Dragon Age Teaser Presents Important Figures from the Inquisition

Last appeared in 2014 in Dragon: Age Inqusition, BioWare, as the developer of the RPG genre series, turned out to slip a new Dragon Age teaser in the 2018 The Game Awards that took place some time ago.

You might realize it from the artstyle used in the one-minute teaser. But what’s interesting about this teaser is that the hashtag used reads The Dread Wolf Rises, which refers to one of the important characters in Dragon Age: Inqusition named Solas. You can watch the teaser below.

You who play Dragon Age: Inquisition, may know that Solas reappeared in the Trespasser DLC, where Solas later revealed himself as the Dread Wolf. This is getting stronger with the sentence “suspect you have question” on the teaser video above, where Solas also sent this sentence to the Inquisitor in the Trespasser DLC.

The latest Dragon Age teaser also quickly attracts attention and various fans’ questions, such as whether Solas returns as the main character, or even becomes the main antagonist, or becomes part of a party like the previous game.

BioWare itself does not provide much further information besides this teaser, considering that they are also still focused on working on the Anthem game, it seems that Dragon Age will certainly not appear in the near future.

The new game Koei Tecmo wants to show off is a “horse racing” game

Hearing that Koei Tecmo will soon announce their latest game with illustrations of flaming fire, many of you must have guessed that the game is a game series that deals with battles or battles that are so fierce. Your estimate is connotatively not 100% wrong. However, if you hope that this is a new series of the Samurai Warriors franchise or all kinds of other Warriors games, be prepared to be disappointed.

Officially leaked earlier by Famitsu, apparently the mysterious game prepared by Koei Tecmo is a Horse Racing sports game entitled Winning Post 9. Reportedly the game with simulation elements will soon launch in March next year on the PC, PS4, and Switch.

Famitsu has also leaked various details about the latest simulation features that you can enjoy in this game, namely:

The racing atmosphere made is far more dramatic and realistic
There is a kind of Bonding Element for riders with the horse”World Suitability”, a feature that can adjust the characteristics of horses raised in various countries.

Your horse will have rivals with various attractive conditions and mechanisms when competing with certain horses. Rival in the game is not limited to horses, there are also rivals from fellow rider characters

The Winning Post franchise itself is a Koei original horse racing racing game series that has been circulating since 1993. For you horse racing fans and special fans from the Winning Post series, it looks like you are just waiting for a moment to see the appearance of the first trailer to be ready for Koei Tecmo in the near future.

Indonesia Game Publisher Show Off In TGS 2018

Japan is the best country of the game world. Just name names like Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, and Konami, all of them from Japan. Not only that, attending the annual Japanese game event, the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is also one of the dreams of gamers around the world.

For Indonesian game developers, Japan is also one of the attractive markets for the games they make. Therefore, in the 2018 TGS which was held on September 20-23 2018, seven Indonesian game developers with support from the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) and the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) participated in exhibiting works under the Archipelageek booth banner.

Archipelageek’s own booth is not the first time this is present at TGS. Earlier in 2017 yesterday, Archipelageek also helped six of Indonesia’s biggest game developers and game events, BEKRAF Game Prime to get exposure from gamers present at TGS. Overall, Indonesia itself has never been absent from TGS since its first participation in 2012.

Archipelageek itself is an initiative of BEKRAF and AGI to help Indonesian developers achieve the three main missions at TGS 2018. First, is to showcase works on the Japanese market. Then second, to get business opportunities from Japanese game industry players. And the last is to establish connections with industry players to foster the development of the Indonesian game industry.

Another game publisher from Indonesia who joined this event is Lentera Nusantara, Agate, Studio Namaapa, and the last one is Melon Gaming.