This Is The Reason Why Gamers Lazy To Download Game

Sometimes we can find a gamer who have a hundred title of games in their games library, but sometimes we also meet the other kind of gamers who only have a few title of games in their library. Is usually happen, that’s because they lazy to download another game.

Why this thing can happen ? There is so much factor, if you want to know the reason, you need to read this article till the end.

First is price. Yeah, for buying a new game we need money, right ? Not every gamers have much money to buy another games. Sometimes they need to wait the crack version to play some games. Another reason is there is “gacha” in the game. Gacha is a system, maybe like a jackpot system. So you need to buy with real money and gambling, if you lucky, you will get a rare item, and if you’re not, you will get trash item. This is why gamers lazy and decide to not downloading the game.

The second one is the game quality. Not every games is good. If a game have a bad review, gamers will ignoring the game and move to the other one. Specially for P2P game, gamers will spend money to buy a suck game, it’s not possible right ?

Third is the capacity. For downloading a new game, we need to download a big file, like Dota 2, we need to download around 15GB of files. If the connection good, maybe this is not a problem, but for some gamers who have a slow internet connection, this thing will be a obstruction to them.