Durango: Wild Lands presents the Latest Big Update named Second Wave

Durango: Wild Lands, one of the Open World MMORPG games where players will be moved in the age of dinosaurs, follow existing quests and try to survive in the wild to build community with other players. This time, Durango: Wild Lands, will introduce the latest update called Second Wave.

In the update, players will get a private island in the form of ‘Tamed Island’. On the private island, players can manage their area, their domain without using additional fees. Uniquely, if you need to pay attention to the durability of the building beforehand, in that area the durability of the building is not a factor in the game which means that if the player has built the building it will last forever.

Players can also control the settings of their own ‘Tamed Islands’. They can give permission to other players to be able to enter and travel from other islands through a personal dimension hole, and expand their domain to 13 boxes (possibly increasing in the future). Players can also decorate buildings that have been built, starting from the roof, walls, floors, pillars and so on in their homes. And there will also be a set of furniture that will provide additional effects such as buffs.

In addition to the update, Durango will also introduce technological improvements, many other updated maps, and different dinosaurs. And again the thing that is emphasized from the next update is the Farming feature which will be fixed and become the main function in the future update.

Best Item Build For Zeus

Zeus is an INT hero who can give a big damage burst to the opponent’s hero. His capability as a mid laner does not need to be doubted. Zeus is a hero who has the power of lightning.

To play Zeus, we need to buy items that provide Mana regeneration and also add to the Mana pool for Zeus. This is because Zeus really depends on what he has.

Therefore, you can buy Arcane Boots at the beginning of the game to refill Mana that runs out. After that, you can buy the Aether Lens. This item can provide additional magic damage of 8% and provide additional cast range for the user.

The next item is Blink Dagger. Although Zeus is equipped with a skill that can provide burst damage, he does not have a good self-rescue mechanism so he cannot escape easily from his opponent’s pursuit. This item can help Zeus to combat easily.

Next is Eul Scepter and also Kana. This item can provide a lot of additions to Zeus. Entering mid game, you can buy Aghanim Scepter. This item will give you one more skill where you can put a lightning cloud in the location you want. This cloud will draw lightning to the random target that is in its range.

For late game items, you can buy Refresher Orb and also Scythe of Vyse. You can adjust it to the situation for which items must be purchased first.

Ubisoft Will Hold A Music Concert With Assasin’s Creed Themes

It is undeniable that Assassin’s Creed is able to become one of the most successful franchises today, presenting more than 15 giant titles, this one has a massive number of fans from all over the world. There is a lot of attraction that Ubisoft is trying to offer through this franchise, one of which is the soundtrack that always looks epic on each series.

Who doesn’t know this one RPG game? Assasin’s Creed is a very popular game in the world. Even many fans are happy to play characters in this game.

The players can feel the sensation of being a murderer. Not only displays intense battles, Assasin’s Creed also presents exciting and interesting stories to follow.

The good news is that Ubisoft will soon hold a big tour that will present a series of epic soundtracks that were present in the Assassin ‘Creed franchise. The concert titled “Assassins’ Creed Symphony” was promised to present an atmosphere so immersive, and the following is the tour schedule:

Los Angeles – Dolby Theater, June 11, 2019

Paris – Palais des Congrès, 29 June 2019

San Francisco – Davies Symphony Hall, August 3, 2019

Montreal – Place des Arts, September 27, 2019

London – Eventim Apollo, 5 October 2019

Milan –Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, 6 October 2019


Become a Police or Demonstrator in RIOT Simulation: Civil Unrest

The riots are certainly identical with the existence of two conflicting camps. In RIOT: Civil Unrest, you will see how riots took place from the perspective of each camp, in this case between the police or the demonstrators. You can witness a little appearance of the game through a few screenshots and the trailer below.

There are campaign and riot scenarios taken from real events, such as Arab Spring, NoTAV, Indignados and many more. You can also create your own scenario with the level editor provided by the developer.

Here are the features of the RIOT game: Civil Unrest listed on the Steam page:

Play as the Police: 

Employees of numerous crowd-control tactics, both passive and aggressive.
Command Assault, Tactical, and Ballistic squads.
Call in police trucks, water cannon or even a tank!
Choose whether to use smoke grenades, rubber and plastic bullets or live ammunition events.

Play as the Rioters :

Instruct Rioters (armed and passive) and Journalists.
Incite rage and cause the process to act aggressively or try to calm the situation with tactical crowd reformation and retreats.
Attack authority with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, paper bombs, rocks, street furniture and the power of the media.

Multiple Modes :

Sixteen campaign levBecome a PoliBecome a Police or ce or Dels split over four scenarios; Keratea (Greece), NoTAV (Italy), Indignados (Spain) and Arab Spring (Egypt).
See the story of unfold from both sides – play all thirty-two levels as the Rioters or the Police.
Single player mode – play against the computer AI.
Versus mode – play with or against friend or AI on the same computer.
Create your own Riots with the level editor (Coming During Early Access)
Alter the look of the confrontation by importing your own background graphics.
Position elements, vehicles and obstacles where you want them.
Choose and position rioters and police starting points as well as their orders and level of aggression.

Contra Return Finally Can Be Play In Android And IOS Platform

Still remember about Contra game ? Back in time, exactly in 90, this game is very popular in SEGA. For remembering that time, Garena Indonesia anouncing their new game called Contra Return. This action genre game will be available for IOS and Android devices.

This game was made by Konami in 1987. After releasing, Contra is exploded on the market. Almost all gamers like this game because it’s very innovative. Untill now, gamer still remember how we fight the aliens for save the world.

For bring back the memories, Garena and Tencent colaborate to develop this game. They also work with Konami Digital Entertainment to releasing this game near soon.

Not only Bill Rizer, Lance and Alice, there is 10 another character in this game. All the character can be obtained for free. You will protect the world from terorist and aliens organization called Red Falcon.

For optimizing your gaming experience, there is so many mode you can play like solo story, multiplayer and PvP. You need a good reflect to finish this game. For PvP mode, you need to shot and moving in same times and dodge all enemy bullets.

This game will be a good game for mobile platform. Dare to play this game and bring back your memories of Contra ?

Mobile Legends Ready to Release a New Mage Type Hero

Finally after a few days ago the ml_leak Instagram account provided leak information for the latest Mobile Legends hero, who has the Miss Violet / Violet Princess code name, on January 18, 201 Moonton officially released this hero who has Guinevere-Ms Violet’s official name to the advanced server . Guinevere’s name itself is taken from a story or an Arthurian legend or King Arthur. In his Arthurian legend Guinevere himself is the wife of King Arthur.

In the appearance of hero clothing that has a role as a Fighter / Mage with this special charge / burst or marksman, wearing royal princess-style clothes from mainland Europe with orange hair that looks so elegant. Although in his own role she is a mage that is identical to attacks with a far range, Guinevere is unique because his attack is classified as melee and has a short span.

However, this is paid for by the damage caused by this one hero to damage both physical damage and magic damage. You can see this from the passivity skill. In terms of the gameplay itself the hero will have a fairly high level of difficulty, remembering that Guinevere is a mage with a short attack range, so you are required to draw closer to your enemies to maximize the skills she has.

Tentunta, with the release of this latest hero in advanced servers, is increasingly proving that Moonton continues to innovate to spoil Mobile Legends players with new heroes that can enhance the mobile legends experience of Mobile Legends.

The Almighty Undying – Tanky Spellcaster Hero In Dota 2

Undying is melee STR hero who really good as a tank and good as a spellcaster and support. His ability can make enemy hero suffer to death. Undying is a good debuffer also a good healer for team. The only one bad thing in Undying is no disable skill.

With Decay ability, Undying can make enemy hero suffer, specially in early game. With this skill, Undying will steal enemy STR point in an area. Undying also claim the stolen STR for himself for a period of time. This skill can make enemy hero frustrated because losing STR means losing HP pool, right ?

His second skill is Soul Rip. When using this skill, Undying will damaging enemy target, but when you using it to teammates hero or yourself, you will heal them. This skill depends on how many target near you, more target mean more healing point or damage.

Tombstone is his third skill. Undying will summon a tombstone at the target point. Enemy who is in the tombstone area will be attacked by zombie. You can’t control the zombies. This zombies have a deathlust ability, which is causing their attack to slow enemy unit. Not only that, the zombies also gaining extra movement speed and attack speed when in deathlust form.

The ultimate skill of Undying is Flesh Golem. Undying will turn into a giant flesh golem that possesed plague aura. Enemy under effect of plague aura will take extra damage ! The closer to Undying, they will gain more damage and slow effect.

Hold the First Tournament, KFC Gaming Give Free Legend Cards to Eat at KFC Forever

Having shocked the internet and the world of esports a few months ago, the esports gaming division of the fast-food restaurant made by the late Colonel Sanders – KFC Gaming – finally raised its first wing by holding a tournament called KFCRoyale.

As the name implies, the genre that will be contested is Battle Royale, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which Activision claims to be the first game to be competed in the KFC Royale tournament.

Reported from PCGamesN, the black card is allegedly a legend card that gives you the power to access food for free at KFC forever, but with a maximum total price used to reach 200 euros or around 3 million rupiah per day.

But one thing that is very unfortunate is that the KFC Royale tournament is only valid for UK or UK citizens. And only those who are not part of the professional team are allowed to join this tournament.

But there will be some content creators or influencers in the gaming world who will also participate in enlivening the tournament. Some of them are Cyanide, Daithi, Gaz, TommyT, Spratt, Vikstaar, MiniLadd, Marleythirteen, Terrorizer, PsySin, iTemp, MrDalekJD, Zerkaa and CodeNamePizza.

Rikimari The Silent Killer In Dota 2

Rikimaru is the Dota hero who has the best disappearing ability in Dota 2. He has a nickname as Stealth Assassin. Rikimaru is very skilled at killing opponents suddenly and not detected. Rikimaru is an agility type hero that can be played for many roles, from carry to roamer.

With the Smoke Screen skill, Rikimaru can throw smoke bombs. For anyone who is in the smoke bomb will be affected by the effect of slow and silent. Enemies in the smoke bomb area will also receive “miss” effect of up to 80%. This skill is very effective to use when you want to kill an opponent’s hero or do ganking and save a teammate.

With the Blink Strike skill, Rikimaru can also jump instantly to the target he wants. When used on an opponent’s hero, they will get 100 points of physical damage. This skill can be used to be allied so it is very effective to be used to escape quickly.

Rikimaru’s Skill Cloak and Dagger also gave Rikimaru many advantages. When he does not hit the target, he will disappear and when he hits from behind the opponent, he will get additional damage based on the amount of agility he has.

Rikimaru’s ultimate skill named Tricks of the Trade. When using this skill, Rikimaru will disappear and throw the dagger in a large area. For enemy targets inside the Tricks of the Trade area, they will receive damage every 0.5 seconds. The size of the attack depends on the attack damage and agility that Rikimaru has.

The Most Picked Hero In Mobile Legends Season 9

2019 became the beginning of the anticipated season 11 – awaited by Mobile legend players. Not because of the many events that will be released, but because BP is free as well as season 11 skin, the Tigreal “WrymSlayer”.

Besides that, there will be new heroes that will be released on the original server in early 2019, for example Badang and Vale. If you have just played Mobile Legend, then of course you want to know what mobile legend heroes often pick, because in general Hero who is often picked means OP, because that is the following will provide a list of mobile legend heroes often picked in the beginning of season 11.

Johnson is one of the Mobile Legend tank heroes who has high mobility. This hero has the ultimate that can be used to snatch enemies. Worse yet, Johnson can bring his friend to snatch the enemy. So the enemy hit by Johnson will surely die, especially if the one hit is a soft enemy like Mage, Assassin, Marksman, and Fighter. Therefore, it is one of the tank heroes that is often picked in the beginning of season 11.

The hero fighter is quite annoying if picked by the enemy team. This hero has the ability to snatch enemies into the tower, kill him with the help of a tower. Even worse, the previous patch update was updated a few weeks ago. Chou gets the buff as a fighter as a whole, increasing the damage he has. He became one of the hurt heroes in Mobile legend. One punch can eliminate half of blood marksman and assassin. Even though he wasn’t as hard as before, he was still annoying. Makes it one of the most frequently chosen heroes in Mobile legend.

Who are the mobile legend players who don’t know Kadita. Yes, one of the heroes made based on Indonesian legend. Not only beautiful, Kadita is one of the mage heroes who has it all, ranging from burst damage, Crowd Control, HP’s ability to regain, and Mobility to run when surrounded. This makes it one of the most frequently chosen heroes when match up.