SNK Announces New Samurai Shodown For Xbox, PC, And Playstation 4

If console games adapted to the mobile platform might only be suggested to sell nostalgia and please gamers who like smartphone games, SNK as a developer certainly seems aware that if the fans of fighting games they are expecting more new series which really feels actual.

So that departing from that reason, SNK apparently did not miss to want to re-prepare what had been their obligation so far. After King of Fighter XIV, the Samurai Shodown franchise has also finally been resurrected to no longer be a F2P mobile RPG game, but as a non-mobile “fighting game” that greatly reflects the significance of its old series.

Through the trailer that you can see above, SNK has revealed a new freshness from Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Galford’s cool action and other armed warriors in unique cell-shading graphics. Directly supported by Unreal Engine 4, the new Samurai Shodown game is planned for SNK to be ready for release before August arrives on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Because it was also reported from the line up of fighting games that will be contested for the peak EVO 2019 event in Las Vegas around the beginning of August, the organizers have surprisingly added the latest Samurai Shodown game as one of the main games to be competed.

Together with Mortal Kombat 11, which was confirmed to be released in April, it is certainly interesting to see how serious SNK is to bring the newest Samurai Shodown game into the more modern eSports arena, especially considering that the franchise is already known to be so legendary in years Past 90s.

The International 2019 Will Be HeldAt Disneyland Paris

Two of the five Dota 2 Major tournaments this year have been completed, while the third major will be held in March. Making competition towards The International 2019 increasingly tight. The top Dota 2 teams began to step on the gas to collect points so that they could qualify automatically for the biggest date of the Dota 2 year.

One of the two major tournaments is planned to be held in the city of Paris, France. Precisely in the entertainment center of Paris Disney Land. When the execution itself has not been published whether it will be the fourth major May next or the last major before TI next June 9. Professional players who have made it to the major certainly can take part in the tournament while on vacation in Paris, France, of course.

Disney itself is reaching out and is very interested in the world of esport. Major esport tournaments such as Overwatch, Injustice 2, and League of Legends are on the agenda of their tournaments. In addition, the French are also marketing esport to the public. There are several pro Dota 2 players from France such as Sebastian ‘7ckngMad’ Debs who currently plays for OG.

this year’s third major, DreamLeague Season 11 in Stockholm, Sweden, will only be held in March. By fighting for a total DPC Points of 15,000, of course there is no big team that wants to miss the opportunity and qualify for The International 2019 which lists the total prize of more than 360 billion rupiahs.

Underrated Old Hero In Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Game !

Can not be denied, there is so much new heroes released by Moonton on Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. But it’s like a double edge sword, why ? Because popularity of old heroes dramatically down because the release of a new hero. Sad right ? If we look back in the past, heroes like Nana, Tigreal and Eudora is the most playable heroes, specially for beginner and new comer, but for now, all is changed. Almost all player never use them anymore.

Lets talk about Tigreal. In season 1 – 3, Tigreal become the most popular tank in Mobile Legends. His capability to harassing and breaking enemy formation is absolutely good. He can drag enemy to tower easily and can suck them with his ultimate skill. But after Hylos, Akai and Johnson released, no one wanna use this hero anymore. His low damage and skill damage is the biggest reason why no one wanna use him anymore.

The next one is Eudora. Same as Tigreal. In the past, Eudora is the most destructive mage in Mobile Legends. Her skill can burst enemy HP out. Maybe she’s the worst enemy to marksman, with her set skill, she can take down marksman hero so easy. But for now, player with high rank will not use her anymore because Eudora lack of crowd control skill and have a slow movement speed.

And the last one is Nana. Even after reworks, her popularity still same. Back in time, Nana is fun to play support hero. Her second skill can turn enemy into a wild cute harmless animal. Not only that, Nana also can make her enemy fly away with her ultimate skill. But for now, many player said that Nana is a shit hero, low damage and low movement speed is the reason why player don’t want use her.


The Tom and Jerry Game in the style of Identity V

Finally, after the previous 2018 NetEase officially opened the open-beta period for games adapted from one of the well-known franchises namely Tom and Jerry with gameplay in the game Identity V, in February 2019 the developer from the bamboo curtain country again announced that they are ready to open a second open-beta period for the game that will have the title Tom and Jerry: Joyful Intercation. The plan of this game itself will open an open-beta period on February 22, 2019, for those of you who want to try playing this one game you can register first through the TapTap site.

In gameplay this game itself will be similar to the Identity V game where you will be able to choose to use Tom or Jerry, so the game itself will run in 4 vs 1 mode, where there will be one Tom and four Jerry. This game itself will have a 2D look like the Tom and Jerry House Trap game on the PS1 platform. Of course, with the opening of the open-beta period, these two will perfect the shortcomings and add new things that will certainly improve the experience of playing this one game

Of course this is a happy news for Tom and Jerry franchise lovers because besides being able to reminisce with the old Tom and Jerry House Trap game, this game can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with MOBA and Battle Royale mobile games. Unfortunately this one game is still available in Chinese, there is no certainty whether when the release of the game Tom and Jerry like Identity V will get the global version, but given the big name of the Tom and Jerry franchise it is not impossible this game will be available in the global version when official release later.

Nimo TV Recruiting PSG RRQ For Introducing E-Sport In indonesia

Nimo TV, a leading live streaming video platform, announces its newest strategic collaboration in 2019 by cooperating with Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Esports, a well-known eSports team in Indonesia, as a new live streaming partner on Nimo TV. This collaboration is a new proof of Nimo TV’s commitment in1920 to enrich the content on its platform by recruiting the best talent for professional video players and eSports athletes in the countries where they operate.

“It is a matter of pride for Nimo TV to be able to work with one of the famous eSports teams such as RRQ Esports as a new live streaming partner on our platform. Looking at the various achievements that have been achieved by RRQ during its journey in the competitive arena of local and international eSports, we believe the presence of RRQ can further enrich the content quality in Nimo TV, as we commit to recruit the best talents in the form of professional video game players and eSports athletes in Indonesia, “Amy said Cao, Global Marketing & PR Head Nimo TV.

Speaking of achievements, RRQ is not a team that can be underestimated. The team that was formed since October 2013 in total has won 114 awards from various national and international esports competitions followed by various divisions owned by RRQ. Founded by a number of Indonesia’s best Dota 2 players who are well known in the international eSports community, in its development RRQ has added to the realm of mobile eSports by opening various other game divisions.

Their Mobile Legends Division is now one of the most viewed in the local competitive arena, with its success in winning the Indonesian Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 2, November 2018. Members of Muhammad ‘Lemon’ Ikhsan, Dick ‘Tuturu’, William ‘Liam’ Setiawan, Try ‘AyamJAGO’ Sukardi, Calvien ‘InstincT’ and Taiwanese Chen ‘James’ Jui Teng, the division also recently announced its latest collaboration with the eSports division of French football giant, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Esports.

Affordable Wireless Gaming Headphone From Razer

Razer Nari Wireless, of course, Gamers already knew about the Headset which was the last release from Razer, Nari Wireless. Like most Razer headsets, this wireless Razer comes with a black accent with a simple LED color in the center of the headset, the LED is RGB.

This Nari headset uses a fairly rigid durable plastic material, and the headband section uses soft material and can comfortably adjust to the size of your head. For the earmuff headset this is a part that should be lifted because the earmuff is quite thick which makes good outside sound insulation. Razer Nari also uses leather and the part that touches its ears coated with velvet fabric makes the headset comfortable and not hot to use for long because it will absorb sweat better.

This Nari Wireless headset sound can be said like OverBass, for you true BASS seekers, this headset should be glimpsed with the sound out of the box the bass is very solid. but don’t worry if you don’t like bass you can adjust the sound configuration in more detail using the Razer Synapse. This headset also has THX Spatial Sound making sound output can produce 360-degree sound simulations around you.

For connectivity issues this headset can be used with cables and also without cables, Razer includes 2 cables (1 cable for PC, 1 cable for mobile phones). If you use Wireless which of course will use battery power and this headset battery can last for 14 hours. This Razer Nari Wireless is in junction at an affordable price of 180$.

Ember Spirit – Stronger Hero With Fire Elemen In Dota 2

In the Dota 2 game, there are three heroes called Three Virtues, they are Ember Spirit, Storm Spirit and also Earth Spirit representing the elements in Dota 2. This time we will discuss the strongest fire spirit in Dota, namely Ember Spirit . This hero is an agility type hero and is usually played in the mid lane. Although it is of an agility type, Ember Spirit is not a hero that can be invited 1 on 1 because it is not an attack type. Ember Spirit is a hero who relies on a combination of skills he has.

To have a disable effect as well as DPS, Ember Spirit will usually use Searing Chain. This skill was his first skill which allowed Ember Spirit to issue a chain of fire and tie the 3 enemies closest to him. This skill is very effective for chasing opponents or running away from opponents.

As for the skills both are Sleigh of Fist. Spirit Ember will enter lightning mode. When using this skill, Ember Spirit will disappear and slash every opponent in the place he is targeting. During slashing enemies, items with special effects like Maelstrom, Basher or Battle Fury still have presentations to exit.

As a fire spirit, Ember Spirit could also summon coals of fire to surround his body. When active, these coals will absorb the magic damage that the opponent exposes. Enemies who are nearby will also receive DPS which is quite painful.

In Soulcalibur VI, You Can Build Your Own Character

Gamescom 2018 already finished, start from 21 August 2018. It’s mean we have 1 week to get an information about games development. One of them is Soul Calibur VI from Namco.

This time, Namco release an update information about Soul Calibur VI. There is many mode like single player, story mode and many more. But there is one thing which is the best thing in this game, you can build your own character. You can play it in story mode, cool right ?

In this mode, your job is to stop enemy who want to steal Soul Edge. In your journey, you will find many character who have been releas in the last previous series like Taki and Mitsurugi. In every stage, you will need to complete one mission before stepping into the next level.

The customization is very cool, you can adjust the height, weight, face, colour, and you can choose one of 16 race. Your armour, dress, weapon and also your battle style. But your character only can be played in Libra of Soul. Bandai Namco also anounce about online play, where you can play against the other player around the world in casual mode or rank mode.

There is one new character in this game, Tira. He is so powerfull. Her weapon is Ring blade and have a dance of death battle style. You can get Tira from season pass or buy sparate DLC.

Only 3 Days Since Released, Apex Legends Reach 10 Millions Player

Suddenly released about 15 minutes after the announcement of the LiveStream which was also suddenly on Twitch, Respawn Entertainment presented its own unique free battle royale game to compete with similar games with Titanfall-style mixes named Apex Legends. Even though EA intervened from the side of the microtransaction, overall the game was handled by Respawn himself, giving limits only to cosmetic items. His presence seemed to be a breath of fresh air for fans of battle royale games, shooters, and Titanfall.

This is proven only in a short time, Apex Legends has succeeded in winning 1 million players, followed by 2.5 million players. Now, Respawn seems to have been able to breathe a little relieved because the number has increased to 10 million players in just three days. Vince Zampella as CEO of Respawn, expressed his gratitude to the fans. He did not expect that the games they were doing with all their heart seemed to be liked by the fans.

When compared, one million players online together is a count that is the same as the number of players in each Steam game record that exists besides PUBG and DotA2. However, that number cannot be compared because Apex Legends is released on all major platforms. The only possible comparison is Fortnite. Now, the game has reached more than 200 million players with a peak of around 8.9 million people online at the same time. Leading analyst Daniel Ahmad said that the achievements of Apex Legends could be among the fastest compared to the game made by the Epic Games which took two weeks to reach the same number.

This achievement is the biggest success achieved by Respawn Entertainment. They became one of the first-person shooter game developers who were highly respected among a very crowded market for similar games, especially since Titanfall 2 was released. It became the right decision for them to leave Infinity Ward and form a new studio which is now an EA black horse to compete with Activision.

Apex Legends can now be played for free on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Never want to miss the updated information about the game from us by bookmarking the following page.

Avabel Lupinus : New Mobile Open World MMORPG Game

Apart from the many online games that are on Mobile, there are rarely any games that have Open World. Especially MMORPG games developed specifically for the Mobiles version. This is quite easy to understand, because Mobile Phones are not like PCs, although there are some developers like Asobimo who develop Open World MMORPG games, such as Toram Online which has been running for almost 5 years, Iruna Online and so on. Now, this time Asobimo is releasing one of the Open World MMORPG online games specifically for Mobile called “Avabel Lupinus”

Avabel Lupinus is one of the games made by Asobimo Online that uses Fantasy themes. Wrapped with cute and cute graphics, the game that was known as Pokebel Online, has 8 jobs that you can play, starting from Warrior, Ranger, Magician, Rogue, Wanderer, Revenger, Creator and finally Acolyte. Of course, each job has their respective abilities.

Suppose that the Warrior is proficient and suitable in being a tank, Magician and Ranger that has a long range attack, Rogue, Wanderer and Revenger that is suitable as a DPS, and finally Creator and Acolyte are suitable as Supporters. Of course with their respective skills and strengths.

For now, this Avabel Lupinus game can be played by downloading it in the App, but still in Japanese. Even so, this game will be released for the global version this year 2019 if you are interested in the game, please pre-register on the Official site

Best Hero For Killing Roshan In Dota 2

Roshan is a very legendary monster in the Dota 2 game. Roshan can also determine the direction of our game, because Roshan can give the team an advantage through dropped items such as Aegis, Cheese to Refresher Shard. Here’s the most effective hero recommendation to kill Roshan.

First Hero: Ursa.

Ursa is the most effective hero to kill Roshan. With the ability of Fury Swipes, Ursa will give multiple damage each time it attacks. To be able to kill Roshan, Ursa must be equipped with a Mask of Death and be at level 7. Use Smoke of Deceit so that it is not detected by the opponent.

Second Hero: Warlord Troll

This hero is also quite effective in defeating Roshan, it’s just a little different from Ursa. Trolls do have a terrible attack speed, but small HP and small damage make the Troll need a few core items to kill Roshan quickly.

Third Hero: Lycan

With the summon wolf and the Feral Heart, killing Roshan was easy for Lycan. Only with Vladmir Offering only Lycan can kill Roshan very easily.

Fourth Hero: Templar Assassin

The Templar Assassin was also very effective in killing Roshan. With Refraction and Meld capitalized, killing Roshan during the early game was very easy for the Templar Assassin. No need for core items that are too expensive, just capitalize on cheap items. Templar Assassin can kill Roshan very easily.

Nintendo Prepares Smaller and Cheaper Versions for Nintendo Switch This Year

Nintendo may now be able to enjoy its position that has been successful through the Nintendo Switch which is in demand by gamers who want a console that can be used portable. But that does not mean Nintendo will only remain silent while waiting for developers to release new games on their consoles. Because according to the latest report from Nikkei Nintendo is reportedly preparing a cheaper mini version of the Switch.

This is certainly understandable with Switch, who this year was finally two years old. And the Switch requires something “new” to be offered for prospective buyers who don’t have a Switch or users who want something more “compact” for them to carry everywhere. The rumors of the Mini Switch itself have actually been heard since October 2018 and where Nintendo is reportedly developing a new Switch.

According to speculations from Ars Technica the Mini Switch itself will not bring any improvement from the original Switch. But more to provide a Switch console that is easier to use and reach by many people. Later it was said that the first one to be lost was plastic docking and it would be sold separately, then connectivity to the TV would also be cheaper, the screen and body would also likely be reduced to get a cheaper price, and the last is the possibility that the game controller will be embedded into the screen like WiiU first.

The Mini Switch itself is planned to be released this year even though there is still no exact date. More portable and cheaper may indeed be the decision needed by the Switch to be able to attract more new buyers. Are you also interested if Switch finally releases this Mini Switch?