Anthem Preview: Between Love and Hate

Anthem Preview: Between Love and Hate

First impression? More precisely the second impression. Our first impression through yesterday’s beta period seems to have given a little picture where the actual position of Anthem is in the hands of EA, especially to make it “fight” against Activision through their Destiny project.

EA has long revealed its ambition to have a solid open-world game and there is no more right to take on that responsibility than Bioware. Interesting again? Bioware’s claims so far via the media turned out to be no nonsense.

Playing Anthem is more inclined to feel like you are playing a single-player game with a story that pretty much provokes a sense of Bioware’s typical broadcast. It’s just that, this time you have the opportunity to complete each mission with other players. Unfortunately, the conversation options with different Bioware-specific outcomes are also not injected here.

Making the Frostbite Engine the base, Anthem looks so charming on a PC. This world called “Bastion” looks to spoil the eye with a size that is quite broad. Via the “Freeplay” feature which is also injected, the opportunity to simply explore it in the name of searching for resources or being involved in the action of completing various random missions with other players is always open.

Believe it or not, in our eyes, this exploration process is precisely one of Anthem’s best attractions. Not loot or mission per part he injected to move the story. Jump on your Javelin at Iron-Man’s high speed, fly low, sweep the water, and end up fighting against the giant Ash Titan in one corner of the world? This is the true experience of Anthem.