Ys IX Monstrum Nox Introduces Three Other Characters

Reported by Ryokutya2089 (2), in the latest edition of Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Nihon Falcom introduces voice actor / actress along with three new characters that will appear in the game. Adol will be played by Yuki Kaji who famously voiced Yukine’s character from Noragami, Kenta Miyake (Cocytus – Overlord) who will play the Dogi, Hawk to be played by Kaito Ishikawa (Iida Tenya – Boku no Hero Academia), and Mikako Komatsu (Lupus Regina Beta – Overlord) will play White Cat.

Bull (Voice: Ayane Sakura, Epsilon Solution – Overlord)

This pink-haired girl is Monstrum who fights using the “war hammer”. A mood maker that is not only strong, but also easily liked by many people. The hammer it carries can be used to attack enemies in various directions. His ability called “Valkyrie Hammer” will be able to destroy walls and penetrate enemy defenses.

Puppet (Voice: Aina Suzuki, Mari Ohara – Love Live Sunshine)

This exotic skinned girl with a white hat carries a flexible sword shaped like a whip. There is no clarity whether he is a puppet or Monstrum. The weapon can reach very wide distances. He is able to do a roller dash, allowing him to walk on different surfaces. His supernatural ability is “The Third Eye” which can see something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Make it easy to see treasure chests or buttons in the dungeon.

Apostate (Voice: Hiro Shimono, Katsuragi Keima – The World God Only Knows)

Many thought that Monstrum was dressed in purple as a woman, but in reality he was a young man. His weapon is a magic wand that can fire energy. Its main ability is called “Shadow Dive” which will turn it into a shadow and hide from its enemies.

Best Meta Hero In AOV

They don’t only get buffs, but adjusting their fighting mechanism is the main element in the selection of meta heroes. At least this latest AOV meta hero must be present in your match.

Who are the latest AOV meta heroes in this latest patch? Immediately, see the list of heroes that you must use for push rank below.

These are the latest AOV meta heroes in the form of beautiful girls and can master the DS lane when fighting in the Horizon Valley. Roxie’s unique gameplay also allows many ways to protect her team and good friends for ganking.

The fire that Roxie had was very painful and made her enemies have to leave and immediately get out of the battlefield! Roxie was also able to fight in all conditions, whether it was an unfavorable place for her team.

High mobility and strong resistance to damage is also the reason why Roxie is the latest AOV meta hero. Make sure when using Roxie, make yourself thicker and sustain in the lane!

This hero is back in the list of AOV’s newest meta heroes now. Lindis’s ability can provide great damage through his auto attack attack.

Despite not having high mobility, Lindis has a number of tricks that can help her live safely across the Horizon Valley.

Tread Softly and Piercing Gaze give buffs to his auto attack and allow Lindis to kill enemies quickly! And also a lot of bonus damage that he can get when you play in the bush.

The new AOV hero is included in the latest AOV meta hero, although Elsu is very difficult to master by his players. But if this hero has got the two main items, the damage that is done can make Mage heroes and Archers lose half of their blood in one attack!

Elsu’s deadly skill named Snipe you have to train as much as possible to produce massive damage! Because the damage without any item can produce 1800 damage!

This hero must be given space and time specifically for farming, as much as possible give him gold from lane and forest on DS lane. Elsu was also able to maintain the lane alone without fear of being hit with gratitude thanks to his Sentinel skill.

Thing You Need To Know Before Playing Assasin Job Class

In playing MMORPG type games, Assassin job class is always a favorite job class. Assassin is famous for his speed in killing opponents. They also have very high flexibility. If you want to play Assassin in the Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love game, you need to pay attention to the following points.

For skills that are required and must be studied are the skills of Double Attack (Lv10), Improve Flee (Lv10), Enchant Poison, Detoxify and Enchant Poison. All of these skills need to be learned because they will provide additional attacks and the ability to survive when attacked by opponents.

To reach level 40 quickly, you can follow all existing quests, starting from the red quest, to the green side quest. Don’t forget to finish Monster Rift, Quest Board and 10x Monster Wave.

In playing Assassin, there are several types that can be played, the first type is the type of dagger, usually the dagger type focuses on auto attacks and also double attacks, the second type is the type of dagger Sonic Blow, for this type focus on using skill Sonic Blow, and type the third is the critical type katar. The critical type of focus focuses on critical attacks. In addition to information, it is critical not to receive a penalty reduction (monster size penalty).

The only weakness of Assasin is the difficulty to kill large numbers of monsters at once. Assassin lacks AOE skills so it is more effective to kill monsters one by one.

Archer Job Class In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

For now, the most popular game for mobile platforms is Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. In this game there are many class jobs that can be chosen such as swordsman, archers, acolyte, magicians, and merchants.

Of all existing job classes, usually new players will choose the Archer job class. The reason is quite simple, because Archer has the ability to attack from a distance so it is easier to raise the level in the game.

For those of you who plan to play a job class archer, you need to understand about archers first.

Job class archers have advantages in long-range attacks, but the HP possessed by archers is really low. The archer’s main weapon is an bow type weapon, but archers can also use sword types and daggers.

Archer is required to increase the status of Dex, Agi, Luk and Int simultaneously. Dex is needed to increase accuracy and attack, Agi is needed to increase the attack speed, Luk is needed for the intensity of the eagle in attack, while Int is needed to damage the output of the eagle you carry.

Archer can change job class to become a hunter. Hunter has a great ability to use traps. After the job level reaches 40, you can change to Sniper.

The sniper job class has buff skills that give very large boosting damage. For those of you who like to play long distance, archers can be the right choice.

Hardest Game In Android

Bored with the normal game ? Try our recommendation game below, guaranteed you will be frustrated because of the difficulty to complete this game. Do not believe ? Just try playing it!

1. The Impossible Game

The name alone means games that are impossible to play. This game is very confusing plus the rules of the game are unclear which makes the players feel confused.

2. 2Vars

For those of you who hate math, you should never try playing this game! Because this game requires you to find the number of the two missing variables. Initially it was quite simple, but the farther away the questions given would be increasingly difficult.

3. Bloody Games

This game is a game that tests the patience of the player. This game relies on the speed of the finger and each game is limited by time. If you lose then a professor will emerge who will say that you only use a small part of your brain so that it fails in this game. It sucks right?


The name of the game alone is very strange. This game requires you to pass through a room filled with traps. Sounds simple, but just try to play this game, it can make your head feel like exploding if you keep failed.

5. Three

This one game requires you to form a number and multiples. Unfortunately every time you move the screen, a new number will appear that will fill the grid where you shifted. The more shifts the grid will be fuller, you might lose continuously before reaching the high score.

Duos Mode in Battle Royale Battlefield V Deleted

The battle in the realm of the battle roy is indeed one of the hottest in the world of video games today. Different IP games even those that were not previously involved in the battle royale are now releasing their own versions. Complete with their own characteristics and uniqueness.

One of them is of course Battlefield V, which appears in Firestorm mode. Although not being popular at the moment, Firestorm still embeds unique distinguishing features from other battle royale games. One of them is the Duos mode where you will only play with one of your friends instead of being a squad with more players.

The Duos itself was originally not the main feature of Firestorm, but only a weekly event that could be played. But when the weekend of the event was over the players wanted the mode to exist. Until finally the developer, DICE pinned it as a permanent mode. But it didn’t last long because now the Duos mode was again removed from Battlefield V.

The reason? Classic, this mode is considered not to sell well than other modes. Through its official announcement via the Reddit forum, DICE said that indeed at the beginning of the appearance of Duos mode was in great demand. But when the mode is adapted there aren’t many players who play it and prefer solo and squad.

Unfortunately, it seems that the perception of EA is different from the fans – at least the ones on Reddit. Because the fans did not hesitate to show their disappointment and emotions when they learned that this mode was withdrawn. Many feel that the Duos mode is the reason they are still playing this game and don’t understand why EA is interesting in a mode that is arguably unique rather than other battle royale. DICE itself promises that this mode can return to Battlefield V in the future.

Anthem Preview: Between Love and Hate

First impression? More precisely the second impression. Our first impression through yesterday’s beta period seems to have given a little picture where the actual position of Anthem is in the hands of EA, especially to make it “fight” against Activision through their Destiny project.

EA has long revealed its ambition to have a solid open-world game and there is no more right to take on that responsibility than Bioware. Interesting again? Bioware’s claims so far via the media turned out to be no nonsense.

Playing Anthem is more inclined to feel like you are playing a single-player game with a story that pretty much provokes a sense of Bioware’s typical broadcast. It’s just that, this time you have the opportunity to complete each mission with other players. Unfortunately, the conversation options with different Bioware-specific outcomes are also not injected here.

Making the Frostbite Engine the base, Anthem looks so charming on a PC. This world called “Bastion” looks to spoil the eye with a size that is quite broad. Via the “Freeplay” feature which is also injected, the opportunity to simply explore it in the name of searching for resources or being involved in the action of completing various random missions with other players is always open.

Believe it or not, in our eyes, this exploration process is precisely one of Anthem’s best attractions. Not loot or mission per part he injected to move the story. Jump on your Javelin at Iron-Man’s high speed, fly low, sweep the water, and end up fighting against the giant Ash Titan in one corner of the world? This is the true experience of Anthem.