Valve Confirmed That Their New VR Headset Will Released Soon

Although it is not very popular when promoted, but as technology develops, Virtual Reality or VR increasingly shows its development. It was also agreed by Valve who was preparing for the future electronic entertainment technology with a new headset.

Speaking with PC Gamers, Valve is currently completing small pieces of work until the release date of their latest VR headset with the codename “Index” in June 2019. Although it has been confirmed he will be released on June 15, but chances are he will still be changed again. They plan to announce the device on May 1 and may change.

The online store page says that the mysterious headset will have DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0. He also explained that the controller and other accessories that support it would be sold separately. They no longer cooperate with HTC because the company wants to develop its own technology, so it is likely that the headset they are working on will promote it themselves.

Until now it is not clear when Valve will release it other than two months which is the main fulcrum of its promotion, May and June. You can continue to follow the news to get the latest information when we get it.