Affordable Wireless Gaming Headphone From Razer

Razer Nari Wireless, of course, Gamers already knew about the Headset which was the last release from Razer, Nari Wireless. Like most Razer headsets, this wireless Razer comes with a black accent with a simple LED color in the center of the headset, the LED is RGB.

This Nari headset uses a fairly rigid durable plastic material, and the headband section uses soft material and can comfortably adjust to the size of your head. For the earmuff headset this is a part that should be lifted because the earmuff is quite thick which makes good outside sound insulation. Razer Nari also uses leather and the part that touches its ears coated with velvet fabric makes the headset comfortable and not hot to use for long because it will absorb sweat better.

This Nari Wireless headset sound can be said like OverBass, for you true BASS seekers, this headset should be glimpsed with the sound out of the box the bass is very solid. but don’t worry if you don’t like bass you can adjust the sound configuration in more detail using the Razer Synapse. This headset also has THX Spatial Sound making sound output can produce 360-degree sound simulations around you.

For connectivity issues this headset can be used with cables and also without cables, Razer includes 2 cables (1 cable for PC, 1 cable for mobile phones). If you use Wireless which of course will use battery power and this headset battery can last for 14 hours. This Razer Nari Wireless is in junction at an affordable price of 180$.