Durango: Wild Lands presents the Latest Big Update named Second Wave

Durango: Wild Lands, one of the Open World MMORPG games where players will be moved in the age of dinosaurs, follow existing quests and try to survive in the wild to build community with other players. This time, Durango: Wild Lands, will introduce the latest update called Second Wave.

In the update, players will get a private island in the form of ‘Tamed Island’. On the private island, players can manage their area, their domain without using additional fees. Uniquely, if you need to pay attention to the durability of the building beforehand, in that area the durability of the building is not a factor in the game which means that if the player has built the building it will last forever.

Players can also control the settings of their own ‘Tamed Islands’. They can give permission to other players to be able to enter and travel from other islands through a personal dimension hole, and expand their domain to 13 boxes (possibly increasing in the future). Players can also decorate buildings that have been built, starting from the roof, walls, floors, pillars and so on in their homes. And there will also be a set of furniture that will provide additional effects such as buffs.

In addition to the update, Durango will also introduce technological improvements, many other updated maps, and different dinosaurs. And again the thing that is emphasized from the next update is the Farming feature which will be fixed and become the main function in the future update.