Rikimari The Silent Killer In Dota 2

Rikimaru is the Dota hero who has the best disappearing ability in Dota 2. He has a nickname as Stealth Assassin. Rikimaru is very skilled at killing opponents suddenly and not detected. Rikimaru is an agility type hero that can be played for many roles, from carry to roamer.

With the Smoke Screen skill, Rikimaru can throw smoke bombs. For anyone who is in the smoke bomb will be affected by the effect of slow and silent. Enemies in the smoke bomb area will also receive “miss” effect of up to 80%. This skill is very effective to use when you want to kill an opponent’s hero or do ganking and save a teammate.

With the Blink Strike skill, Rikimaru can also jump instantly to the target he wants. When used on an opponent’s hero, they will get 100 points of physical damage. This skill can be used to be allied so it is very effective to be used to escape quickly.

Rikimaru’s Skill Cloak and Dagger also gave Rikimaru many advantages. When he does not hit the target, he will disappear and when he hits from behind the opponent, he will get additional damage based on the amount of agility he has.

Rikimaru’s ultimate skill named Tricks of the Trade. When using this skill, Rikimaru will disappear and throw the dagger in a large area. For enemy targets inside the Tricks of the Trade area, they will receive damage every 0.5 seconds. The size of the attack depends on the attack damage and agility that Rikimaru has.