Fanny The Deadly Assasin In Mobile Legends

Fanny The Deadly Assasin In Mobile Legends

Fanny is a terrible assassin hero on Mobile Legends. Even though it was terrible, Fanny was very difficult to master. Not many players are able to master this hero. One professional player who really likes the Fanny hero is Zxcuan. He is a professional player who joined the EVOS team.

Fanny was very good at killing his opponent quickly, he was also very good at running away from the opponent’s pursuit. But keep in mind, every time Fanny uses a skill, her energy will decrease and when her energy runs out, Fanny cannot use the skill at all.

When playing this hero, you need to get a blue buff, this is mandatory and must be done. Because Fanny is very dependent on this buff, so make it a habit to take a buff first before maneuvering using a cable.

As an assassin, of course, the HP owned by Fanny is quite low, therefore you can combine defend + attack items, so don’t focus too much on attack items only, HP items also greatly affect the maneuvers that you will do during play.

If you don’t allow to kill an opponent hero, you can do pushing, when your opponent realizes you’re pushing, you can escape using the second skill and move to other lanes. This will make it difficult for opponents to defend.