Darksiders III Finally Released

Darksiders III has been released yesterday, games get mixed reception. Some critics gave positive reviews, some negative and some considered the third series of action / adventure franchises to be mediocre. Compared to the previous two games, Darksiders III became the series with the lowest review score, but this was not considered bad by the CEO of THQ Nordic.

Lars Wingefors revealed that he was happy to be able to continue this franchise. After 6 years of absence from the game industry, Wingefors was satisfied that they had kept their promise to continue the franchise for fans.

He realized that Darksiders III was not perfect, there were many problems in the game that were criticized by critics such as chaotic cameras, too easy puzzles, boring platforming, and much more. He only responds to these criticisms with an optimistic response if the most important thing is that they have given what the fans want.

Darksiders III is an adventure centered on Fury characters, the third horseman of the apocalypse who has become the main character of this franchise. Now there is one horseman left that has not been shown in this franchise, Strife, which is likely to become the main character if the fourth game is developed later,