Duos Mode in Battle Royale Battlefield V Deleted

Duos Mode in Battle Royale Battlefield V Deleted

The battle in the realm of the battle roy is indeed one of the hottest in the world of video games today. Different IP games even those that were not previously involved in the battle royale are now releasing their own versions. Complete with their own characteristics and uniqueness.

One of them is of course Battlefield V, which appears in Firestorm mode. Although not being popular at the moment, Firestorm still embeds unique distinguishing features from other battle royale games. One of them is the Duos mode where you will only play with one of your friends instead of being a squad with more players.

The Duos itself was originally not the main feature of Firestorm, but only a weekly event that could be played. But when the weekend of the event was over the players wanted the mode to exist. Until finally the developer, DICE pinned it as a permanent mode. But it didn’t last long because now the Duos mode was again removed from Battlefield V.

The reason? Classic, this mode is considered not to sell well than other modes. Through its official announcement via the Reddit forum, DICE said that indeed at the beginning of the appearance of Duos mode was in great demand. But when the mode is adapted there aren’t many players who play it and prefer solo and squad.

Unfortunately, it seems that the perception of EA is different from the fans – at least the ones on Reddit. Because the fans did not hesitate to show their disappointment and emotions when they learned that this mode was withdrawn. Many feel that the Duos mode is the reason they are still playing this game and don’t understand why EA is interesting in a mode that is arguably unique rather than other battle royale. DICE itself promises that this mode can return to Battlefield V in the future.