Hold the First Tournament, KFC Gaming Give Free Legend Cards to Eat at KFC Forever

Having shocked the internet and the world of esports a few months ago, the esports gaming division of the fast-food restaurant made by the late Colonel Sanders – KFC Gaming – finally raised its first wing by holding a tournament called KFCRoyale.

As the name implies, the genre that will be contested is Battle Royale, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which Activision claims to be the first game to be competed in the KFC Royale tournament.

Reported from PCGamesN, the black card is allegedly a legend card that gives you the power to access food for free at KFC forever, but with a maximum total price used to reach 200 euros or around 3 million rupiah per day.

But one thing that is very unfortunate is that the KFC Royale tournament is only valid for UK or UK citizens. And only those who are not part of the professional team are allowed to join this tournament.

But there will be some content creators or influencers in the gaming world who will also participate in enlivening the tournament. Some of them are Cyanide, Daithi, Gaz, TommyT, Spratt, Vikstaar, MiniLadd, Marleythirteen, Terrorizer, PsySin, iTemp, MrDalekJD, Zerkaa and CodeNamePizza.