Nintendo Switch Can Surpassed Playstation Vita

The Nintendo Switch has done something unexpected, where Nintendo has surpassed the PlayStation Vita sales record in Japan.

Nintendo’s new hybrid console quickly passed not only six million units sold in Japan this week, but left the PlayStation portable system far away in the sales process.

This data comes from Media Create, which released the latest report on the Japanese video game market earlier this week. According to him, the Nintendo Switch sells 281,222 other units in Japan this week, and that means making a total of 6.112100 units sold.

As we know, the PlayStation Vita sales record in Japan was only 5,955,448 units. Forgotten handhelds have been available in Japan since December 17, 2011. While the newcomer, the Nintendo Switch, has only been available in Japan since March 3, 2017, but sales have been quickly pursued by Nintendo.

While the Switch is certain to have a fast and strong start in Japan, where console games have declined in recent years thanks to surges in mobile games, and it seems that Sony has to swallow the fact that the Switch is more popular even though Sony released PS Vita in 2011 .

Estimated PS Vita Sony has sold a total of about 16 million units, but the Nintendo Switch seems to be easy to catch up to, how not? now it’s 6 million more, what if it’s 7 years? We will see later.