Best Build For Omen In Arena Of Valor

Best Build For Omen In Arena Of Valor

For now, there is so many players using Omen in rank match in AoV. You know why ? Because Omen can take down any enemy hero. So, what is the best build for Omen ?

Omen can reach maximum attack speed in AoV. His passive skill, Thirst really devastating and overpowered ! But Omen can be a destructive hero depends on the user. So if you want to use Omen, you need to know what is the best build for Omen.

First item is Gilded Graves. For Omen, movement speed is the most crucial aspect. Omen is a good ganker, so he need a high movement speed item to help him on ganking. Not only that, this graves also giveing 35 resistence and 110 magic defense. So Omen can survive against mage enemy.

The second one is Fafnir Talon. This item can boost Omen attack speed and durability. This item really usefull in early game. Fafnir Talon also giving the ability to lifesteal 10% from his attack. Is that good ?

Third item is Blitz Blade. This item can give you ability to use chain lighting every 8 second. This lightning have 150 damage. Blitz Blade also boost Omen attack speed by 30% and provide lifesteal 10%.

For defensive item, you can buy Hercule’s Madness. With this gauntlet, you will gain a shield every 8 second. This item also boost Omen physical defence and magic resistence.