God of War Review – Unbelieveble Good !

Although the gameplay is undergoing massive changes, the exclusive game on the PS4 is not a Reboot game, but a direct sequel to the previous games.

The story of this game is reminiscent of two famous films, namely John Wick and Logan where Kartos, who was once fierce and known as the God of War and the Sparta fighter, tried to start a new life and forget about his life by becoming a father of a child named Atreus.

The story begins with Kartos and Atreus preparing for the funeral of the woman they love, with one final request, which is sowing the ashes in the highest Norse peak, which will be a difficult journey.

Therefore Kratos must first make sure Atreus is ready by training him to hunt in order to face the threat that will end him on a journey in fulfilling the promise of the woman he loves the most.

But it seems that Kartos has no time to do this, the situation changes when a mysterious man knocks on the door of his house. From there Kartos realized that there was no time to train Atreus, so a trip to the highest peak of the Norse had to be done immediately.

Santa Monica’s decision to replace the hack and slash gameplay that further highlighted the ferocity of Kartos slashing and killing his opponents brutally, with the ability to fend off, dodge and then strike back seemed to present a challenge during the game. These changes can be seen from the weapons currently used by Kartos, namely Levianthan Ax and a priation, where you will be forced to play close range which is more vulnerable to enemy attacks, so that the ability and fending off and avoiding timings are very crucial factors.

So you can no longer attack brutally in this latest God of War game, your attacks must be coordinated if you don’t want to die silently in the hands of your enemies.