The Five Coolest Passive Skills in Mobile Legends

If you discuss the coolest passive skills in Mobile Legends, of course, the names of Lolita, Balmond, Aurora, Cyclops, and Alucard heroes will be included in the list. Here are the best passive skill abilities in the Mobile Legend game.

The first skill was the Cyclops Starlit Hourglass. This passive skill gives the Cyclops the ability to reduce the cooldown skill he uses. The more often he uses the skill, the cooldown skill will also be faster. Besides that, if the skill that Cyclops issues about the opponent’s target, the cooldown of the skill will also decrease.

The second skill called Pride of Ice belongs to Aurora hero. This passive skill allows Aurora to get one energy bar every time using skill. After the four energy bars are filled, the next skill released by Aurora will freeze the target. This passive skill is very effective in stopping enemy movements.

A third skill named Bloodthirst belongs to Balmond. With this skill, Balmond will get 10% regen HP when killing an opponent hero and get 4% HP regen when killing minions.

The fourth skill is Pursuit owned by Alucard. This skill allows Alucard to jump directly to the target. With this skill, Alucard will provide damage of 1.2x normal attacks when landing on the enemy.

The fifth skill is Noumenon Energy Core which becomes Lolita’s passive skill. This skill will provide a shield buff to the teammates who are close to him. This skill is very useful when doing a clash team because a teammate will get additional buffs which is very helpful when a teammate is hit by an attack.

Tank Plus DPS ? Why Not ? Grock Is Here !

Grock is a hero tank that can cause excessive damage to your opponent. He is also able to divide the opponent’s formation by using his second skill. Not infrequently players who make it a fighter, cannot be denied, the damage generated by the skills owned by Grock is terrible.

Besides that, Grock also has immune to crowd control when using its first skill near a wall or tower. With this ability, he can go in the front line without fear of being stunned or other disabled skills. For the first skill he has, Grock will expand as you hold back the skill release time. The longer you hold on to the skill, the greater the damage that will be caused.

To break the opponent’s formation, Grock will use both skills where he will create a stone wall that will block the opponent’s movements. With this skill, Grock can also maximize the use of the ultimate skill he has.

Grock’s ultimate skill must hit a wall to create a big impact. When an opponent’s hero is hit by Grock near the wall, then they will also receive a stun effect, on the contrary, if there is no wall, then the opponent will only be affected by a momentary airborne effect.

For the item itself, you can combine pure tank or semi-tank. All depends on the gameplay you want.

Fanny The Deadly Assasin In Mobile Legends

Fanny is a terrible assassin hero on Mobile Legends. Even though it was terrible, Fanny was very difficult to master. Not many players are able to master this hero. One professional player who really likes the Fanny hero is Zxcuan. He is a professional player who joined the EVOS team.

Fanny was very good at killing his opponent quickly, he was also very good at running away from the opponent’s pursuit. But keep in mind, every time Fanny uses a skill, her energy will decrease and when her energy runs out, Fanny cannot use the skill at all.

When playing this hero, you need to get a blue buff, this is mandatory and must be done. Because Fanny is very dependent on this buff, so make it a habit to take a buff first before maneuvering using a cable.

As an assassin, of course, the HP owned by Fanny is quite low, therefore you can combine defend + attack items, so don’t focus too much on attack items only, HP items also greatly affect the maneuvers that you will do during play.

If you don’t allow to kill an opponent hero, you can do pushing, when your opponent realizes you’re pushing, you can escape using the second skill and move to other lanes. This will make it difficult for opponents to defend.

Underrated Old Hero In Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Game !

Can not be denied, there is so much new heroes released by Moonton on Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. But it’s like a double edge sword, why ? Because popularity of old heroes dramatically down because the release of a new hero. Sad right ? If we look back in the past, heroes like Nana, Tigreal and Eudora is the most playable heroes, specially for beginner and new comer, but for now, all is changed. Almost all player never use them anymore.

Lets talk about Tigreal. In season 1 – 3, Tigreal become the most popular tank in Mobile Legends. His capability to harassing and breaking enemy formation is absolutely good. He can drag enemy to tower easily and can suck them with his ultimate skill. But after Hylos, Akai and Johnson released, no one wanna use this hero anymore. His low damage and skill damage is the biggest reason why no one wanna use him anymore.

The next one is Eudora. Same as Tigreal. In the past, Eudora is the most destructive mage in Mobile Legends. Her skill can burst enemy HP out. Maybe she’s the worst enemy to marksman, with her set skill, she can take down marksman hero so easy. But for now, player with high rank will not use her anymore because Eudora lack of crowd control skill and have a slow movement speed.

And the last one is Nana. Even after reworks, her popularity still same. Back in time, Nana is fun to play support hero. Her second skill can turn enemy into a wild cute harmless animal. Not only that, Nana also can make her enemy fly away with her ultimate skill. But for now, many player said that Nana is a shit hero, low damage and low movement speed is the reason why player don’t want use her.


Mobile Legends Ready to Release a New Mage Type Hero

Finally after a few days ago the ml_leak Instagram account provided leak information for the latest Mobile Legends hero, who has the Miss Violet / Violet Princess code name, on January 18, 201 Moonton officially released this hero who has Guinevere-Ms Violet’s official name to the advanced server . Guinevere’s name itself is taken from a story or an Arthurian legend or King Arthur. In his Arthurian legend Guinevere himself is the wife of King Arthur.

In the appearance of hero clothing that has a role as a Fighter / Mage with this special charge / burst or marksman, wearing royal princess-style clothes from mainland Europe with orange hair that looks so elegant. Although in his own role she is a mage that is identical to attacks with a far range, Guinevere is unique because his attack is classified as melee and has a short span.

However, this is paid for by the damage caused by this one hero to damage both physical damage and magic damage. You can see this from the passivity skill. In terms of the gameplay itself the hero will have a fairly high level of difficulty, remembering that Guinevere is a mage with a short attack range, so you are required to draw closer to your enemies to maximize the skills she has.

Tentunta, with the release of this latest hero in advanced servers, is increasingly proving that Moonton continues to innovate to spoil Mobile Legends players with new heroes that can enhance the mobile legends experience of Mobile Legends.

The Most Picked Hero In Mobile Legends Season 9

2019 became the beginning of the anticipated season 11 – awaited by Mobile legend players. Not because of the many events that will be released, but because BP is free as well as season 11 skin, the Tigreal “WrymSlayer”.

Besides that, there will be new heroes that will be released on the original server in early 2019, for example Badang and Vale. If you have just played Mobile Legend, then of course you want to know what mobile legend heroes often pick, because in general Hero who is often picked means OP, because that is the following will provide a list of mobile legend heroes often picked in the beginning of season 11.

Johnson is one of the Mobile Legend tank heroes who has high mobility. This hero has the ultimate that can be used to snatch enemies. Worse yet, Johnson can bring his friend to snatch the enemy. So the enemy hit by Johnson will surely die, especially if the one hit is a soft enemy like Mage, Assassin, Marksman, and Fighter. Therefore, it is one of the tank heroes that is often picked in the beginning of season 11.

The hero fighter is quite annoying if picked by the enemy team. This hero has the ability to snatch enemies into the tower, kill him with the help of a tower. Even worse, the previous patch update was updated a few weeks ago. Chou gets the buff as a fighter as a whole, increasing the damage he has. He became one of the hurt heroes in Mobile legend. One punch can eliminate half of blood marksman and assassin. Even though he wasn’t as hard as before, he was still annoying. Makes it one of the most frequently chosen heroes in Mobile legend.

Who are the mobile legend players who don’t know Kadita. Yes, one of the heroes made based on Indonesian legend. Not only beautiful, Kadita is one of the mage heroes who has it all, ranging from burst damage, Crowd Control, HP’s ability to regain, and Mobility to run when surrounded. This makes it one of the most frequently chosen heroes when match up.