After 5 Years Of Release, DayZ Finally Entered The Beta Phase

First released in 2013 ago as early access, DayZ experienced development that was full of problems. Game creator Dean Hall decided to leave Bohemia Interactive after the game was released and the studio itself focused on other projects. Completing this game now is basically too late especially seeing the survival / open-world genre begin to be irrelevant again. But Bohemia slowly wants to complete this one game.

After 5 years, DayZ will finally enter the beta phase. This 0.63 update is planned to have a base-building mechanic, new vehicles, and a mechanized “player detention”. Developers want to overcome the problem of too little endgame content, making the gameplay of DayZ boring within a few hours of play.

What’s more important is that they want to complete all the main features and stability of the game for the upcoming full version 1.0. There is no exact schedule yet when this full version will be released, but they plan to complete this DayZ before 2018 ends.

After that, the developer does not promise to continue to provide new content for this survival open-world game. Therefore they added experimental tool mods and Steam Workshop, so the community can express their ideas for this game. Lets see how this game come out.