Underrated Old Hero In Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Game !

Can not be denied, there is so much new heroes released by Moonton on Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. But it’s like a double edge sword, why ? Because popularity of old heroes dramatically down because the release of a new hero. Sad right ? If we look back in the past, heroes like Nana, Tigreal and Eudora is the most playable heroes, specially for beginner and new comer, but for now, all is changed. Almost all player never use them anymore.

Lets talk about Tigreal. In season 1 – 3, Tigreal become the most popular tank in Mobile Legends. His capability to harassing and breaking enemy formation is absolutely good. He can drag enemy to tower easily and can suck them with his ultimate skill. But after Hylos, Akai and Johnson released, no one wanna use this hero anymore. His low damage and skill damage is the biggest reason why no one wanna use him anymore.

The next one is Eudora. Same as Tigreal. In the past, Eudora is the most destructive mage in Mobile Legends. Her skill can burst enemy HP out. Maybe she’s the worst enemy to marksman, with her set skill, she can take down marksman hero so easy. But for now, player with high rank will not use her anymore because Eudora lack of crowd control skill and have a slow movement speed.

And the last one is Nana. Even after reworks, her popularity still same. Back in time, Nana is fun to play support hero. Her second skill can turn enemy into a wild cute harmless animal. Not only that, Nana also can make her enemy fly away with her ultimate skill. But for now, many player said that Nana is a shit hero, low damage and low movement speed is the reason why player don’t want use her.