Hero Who Got Rework In Mobile Legends

Moonton as a publisher of the Mobile Legends game recently applied rework to some of their heroes. This rework was done because the hero was unable to compete with the new hero who came out. Therefore, with this rework, the ability of the hero can increase dramatically. What are the heroes?

The first hero is Vexana. Formerly Vexana was a mage that was rarely used because it did not have a large damage skill. Besides that Vexana’s skills are also difficult to target. After getting rework, Vexana returned to demand. This is because the skill has great damage and necromancer ability that is able to raise the opponent’s hero to be an ally.

The second hero who gets massive rework is Sun. This hero is an underrated hero before getting rework. Since getting rework, Sun is increasingly in demand by players. Besides that the shadow that Sun made now gets a buff, which can get attack speed from the item that is owned by the original Sun.

Nana, who doesn’t know this cute support hero? Nana used to be a very popular support hero, since she came out with a new hero like Angela, Nana’s popularity dropped dramatically. But since getting rework, Nana is again popular among players supporting Mobile Legends.

The last hero is Gatot Kaca. Heroes taken from Indonesian super heroes also get rework. Formerly Gatot Kaca did not have great damage and was only useful for crowd control, but since it got rework, it became a tank with the biggest magic damage on Mobile Legends.