Two Character In Harvest Moon Back In Nature Who Can Make You Angry

Two Character In Harvest Moon Back In Nature Who Can Make You Angry

Harvest Moon Back to Nature is a very memorable game on the Playstation 1. Amid the trend of games that carry the RPG theme and fighting at that time, Harvest Moon appears as a differentiator by offering something new, gardening!

But who would have thought, this game was very successful. Even now it is still touted as the best life simulation game.

The success of the game developed by Natsume may not be separated from the unique characters in the game. Each character has a different influence on the main character we play.

However, not all Harvest Moon Back to Nature characters always behave well. There are several characters whose appearance often makes emotional players themselves.

Not all grandparents must be sorry for us. For example, like the Harvest Moon character named Won. He is a trader who usually resides at lodging in the afternoon – in the afternoon. Not infrequently he suddenly appeared at your house and offered something.

Won sells items that you can’t find in supermarkets. However, you must be careful when buying goods from Won. Because, he often sells goods at very expensive prices. Though the item is not too special.

For example when he offers Apple SUDGW and also Blue Feather at very expensive prices, don’t buy it. He just tried to trick you.

Rick is the Harvest Moon character who moves next. He is the sister of Popuri. Since his father left town, Rick also has to help his mother take care of the Poultry Farm.

The reason Rick is arguably ngeselin is that he is very protective of his sister, Popuri. Even Rick really hates Kai because Kai likes Popuri.

If your character wants to approach Popuri, get ready to find a steep road and get a relationship from Rick.