SNK Announces New Samurai Shodown For Xbox, PC, And Playstation 4

SNK Announces New Samurai Shodown For Xbox, PC, And Playstation 4

If console games adapted to the mobile platform might only be suggested to sell nostalgia and please gamers who like smartphone games, SNK as a developer certainly seems aware that if the fans of fighting games they are expecting more new series which really feels actual.

So that departing from that reason, SNK apparently did not miss to want to re-prepare what had been their obligation so far. After King of Fighter XIV, the Samurai Shodown franchise has also finally been resurrected to no longer be a F2P mobile RPG game, but as a non-mobile “fighting game” that greatly reflects the significance of its old series.

Through the trailer that you can see above, SNK has revealed a new freshness from Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Galford’s cool action and other armed warriors in unique cell-shading graphics. Directly supported by Unreal Engine 4, the new Samurai Shodown game is planned for SNK to be ready for release before August arrives on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Because it was also reported from the line up of fighting games that will be contested for the peak EVO 2019 event in Las Vegas around the beginning of August, the organizers have surprisingly added the latest Samurai Shodown game as one of the main games to be competed.

Together with Mortal Kombat 11, which was confirmed to be released in April, it is certainly interesting to see how serious SNK is to bring the newest Samurai Shodown game into the more modern eSports arena, especially considering that the franchise is already known to be so legendary in years Past 90s.