Sekiro Became The Most Highest Wishlist Game On Steam

Steam turns out to have calculated how many wishlist players in each game have not been released. Not only that, they also turned out to have provided a separate Top Chart page that ranks the most frequently listed games in the Steam community. This was only known when Simon Carless (via PC Gamer) spread this information via his Twitter.

From the page, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – the game from the developer Dark Souls is the most anticipated game by the Steam community. Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus and Devil May Cry V are under the game which was originally developed as Tenchu’s current-gen series.

This list of most wishlists is getting more and more interesting to explore. Not only mastered by games from major publishers, indie games also seem to be still in great demand. Games like Eastward, My Friend Pedro, Forager, and other indie games are in the top 50 row amidst giant games with a large budget.

Unfortunately Steam does not mention how many wishlists each game has. Even though the information is confidential and not very important, it will be a little interesting to see how much the comparison of each game and the level of interest of the Steam community will be on the game.