Fanny The Deadly Assasin In Mobile Legends

Fanny is a terrible assassin hero on Mobile Legends. Even though it was terrible, Fanny was very difficult to master. Not many players are able to master this hero. One professional player who really likes the Fanny hero is Zxcuan. He is a professional player who joined the EVOS team.

Fanny was very good at killing his opponent quickly, he was also very good at running away from the opponent’s pursuit. But keep in mind, every time Fanny uses a skill, her energy will decrease and when her energy runs out, Fanny cannot use the skill at all.

When playing this hero, you need to get a blue buff, this is mandatory and must be done. Because Fanny is very dependent on this buff, so make it a habit to take a buff first before maneuvering using a cable.

As an assassin, of course, the HP owned by Fanny is quite low, therefore you can combine defend + attack items, so don’t focus too much on attack items only, HP items also greatly affect the maneuvers that you will do during play.

If you don’t allow to kill an opponent hero, you can do pushing, when your opponent realizes you’re pushing, you can escape using the second skill and move to other lanes. This will make it difficult for opponents to defend.

Cyberpunk Quest 2077 Will Be More Complex Than The Witcher 3

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most eagerly awaited games for gamers in the world. The CD Projekt Red game which also works on The Witcher 3 promises to provide gameplay mechanics and new features that will certainly exceed the expectations of its players.

Philipp Weber and Miles Tost as the Quest Designer and Level Designer from Cyberpunk 2077 who a few days ago joined a podcast on Gamestar (One of the game media in Germany), held a joint discussion on one of the quests in the game.

Based on the two member / staff development, the quest in the game will be more complex 3-5 times than the predecessor’s quest game, The Witcher 3. Provides a variety of scenarios that the players can complete. They (Miles and Philipp) say that there is a quest that requires players to leave their weapons in a scenario, but there are also scenarios where players can use these weapons.

They also added that Quest in Cyberpunk 2077 was designed in such a way that it was more logical and rational to follow the game story, and of course the quality was better than the game The Witcher 3. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently being developed on PC, Playstation, and Xbox one. This game is rumored to be released in 2021 along with other Triple A games.

Finally Nexon Decided To Shut Down HIT

Who still plays HIT? one of the RPG action games on this mobile platform is quite interesting and fun to play after getting the last update in December 2018 ago. This game is quite popular back in time.

Nexon as a publisher who released this game globally then surprisingly announced that the game that offers exciting PvP action will soon close its services in the near future. Through its official Facebook page, the game developed by NAT Games will officially close its services on 25 April. With the closing of this service, all of its players can no longer fill top up services to buy in-game items or carry out other transaction activities related to cash purchases. This Hit service talk not only applies globally, but the Korean version is reportedly closed

As a mobile game released in 2015, HIT uses Unreal Engine technology which makes it also still good in terms of visuals even though it has entered its 4th year in 2019. NAT Games is also rumored to be working on several projects currently either in the form of new games or global releases of some games that are still being released in South Korea. Reportedly Nexon is preparing for Overhit which will be released globally this year.

Meet The Powerfull Tanky Hero In Dota 2, Bristleback

Bristleback’s ferocity in the Dota 2 game is no doubt. Not only has a hard body like a rock, the attacks and skills he has also have a terrible damage output. Naturally, Bristleback became a very feared tanker hero in the late game.

Bristleback is an STR type hero who has an abnormal body resistance. Surely the hardness of Bristleback’s body is supported by skills that support it too.

Bristleback has a skill called “Bristleback”, the same name as him. This skill is a passive skill where you will get extra resistance if hit from the back as much as 40%. If you are attacked from the front, the resistance will be reduced to 20%.

Bristleback is also equipped with a mechanism to chase the enemy. Thanks to the Nasal Goo skill he has, he will throw a green liquid that will slow the movement of targeted opponents. This skill will also reduce the armor of our opponents and can be stacked up to 5 times.

In pursuit, Bristleback also has the Quill Spray skill. With this skill he will fire needles in all directions from his body. This needle will provide a stack that can also be stacked. The more stack the enemy receives, the damage received will also continue to increase.

His ultimate skill also plays an important role in the pursuit of the enemy. This skill will be active when you use other skills. When you use skill, you will get additional movement speed, attack speed and also significant attack damage.

5 Most Popular MOBA Game On Android And IOS

If you used to want to play MOBA games like Dota2, League of Legends or something like that had to go through a computer at home or even play at cyber cafe with friends, but we can already feel it by playing MOBA via smartphone directly.

Through your smartphone that is Android or IOS, you can already feel the sensation of playing MOBA because many game developers have released games with this theme. Here are 5 popular MOBA games most played today by everyone.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In 2018, hearing this game named, of course, you are already familiar, right? in various places, you will definitely meet people who are playing this game especially in our country Indonesia. MLBB Games have successfully won the most popular game today with the MOBA theme and become the most widely played in 2018.

2. Garena AOV

Being a competitor from MLBB, of course, the game also presents 5vs5 battles with graphics and designs that are very stunning and for you game enthusiasts with good graphics, this one game will be a recommendation for you because it’s quite exciting with various interesting events provided in it and there are also heroes from DC or Marvel too.

3. Omyoji Arena

It has its own uniqueness with the Anime theme in it and is quite exciting for you to play because even though the type of game is still the same as other MOBA, in general, there are still different sensations contained in it when you play it for that you should try this one game.

4. War Song-A 5vs5 MOBA

Still not released globally until now, but this one MOBA game is also very popular to be played in the creator country, of course, the graphics and game controls are also not inferior to other games. Because so many who can’t wait for this game to be released all over the world many are willing to use certain ways to taste this one game.

5. Paladin Strike

Also, present a unique sensation of a MOBA game in general, the theme given by this one game is to defense a vehicle to reach its destination and for who can deliver this vehicle until the destination is the winner.

There’s No Battle Royale Mode In Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios as the developer behind the popular zombie shooter game Left 4 Dead, recently the California studio seems to answer the fans’ wishes for the presence of Left 4 Dead 3 with their latest game titled Back 4 Blood.

Even though there aren’t many details yet announced for this game, Turtle Rock Studios embed the FAQ on its website which might answer little by little your expectations of this game going forward. You can check the complete FAQ through this page.

Some pretty interesting things from the Back 4 Blood game are the presence of Campaign and PvP elements like the Left 4 Dead pad. However, it is not yet clear whether these two modes will be exactly the same as those presented on Left 4 Dead, which incidentally has a Campaign from one map to the map, as well as PvP mode between the team of survivors and the zombie team.

Furthermore, Back 4 Blood does not seem to present a mode Battle Royale in the game. Considering the Battle Royale game itself is still in demand, maybe it will be a bit disappointing for the Battle Royale game fans.

But at the same time, Turtle Rock Studios seems to want to focus on singleplayer content like they did on Left 4 Dead. But keep in mind that the things above can change from time to time, because Turtle Rock Studios itself seems not ready to release information. -More information regarding the Back 4 Blood game in the near future.

Cyberpunk 2077 Have A Hidden Message For Gamers ?

As we know, CD Projekt Red already anounced the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 game. But there is one thing who make the trailer so catchy, it’s about the hidden message in the trailer. This message is like a writen hope by developer for all gamers.

Cyberpunk 2077 is not released yet. But one thing we can make sure, this game will available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The hype and antisipation from gamers it’s very high. But for you who want to play this game, you need to make sure your PC or laptop specification is enough to run this game.

In the CD Projekt Red show, we can see the demo version of this game. This video have a 48 minutes length video. We can see all the magic in this game within the period of time.

Start from colorfull world to many alternate way to finish a mission and you also can upgrade your character as cool as you want is the magic of this game. But there is a hidden message is writen for a gamers who play this game. Let’s see about the hidden message ! Check it below !

Hope this game can be a great game since so many player is waiting for this game. How about the hidden message ? Write your comment in comment section box ok !

Reason Why You Must Play Clash Royale Again

Clash Royale is a strategy game from Supercell which is very popular in 2016. Before Clash Royale, Supercell already made a good game called Clash of Clans back in time.

Clash Royale have a combined gameplay system. This game is collectible card game with real time competitive strategy battle. Before starting the battle, player must sets the battle deck and build the strategy to win the game.

But after Mobile Legends and Arena of Valors released, Clash Royale popularity going down. If you abandoned this game before, you should play this game again, why ?

For the first, there is many new character in Clash Royale game. The characters is taken from Clash of Clans game. If you already abandoned this game more than 1 years, you will be shocked when playing this game again because you will find so many new character you can choose to win the battle.

The second one is you don’t need much time to play this game. Not like Mobile Legends or AoV which need more time to play, this game is easy to play. So you can play it when you have spare time. Fun right ?

The third one is you can train your brain because this game is strategy game. Not only that, this game is not pay to win game, so if you are a free to play gamer, you still can win this game without spending money.

Hunt Down New Aragami In God Eater 3

Being one of Bandai Namco’s main franchises, God Eater 3 is indeed very well considered by them. Unfortunately, the focus on gameplay minimizes some of the other aspects in it, including customization. Luckily, the developer and publisher from Japan is preparing a new update to satisfy you.

Version 1.20 will add a class-based mission that will bring you new challenges. Finalizing it will give you accessories for your character. A new Aragami named Amen Ra will also be added. Unlike Ra, this purple Amen Ra will be able to devour with the power of her sun without having to throw energy forward.

While 10 hairstyles and some costumes from the game’s characters like clothes from Hugo, Claire, to Lulu will also be added. Although it looks less original, at least it will beautify your character.

Version 1.30 will invite you to do a new gear project by Ein who is assisted by Zeke’s sister, Neil Pennywort. Two new Aragami that were added to the game, Anubis and Havakiri, will get a new form in this update. Anubis will have his Ashborn form, while Havakiri will have a new form named Fallen Havakiri.

Not only the update, Bandai Namco also arranged the balancing of the game, both aragami, motion from Havakiri, to the devour mode of the Ashborn Aragami to avoid being too strong.

At the end of the page, Bandai Namco also teases the presence of update 1.40 which will give Time Attack Mode. Challenge you to fight against time to defeat the Aragami. Unfortunately they are still silent for what they will add in the series.

God Eater 3 can now be played on PC and PlayStation 4. You can follow the updated information from us both from Japanese and English sources about the game. For those of you who are curious about the game, you can read our full review.

This Is The Reason Why Gamers Lazy To Download Game

Sometimes we can find a gamer who have a hundred title of games in their games library, but sometimes we also meet the other kind of gamers who only have a few title of games in their library. Is usually happen, that’s because they lazy to download another game.

Why this thing can happen ? There is so much factor, if you want to know the reason, you need to read this article till the end.

First is price. Yeah, for buying a new game we need money, right ? Not every gamers have much money to buy another games. Sometimes they need to wait the crack version to play some games. Another reason is there is “gacha” in the game. Gacha is a system, maybe like a jackpot system. So you need to buy with real money and gambling, if you lucky, you will get a rare item, and if you’re not, you will get trash item. This is why gamers lazy and decide to not downloading the game.

The second one is the game quality. Not every games is good. If a game have a bad review, gamers will ignoring the game and move to the other one. Specially for P2P game, gamers will spend money to buy a suck game, it’s not possible right ?

Third is the capacity. For downloading a new game, we need to download a big file, like Dota 2, we need to download around 15GB of files. If the connection good, maybe this is not a problem, but for some gamers who have a slow internet connection, this thing will be a obstruction to them.