Reason Why You Must Play Clash Royale Again

Reason Why You Must Play Clash Royale Again

Clash Royale is a strategy game from Supercell which is very popular in 2016. Before Clash Royale, Supercell already made a good game called Clash of Clans back in time.

Clash Royale have a combined gameplay system. This game is collectible card game with real time competitive strategy battle. Before starting the battle, player must sets the battle deck and build the strategy to win the game.

But after Mobile Legends and Arena of Valors released, Clash Royale popularity going down. If you abandoned this game before, you should play this game again, why ?

For the first, there is many new character in Clash Royale game. The characters is taken from Clash of Clans game. If you already abandoned this game more than 1 years, you will be shocked when playing this game again because you will find so many new character you can choose to win the battle.

The second one is you don’t need much time to play this game. Not like Mobile Legends or AoV which need more time to play, this game is easy to play. So you can play it when you have spare time. Fun right ?

The third one is you can train your brain because this game is strategy game. Not only that, this game is not pay to win game, so if you are a free to play gamer, you still can win this game without spending money.