Bai “rOtK” Fan Involved in “Bet” Scandal When Livestream

Trainers from the Dota 2 professional team from China, Vici Gaming, have just been involved in a gambling scandal. Bai “rOtK” Fan recorded his conversation with someone who was talking about having to bet to PSG. LGD or Natus Vincere in the MegaFon Winter Clash tournament last weekend when he was livestream and forgot to turn off the camera and mic.

As a result the conversation was heard clearly by the viewers where ROKK said some crude swear for PSG’s frustration. LGD lost to Na’vi to a conversation about the money he put in to bet. According to him if he wins, he will get approximately $ 7,000 USD but in the end PSG. LGD lost 2-0 over Na’vi in ​​the final lower bracket. Annoyed at his defeat, he issued harsh cursing when talking to people in the same room and maybe RoKK forgot to turn off his livestream until the audience heard a conversation discussing the gambling.

Valve itself has implemented regulations regarding gambling in its other competitive games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Every pro-player, team and all involved in the event in any situation may not be involved in gambling. Maybe the rule can also be applied in competitive scenes Dota 2 considering dev. and the publisher is the same, Valve. Although rOtK itself is not currently an active pro player, its status as a coach is still tied to the professional team of Vici Gaming who also still often participates in major tournaments.

After the video was viral on a local social network, namely Weibo, finally ROTK gave a statement about what happened in Livestream last weekend. There are three important points that he said.

The conversation was her with a close friend who asked for advice on a bet. Finally he gave a choice which he thought was right PSG. LGD, but the friend kept asking the same thing until finally ROKK assured “if I lose I will pay half of your loss”. According to him he did not need money from such results which would later affect his reputation and career. Basically the money he earned was enough for all his needs.

I have known this LGD for a long time. When we meet they are used to calling each other with the words “b * st * rds” or “do * s”. It may sound rude but it does not mean to insult them and they know it.

I am very uncontrolled about my words that might make people who do not understand me well will think differently. My words caused some negative reactions, so I’m here to apologize for all Dota 2 fans.

Two PSG players. LGD also gave its reaction regarding the scandal that befell rOtK. The captain of PSG. LGD, namely Xu “fy” Linsen through his Weibo account gave his opinion.