Behemoth Will Come To MHW PC Version

Capcom is still endlessly pampering the players of Monster Hunter World on the PC platform. Even though they are currently generous to hold a special winter and Christmas event (on all platforms) by reopening many limited quests that you might have missed, this time the PC players arrived at an event that had been long awaited.

One of the iconic monsters of the Final Fantasy series, Behemoth reportedly in the near future will soon set foot in the world around Astera to challenge you directly. December 21 at 7 am WIB will be a pretty thrilling moment if you are able to deal with the ferocity of the Behemoth, or even be depressed miserably?

Besides Behemoth, there are also interesting rewards that you can reap from this event, such as the Drachen armor set, special Insect Glaive weapons with the name Gae Bolg, to the cute Moggle skin for Palicomu.

Before you want to challenge the Behemoth, don’t forget to pay attention to the Hunter Rank you have. Because the main and most important condition for being able to carry out the Behemoth quest is that you have to defeat Xeno‘jiiva first, or at least take HR 16 and above.

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