Archer Job Class In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Archer Job Class In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

For now, the most popular game for mobile platforms is Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. In this game there are many class jobs that can be chosen such as swordsman, archers, acolyte, magicians, and merchants.

Of all existing job classes, usually new players will choose the Archer job class. The reason is quite simple, because Archer has the ability to attack from a distance so it is easier to raise the level in the game.

For those of you who plan to play a job class archer, you need to understand about archers first.

Job class archers have advantages in long-range attacks, but the HP possessed by archers is really low. The archer’s main weapon is an bow type weapon, but archers can also use sword types and daggers.

Archer is required to increase the status of Dex, Agi, Luk and Int simultaneously. Dex is needed to increase accuracy and attack, Agi is needed to increase the attack speed, Luk is needed for the intensity of the eagle in attack, while Int is needed to damage the output of the eagle you carry.

Archer can change job class to become a hunter. Hunter has a great ability to use traps. After the job level reaches 40, you can change to Sniper.

The sniper job class has buff skills that give very large boosting damage. For those of you who like to play long distance, archers can be the right choice.