Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love : Merchant Job Class

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love : Merchant Job Class

For those of you who are still hesitant in choosing a job class Merchant in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, you can read our discussion below.

Merchants are job classes that are very skilled in trading. Almost all of the skills possessed by Merchants are financial related skills. To play the merchant job class, the status that needs to be considered is STR, AGI, DEX and also LUK.

STR status will affect the magnitude of the attack produced by the merchant, AGI will affect the attack speed, Dex will affect accuracy, while LUK will affect the level of success in forging.

It should be noted, the skills possessed by the merchant must also use zeny when used, for example, Mammonite (using 1000 zeny each time it is used).

Merchants can change into two different jobs, namely Blacksmith and Alchemist. Blacksmiths can use skills that add one team attack (buffer), while alchemists are very good at using chemicals,

An Alchemist can also call a homonculus to help attack enemies and monsters. One of the deadliest skills of an alchemist is Acid demonstration. Alchemist will throw a bottle that will cause enormous damage.

Keep in mind, merchants are job classes that are very wasteful. So before playing this job class you have to think carefully about it.