Betsheda Has Been Reporter By User Because Banning All Mod User

When playing games from Bethesda, it feels less when not given a mod at all. Starting from The Elder Scrolls III to Fallout 4, games from this studio have always been known to support a wide range of mods that can change the vanilla version of the game dramatically.

Fallout 76, their first multiplayer game, was intentionally lacking modding support for fear of cheating. But that stops the modder from acting. In the past month, several mods have been present for this game, although it is very limited to visuals, at least modder managed to remove their mod even without the support of the developer. It’s just that now these mod users must have severe consequences when playing with this third-party content. Some players with mod report when they have been hit by a ban from the game even though the mod used is only Reshade or mod widescreen resolution.

Youtuber Juicehead became the first source to report wave tires to these modder and based on the e-mails obtained, those affected by the ban must write an essay about “why third-party cheat software can damage the online gaming community” if they still want to play Fallout 76.

Surely this provoked a negative response by mod users and the Fallout 76 community in general. The majority of those hit by tires are only players who try to beautify the visual quality of the game, and they feel they don’t interfere with anyone’s playing experience through the third-party program used. But the anti-cheat system from Bethesda still detected it as a cheat and now they have to follow orders from Bethesda or wait for a response if there is an error from the anti-cheat detection that the game has.

Fallout 76 is planned to have mod support, but not in the near future. So for now, players must be unwilling to be satisfied with what they offer in the vanilla version.