Hardest Game In Android

Hardest Game In Android

Bored with the normal game ? Try our recommendation game below, guaranteed you will be frustrated because of the difficulty to complete this game. Do not believe ? Just try playing it!

1. The Impossible Game

The name alone means games that are impossible to play. This game is very confusing plus the rules of the game are unclear which makes the players feel confused.

2. 2Vars

For those of you who hate math, you should never try playing this game! Because this game requires you to find the number of the two missing variables. Initially it was quite simple, but the farther away the questions given would be increasingly difficult.

3. Bloody Games

This game is a game that tests the patience of the player. This game relies on the speed of the finger and each game is limited by time. If you lose then a professor will emerge who will say that you only use a small part of your brain so that it fails in this game. It sucks right?


The name of the game alone is very strange. This game requires you to pass through a room filled with traps. Sounds simple, but just try to play this game, it can make your head feel like exploding if you keep failed.

5. Three

This one game requires you to form a number and multiples. Unfortunately every time you move the screen, a new number will appear that will fill the grid where you shifted. The more shifts the grid will be fuller, you might lose continuously before reaching the high score.