Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Strengthen Equipment

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you will be introduced to 5 kinds of equipment development systems. Strengthen, Refine, Upgrade, Slotting and Enchantment. On this page I will explain only 3 types, because Slotting and Echantment will go into the category of advanced elements, while the other 3 are basic elements.

Strengthen, this is one of the most basic equipments development systems. You will also be taught how to strengthen in the game, but it doesn’t hurt me to explain this feature first.

To strengthen you can talk to the Blacksmith NPC then select the strengthen menu or you can access directly from the inventory, on the right side, select tab 2. Here are some explanations about Strengthen:

Strengthen only needs zeny, the higher the level / level strengthen the more expensive the zeny must be paid.

Strengthen does not make equipment broken / damaged.

Strengthen adds status depending on the type of equipment.

The maximum amount strengthens based on the Base Level character.

Strengthen can be removed at NPC Furnace and zeny 100% back. (Equipment that still has strengthening cannot be sold on the Market or put into Shared Storage).

The strengthen level can be moved if you replace the equipment.

If you change equipment to a higher rarity, then the strengthen level might decrease because the strengthening price for higher rarity equipment is more expensive (zeny is not lost).