First Impression: Resident Evil II Remake Version

As a writer, i’m not a fan of horror or survival horror games. As long as i playing games, just a few horror games i wrote in my entire life. One of those game is Resident Evil 2 Remake Version.

Capcom as the developer is anouncing of the development of Resident Evil 2 Remake version for PS 4. If you want to feel nostalgic with this game, you should buy and play this remake version. You know why ? Because the atmosphere is truly scary ! Serious ! It’s totally different from the old one version. So there is no doubt why Capcom still want to continue the remake version of Resident Evil 2.

When visiting Playstation Experience Southeast Asia 2018 ( PSX SEA 2018 ), we trying the demo version of Resident Evil 2. It’s just 15 minutes and we already felt the scary atmosphere of this game. IT’S TOTALLY SCARY DUDE !

If you think that the remake version just improving only the graphic quality, you are WRONG ! The gameplay, city, atmosphere all is new. In the remake version, there is a different location for some item and you need to solved some puzzle to get the item.

We think Capcom want to bring a new experience to gamer since this game is already played back in time. There are so many new location which can be explore by the gamers. So dare to play this game ?