New Event In Mobile Legends For Christmas

Every year, Mobile Legend often celebrates events on major days. Like yesterday’s Halloween event held in October. Well, this time Mobile Legend is preparing for an event to celebrate Christmas which will be held this December. If you are curious about these events. Next we will summarize and explain some of the events that will be held in Mobile Legend. See the article below.

As usual, if it’s not a free Hero, Mobile Legend will provide free skins to its players to celebrate the event. Skins that can be obtained are “Black Mamba – Natalia”, “Pale Flame – Valir”, “Arhat King – Gatot Kaca”, “Vanguard Elite – Bruno”, and finally “Power of Wildness – Hilda”. All skins are Elite type, and can be obtained on December 22.

It turns out that it is not just Christmas that will be celebrated in the game. On December 22, coinciding with the launch of the Christmas event in Mobile Legend, Mobile Legend will also celebrate the end of season 10. Where players who have the above rank Elite will get Skin Season prizes along with tickets and BP in not small amounts. What rank are you ?

Mobile Legend often makes skins to celebrate the event. The skin was generally themed with the event, for example the Impish Trickster Lolita Skin that was made to celebrate Haloween days ago. Well, for this Christmas event, Mobile Legend will provide several new skins such as Skin Christmas Zilong and Freya. Both will be released on December 22nd. In addition there was also Skin Gord rework last year which made it even cooler. Ready for money, bro!

In addition to Free Skin and Season skin, Mobile legend also reopens survival mode, which of course is made even more interesting. This Survival Event was based on a Christmas theme, with snow and jungle monsters being changed like snowman. Very interesting isn’t it?