Glitch In Game Which Turned Into A Blessing For Developers

There is none of game Developer want’s a glitch in their game. Usually, developers will hold the release of the game if they found a glitch on their game. But glitch will never can be erased totally. In a game, we will always find a glitch. But sometimes, glitch can be a blessing to game developers, seriously.

Like killer penguins in Zoo Tycon. As we know, this game is a unique game where the player will bring to handle a zoo. Player will be a zoo manager and need to manage all thing in the zoo. But in Zoo Tycon, there is a glitch, we can see the penguins eating another animals in the zoo. This is only a glitch, but because of this, many people exciting to try this game.

We also can see the glitch in Team Fortress game. In this game, there is a glitch in character colour. But because of this glitch, the developer got an idea to made a new characters named SPY. This character can spying other team and became the one of them.

You see ? Even the glitch can be a blessing, it’s about how you take the opportunity. Because of glitch, that game can be so popular in the world. Cool right ?