3 Harmful Things to Play Games Via Smartphone

3 Harmful Things to Play Games Via Smartphone

Smartphone games are also increasingly prevalent in the world today, and it’s not uncommon for us to see everywhere there are always people who take the time to play games through their smartphones because they are captivated by games that are increasingly advanced and no less great than other PC or console versions.

But there is not always a pleasant thing when enjoying games via smartphone and there are some things that feel lost when playing games through these devices, what are they?

1. Lags that make you upset

Having a smartphone that is already very good and enough to play a good game, however, this does not apply to signals or smartphone networks which are more often lagging and this makes playing games very uncomfortable and having to spend money again looking for a smartphone that is more specific to playing games.

2. The battery is damaged quickly

Know that the smartphone cannot be separated from the battery and the device cannot continue to last and last a long time because over time it will be drained and damaged. There have been many cases where playing games while charge has only made the quality of the batteries decrease rapidly and this is proven a lot.

3. Expenses are very fast

Many conditions when playing online games via smartphones, where for those of you who still use the internet the quota will be very lost because many smartphone games are demanding continuous updates with file sizes that are sometimes quite high and squeeze your quota to run out quickly and have to pay for content reset internet package.