Minecraft Continues To Grow And Finally Reaches A New Record

Minecraft, One of the most popular games that was first released on PC in November 2011 and this continues to grow and surprise the gaming industry throughout the world. Mojang as the developer of Minecraft recently announced that the phenomenal graphic game achieved sales of 30 million copies for its PC version.

Where Mojang himself reached sales to 25 million for the PC platform in January 2017. It took 2 years to sell 5 million copies. The calculation at the end of 2018, explained that Minecraft itself had sold more than 154 million copies for all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4, Android and so on) making it in the 2nd place the most popular sales game after Tetris.

It’s interesting to see how Minecraft can match the sales of game No. 1. But we ourselves do not know when this will happen. If you are interested, there is a live tracker that automatically calculates the sale of minecraft around the world on its Official website. Minecraft itself is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and of course Android.

Even the graphic only 8-bit, but we can’t denied that this game is quit fun to play, so if you never play this game, you can play this game with your friends.