Nintendo Prepares Smaller and Cheaper Versions for Nintendo Switch This Year

Nintendo may now be able to enjoy its position that has been successful through the Nintendo Switch which is in demand by gamers who want a console that can be used portable. But that does not mean Nintendo will only remain silent while waiting for developers to release new games on their consoles. Because according to the latest report from Nikkei Nintendo is reportedly preparing a cheaper mini version of the Switch.

This is certainly understandable with Switch, who this year was finally two years old. And the Switch requires something “new” to be offered for prospective buyers who don’t have a Switch or users who want something more “compact” for them to carry everywhere. The rumors of the Mini Switch itself have actually been heard since October 2018 and where Nintendo is reportedly developing a new Switch.

According to speculations from Ars Technica the Mini Switch itself will not bring any improvement from the original Switch. But more to provide a Switch console that is easier to use and reach by many people. Later it was said that the first one to be lost was plastic docking and it would be sold separately, then connectivity to the TV would also be cheaper, the screen and body would also likely be reduced to get a cheaper price, and the last is the possibility that the game controller will be embedded into the screen like WiiU first.

The Mini Switch itself is planned to be released this year even though there is still no exact date. More portable and cheaper may indeed be the decision needed by the Switch to be able to attract more new buyers. Are you also interested if Switch finally releases this Mini Switch?