Tank Plus DPS ? Why Not ? Grock Is Here !

Tank Plus DPS ? Why Not ? Grock Is Here !

Grock is a hero tank that can cause excessive damage to your opponent. He is also able to divide the opponent’s formation by using his second skill. Not infrequently players who make it a fighter, cannot be denied, the damage generated by the skills owned by Grock is terrible.

Besides that, Grock also has immune to crowd control when using its first skill near a wall or tower. With this ability, he can go in the front line without fear of being stunned or other disabled skills. For the first skill he has, Grock will expand as you hold back the skill release time. The longer you hold on to the skill, the greater the damage that will be caused.

To break the opponent’s formation, Grock will use both skills where he will create a stone wall that will block the opponent’s movements. With this skill, Grock can also maximize the use of the ultimate skill he has.

Grock’s ultimate skill must hit a wall to create a big impact. When an opponent’s hero is hit by Grock near the wall, then they will also receive a stun effect, on the contrary, if there is no wall, then the opponent will only be affected by a momentary airborne effect.

For the item itself, you can combine pure tank or semi-tank. All depends on the gameplay you want.