In Soulcalibur VI, You Can Build Your Own Character

Gamescom 2018 already finished, start from 21 August 2018. It’s mean we have 1 week to get an information about games development. One of them is Soul Calibur VI from Namco.

This time, Namco release an update information about Soul Calibur VI. There is many mode like single player, story mode and many more. But there is one thing which is the best thing in this game, you can build your own character. You can play it in story mode, cool right ?

In this mode, your job is to stop enemy who want to steal Soul Edge. In your journey, you will find many character who have been releas in the last previous series like Taki and Mitsurugi. In every stage, you will need to complete one mission before stepping into the next level.

The customization is very cool, you can adjust the height, weight, face, colour, and you can choose one of 16 race. Your armour, dress, weapon and also your battle style. But your character only can be played in Libra of Soul. Bandai Namco also anounce about online play, where you can play against the other player around the world in casual mode or rank mode.

There is one new character in this game, Tira. He is so powerfull. Her weapon is Ring blade and have a dance of death battle style. You can get Tira from season pass or buy sparate DLC.