Only 3 Days Since Released, Apex Legends Reach 10 Millions Player

Only 3 Days Since Released, Apex Legends Reach 10 Millions Player

Suddenly released about 15 minutes after the announcement of the LiveStream which was also suddenly on Twitch, Respawn Entertainment presented its own unique free battle royale game to compete with similar games with Titanfall-style mixes named Apex Legends. Even though EA intervened from the side of the microtransaction, overall the game was handled by Respawn himself, giving limits only to cosmetic items. His presence seemed to be a breath of fresh air for fans of battle royale games, shooters, and Titanfall.

This is proven only in a short time, Apex Legends has succeeded in winning 1 million players, followed by 2.5 million players. Now, Respawn seems to have been able to breathe a little relieved because the number has increased to 10 million players in just three days. Vince Zampella as CEO of Respawn, expressed his gratitude to the fans. He did not expect that the games they were doing with all their heart seemed to be liked by the fans.

When compared, one million players online together is a count that is the same as the number of players in each Steam game record that exists besides PUBG and DotA2. However, that number cannot be compared because Apex Legends is released on all major platforms. The only possible comparison is Fortnite. Now, the game has reached more than 200 million players with a peak of around 8.9 million people online at the same time. Leading analyst Daniel Ahmad said that the achievements of Apex Legends could be among the fastest compared to the game made by the Epic Games which took two weeks to reach the same number.

This achievement is the biggest success achieved by Respawn Entertainment. They became one of the first-person shooter game developers who were highly respected among a very crowded market for similar games, especially since Titanfall 2 was released. It became the right decision for them to leave Infinity Ward and form a new studio which is now an EA black horse to compete with Activision.

Apex Legends can now be played for free on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Never want to miss the updated information about the game from us by bookmarking the following page.