5 Most Popular MOBA Game On Android And IOS

5 Most Popular MOBA Game On Android And IOS

If you used to want to play MOBA games like Dota2, League of Legends or something like that had to go through a computer at home or even play at cyber cafe with friends, but we can already feel it by playing MOBA via smartphone directly.

Through your smartphone that is Android or IOS, you can already feel the sensation of playing MOBA because many game developers have released games with this theme. Here are 5 popular MOBA games most played today by everyone.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In 2018, hearing this game named, of course, you are already familiar, right? in various places, you will definitely meet people who are playing this game especially in our country Indonesia. MLBB Games have successfully won the most popular game today with the MOBA theme and become the most widely played in 2018.

2. Garena AOV

Being a competitor from MLBB, of course, the game also presents 5vs5 battles with graphics and designs that are very stunning and for you game enthusiasts with good graphics, this one game will be a recommendation for you because it’s quite exciting with various interesting events provided in it and there are also heroes from DC or Marvel too.

3. Omyoji Arena

It has its own uniqueness with the Anime theme in it and is quite exciting for you to play because even though the type of game is still the same as other MOBA, in general, there are still different sensations contained in it when you play it for that you should try this one game.

4. War Song-A 5vs5 MOBA

Still not released globally until now, but this one MOBA game is also very popular to be played in the creator country, of course, the graphics and game controls are also not inferior to other games. Because so many who can’t wait for this game to be released all over the world many are willing to use certain ways to taste this one game.

5. Paladin Strike

Also, present a unique sensation of a MOBA game in general, the theme given by this one game is to defense a vehicle to reach its destination and for who can deliver this vehicle until the destination is the winner.