Heartstone Major Update: The Years of the Dragon

Beginning in 2019 it will update its Hearthstone massive and quite interesting to observe. Heartshtone creative director Ben Thompson and chief game designer Mike Donais said that this year is the edition of “The Years of the Dragon” or the year of the dragon. The Years of the Dragon will bring a lot of updates and new features in the game Hearthstone. In addition, the new cards will also appear in the latest update.

The first feature done by Hearthstone developers was a random card back. Where players will get back skin cards randomly when using certain decks in matches. Besides that Blizzard is also making a new card back design which is certainly more interesting.

The second feature developed by Hearthstone developer is a smart card selector. Smart card selector will make it easier for players to make the deck as they wish. Blizzard has the technology to track and collect data Hearthstone matches and dack cards used by players. Later the players will more easily arrange the deck with the help of a smart card selector. Deck made also adjusts to the cards held by a player, even smart cards can provide guidance selector alternative card if the player does not have the desired card in deck.

Next is the update carried out in the arena system. Blizzard wants the arena to be more alive and more varied. Therefore they prepare an update card according to the specified expansion pack. Later bimonthly cards that can be played in the arena will be rotated.

Another update that will also be included in Hearthstone is a single player story. There will be a new single player story mode that has a bigger and more interesting story. Later in the latest expansion of the single player there will be a new chapter 5, 8 rounds each chapter and two modes of play each round. Players can play the first chapter for free, while the next chapter can be purchased with 700 gold. Players can also buy one directly expansion with the original currency.

Then there will be a new hall of fame feature. Hall of fame is a place for special cards that have an imbalance effect in the game. Previously Blizzard would do nerf for cards that were felt too strong and impressed in the game. Even if they don’t do that, Blizzard will ban the use of the card to play standard decks. Now they will put imba cards into the hall of fame feature as proof of the history of the card. Cards such as Genn, Baku and Doomguard will likely enter the hall of fame as soon as possible.