Ubisoft Preparing New Tom Clancy Game For Next Year ?

We all know that Ubisoft currently has another Tom Clancy series debt that they have not yet realized. Instead of releasing the Splinter Cell series two years ago, they actually released the Division’s new IP which ended up quite disappointing. Although I had mentioned that they had not forgotten Splinter Cell and had received many studio offers to make it again, the news seemed to have been swallowed up by the earth. Now, it seems that the French developer is preparing a new series which also contributes to raising his name.

A YouTuber corecross just discovered a fictional company website called Skell Technology. The website that is locked with the username “asantos” and the password “10068” contains a video that is “unlisted” (only those who have the video link can watch) about the introduction of Skelltech uploaded by Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel. The video explains that they are a company engaged in drones, both agriculture and health.

Even though you don’t have any other explanation about the game that will be presented, but if you have played a shooter or military game for a long time, then the setting of a successful company that is likely to dominate the world is certainly not a stranger to you. Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s most famous shooter or military game is the Tom Clancy’s series. Making it can be speculated to be many things, from the expansion of the fourth year of the Rainbow Six Siege, the expansion / new Ghost Recon series, to the franchise that was only “teased” by them, Splinter Cell.

Until this article goes down, there isn’t any information about it yet. So, it would be nice if we waited for confirmation from Ubisoft’s own mouth. What do you think? Could they present one of the three possible franchises? Or maybe a new IP?