Hardest Game In Android

Bored with the normal game ? Try our recommendation game below, guaranteed you will be frustrated because of the difficulty to complete this game. Do not believe ? Just try playing it!

1. The Impossible Game

The name alone means games that are impossible to play. This game is very confusing plus the rules of the game are unclear which makes the players feel confused.

2. 2Vars

For those of you who hate math, you should never try playing this game! Because this game requires you to find the number of the two missing variables. Initially it was quite simple, but the farther away the questions given would be increasingly difficult.

3. Bloody Games

This game is a game that tests the patience of the player. This game relies on the speed of the finger and each game is limited by time. If you lose then a professor will emerge who will say that you only use a small part of your brain so that it fails in this game. It sucks right?


The name of the game alone is very strange. This game requires you to pass through a room filled with traps. Sounds simple, but just try to play this game, it can make your head feel like exploding if you keep failed.

5. Three

This one game requires you to form a number and multiples. Unfortunately every time you move the screen, a new number will appear that will fill the grid where you shifted. The more shifts the grid will be fuller, you might lose continuously before reaching the high score.

Duos Mode in Battle Royale Battlefield V Deleted

The battle in the realm of the battle roy is indeed one of the hottest in the world of video games today. Different IP games even those that were not previously involved in the battle royale are now releasing their own versions. Complete with their own characteristics and uniqueness.

One of them is of course Battlefield V, which appears in Firestorm mode. Although not being popular at the moment, Firestorm still embeds unique distinguishing features from other battle royale games. One of them is the Duos mode where you will only play with one of your friends instead of being a squad with more players.

The Duos itself was originally not the main feature of Firestorm, but only a weekly event that could be played. But when the weekend of the event was over the players wanted the mode to exist. Until finally the developer, DICE pinned it as a permanent mode. But it didn’t last long because now the Duos mode was again removed from Battlefield V.

The reason? Classic, this mode is considered not to sell well than other modes. Through its official announcement via the Reddit forum, DICE said that indeed at the beginning of the appearance of Duos mode was in great demand. But when the mode is adapted there aren’t many players who play it and prefer solo and squad.

Unfortunately, it seems that the perception of EA is different from the fans – at least the ones on Reddit. Because the fans did not hesitate to show their disappointment and emotions when they learned that this mode was withdrawn. Many feel that the Duos mode is the reason they are still playing this game and don’t understand why EA is interesting in a mode that is arguably unique rather than other battle royale. DICE itself promises that this mode can return to Battlefield V in the future.

Anthem Preview: Between Love and Hate

First impression? More precisely the second impression. Our first impression through yesterday’s beta period seems to have given a little picture where the actual position of Anthem is in the hands of EA, especially to make it “fight” against Activision through their Destiny project.

EA has long revealed its ambition to have a solid open-world game and there is no more right to take on that responsibility than Bioware. Interesting again? Bioware’s claims so far via the media turned out to be no nonsense.

Playing Anthem is more inclined to feel like you are playing a single-player game with a story that pretty much provokes a sense of Bioware’s typical broadcast. It’s just that, this time you have the opportunity to complete each mission with other players. Unfortunately, the conversation options with different Bioware-specific outcomes are also not injected here.

Making the Frostbite Engine the base, Anthem looks so charming on a PC. This world called “Bastion” looks to spoil the eye with a size that is quite broad. Via the “Freeplay” feature which is also injected, the opportunity to simply explore it in the name of searching for resources or being involved in the action of completing various random missions with other players is always open.

Believe it or not, in our eyes, this exploration process is precisely one of Anthem’s best attractions. Not loot or mission per part he injected to move the story. Jump on your Javelin at Iron-Man’s high speed, fly low, sweep the water, and end up fighting against the giant Ash Titan in one corner of the world? This is the true experience of Anthem.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide – Inventory

Inventory is where you store items including materials, equipment, potions, etc. Inventory is also used to set the equipment character you want to use.

Item Bar or Shortcut Item settings are also in the Inventory by pressing the “<” arrow button at the bottom right to display the menu.

Some functions when you do a Drag gesture down on the inventory list will bring up several menus:


The same items contained in the duplication (already owned in Kafra Storage) contained in the inventory will be automatically entered into Kafra Storage.


Items that don’t have rarity like equipment NPCs or drop from Common Monster will automatically be sold.

Comb (Sort)

Sorting inventory according to item ID.

Costume :

You might not like the form or form of equipment you are using but you still use it because of status. With costume, now you can still have cool fashion but do not eliminate the equipment status you want to use, because costume will disguise your main equipment.

To access costume, open the inventory section then click the button on the left side with a shirt shaped icon. This will open the Costume tab and you can enter your equip mode here, and disguise your main equipment. Handy isn’t it?

Note: Costume weapons only function when the main weapon type and costume are the same.

3 Harmful Things to Play Games Via Smartphone

Smartphone games are also increasingly prevalent in the world today, and it’s not uncommon for us to see everywhere there are always people who take the time to play games through their smartphones because they are captivated by games that are increasingly advanced and no less great than other PC or console versions.

But there is not always a pleasant thing when enjoying games via smartphone and there are some things that feel lost when playing games through these devices, what are they?

1. Lags that make you upset

Having a smartphone that is already very good and enough to play a good game, however, this does not apply to signals or smartphone networks which are more often lagging and this makes playing games very uncomfortable and having to spend money again looking for a smartphone that is more specific to playing games.

2. The battery is damaged quickly

Know that the smartphone cannot be separated from the battery and the device cannot continue to last and last a long time because over time it will be drained and damaged. There have been many cases where playing games while charge has only made the quality of the batteries decrease rapidly and this is proven a lot.

3. Expenses are very fast

Many conditions when playing online games via smartphones, where for those of you who still use the internet the quota will be very lost because many smartphone games are demanding continuous updates with file sizes that are sometimes quite high and squeeze your quota to run out quickly and have to pay for content reset internet package.

New Game Which Has Been Introduced In E3 Event

In the 2019 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) event, many game publishers introduced their new games. Of the many games that have sprung up, there are some games that can attract the attention of world gamers. What games are that?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the games that are of concern to gamers. This game was done by FromSoftware which had success with the game entitled Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Sekiro Game: Shadows Die Twice is a game that was compiled together with Activision. The theme brought by this game is the ninja, the main character Sekiro is similar to the characters in the Tenchu game: Stealth Assassin. The mission is to kill the enemy without getting caught, this game also receives a few touches from the Dark Souls game.

Another game that attracts a lot of attention is Jump Force. This game is a game that combines much anime into one such as Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, Yugioh and other anime. This game is also present in the English version so it can be played by many people. As additional information, usually, these types of games are only present for the Japanese version, making it difficult for gamers from other countries to play this type of game.

The veteran game also re-emerged, one of which was Halo, which was released in 2001. One also re-introduced to the public through its newest series, Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, there is no official explanation about the gameplay and the storyline that will be presented in Halo Infinite.

Doom Eternal also had the spotlight of gamers. This game is a continuation of the previous sequel, Doom 2017. In the previous sequel, after defeating the last boss, we will see a roll scene that is quite “hanging”. Because the main character is stuck in a device that makes him unable to move. When he lay stiff, he heard whispers from robots who got demonic relics. Well, the continuation of the Doom 2017 story will be presented in Doom Eternal, what is the excitement of this one game? We just need to wait for the due date.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love : Merchant Job Class

For those of you who are still hesitant in choosing a job class Merchant in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, you can read our discussion below.

Merchants are job classes that are very skilled in trading. Almost all of the skills possessed by Merchants are financial related skills. To play the merchant job class, the status that needs to be considered is STR, AGI, DEX and also LUK.

STR status will affect the magnitude of the attack produced by the merchant, AGI will affect the attack speed, Dex will affect accuracy, while LUK will affect the level of success in forging.

It should be noted, the skills possessed by the merchant must also use zeny when used, for example, Mammonite (using 1000 zeny each time it is used).

Merchants can change into two different jobs, namely Blacksmith and Alchemist. Blacksmiths can use skills that add one team attack (buffer), while alchemists are very good at using chemicals,

An Alchemist can also call a homonculus to help attack enemies and monsters. One of the deadliest skills of an alchemist is Acid demonstration. Alchemist will throw a bottle that will cause enormous damage.

Keep in mind, merchants are job classes that are very wasteful. So before playing this job class you have to think carefully about it.

God Eater 3 Was Officially Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

It became one of Bandai Namco’s main franchises which eventually moved to PC after several years since the remastered version of God Eater was released. Now it looks like he will move to another platform for his latest series, God Eater 3.

Through its press release, Bandai Namco Asia announced that the JRPG action game in the style of Monster Hunter, God Eater 3 will be released to the upcoming Nintendo Switch on July 12, 2019 for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

For those of you who don’t know, God Eater 3 will continue the world of the God Eater series with new characters. You are an Adaptive God Eater or AGE who will face a new challenge in the form of an Ashborn type that is much stronger and more difficult than Aragami in the previous series.

God Eater 3 will be released on July 12, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. Now the game can be played on the PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read our review so that you know more about the game. Or maybe you can follow the link below to find out the latest news.

The Five Coolest Passive Skills in Mobile Legends

If you discuss the coolest passive skills in Mobile Legends, of course, the names of Lolita, Balmond, Aurora, Cyclops, and Alucard heroes will be included in the list. Here are the best passive skill abilities in the Mobile Legend game.

The first skill was the Cyclops Starlit Hourglass. This passive skill gives the Cyclops the ability to reduce the cooldown skill he uses. The more often he uses the skill, the cooldown skill will also be faster. Besides that, if the skill that Cyclops issues about the opponent’s target, the cooldown of the skill will also decrease.

The second skill called Pride of Ice belongs to Aurora hero. This passive skill allows Aurora to get one energy bar every time using skill. After the four energy bars are filled, the next skill released by Aurora will freeze the target. This passive skill is very effective in stopping enemy movements.

A third skill named Bloodthirst belongs to Balmond. With this skill, Balmond will get 10% regen HP when killing an opponent hero and get 4% HP regen when killing minions.

The fourth skill is Pursuit owned by Alucard. This skill allows Alucard to jump directly to the target. With this skill, Alucard will provide damage of 1.2x normal attacks when landing on the enemy.

The fifth skill is Noumenon Energy Core which becomes Lolita’s passive skill. This skill will provide a shield buff to the teammates who are close to him. This skill is very useful when doing a clash team because a teammate will get additional buffs which is very helpful when a teammate is hit by an attack.

Minecraft Continues To Grow And Finally Reaches A New Record

Minecraft, One of the most popular games that was first released on PC in November 2011 and this continues to grow and surprise the gaming industry throughout the world. Mojang as the developer of Minecraft recently announced that the phenomenal graphic game achieved sales of 30 million copies for its PC version.

Where Mojang himself reached sales to 25 million for the PC platform in January 2017. It took 2 years to sell 5 million copies. The calculation at the end of 2018, explained that Minecraft itself had sold more than 154 million copies for all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4, Android and so on) making it in the 2nd place the most popular sales game after Tetris.

It’s interesting to see how Minecraft can match the sales of game No. 1. But we ourselves do not know when this will happen. If you are interested, there is a live tracker that automatically calculates the sale of minecraft around the world on its Official website. Minecraft itself is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and of course Android.

Even the graphic only 8-bit, but we can’t denied that this game is quit fun to play, so if you never play this game, you can play this game with your friends.

Tank Plus DPS ? Why Not ? Grock Is Here !

Grock is a hero tank that can cause excessive damage to your opponent. He is also able to divide the opponent’s formation by using his second skill. Not infrequently players who make it a fighter, cannot be denied, the damage generated by the skills owned by Grock is terrible.

Besides that, Grock also has immune to crowd control when using its first skill near a wall or tower. With this ability, he can go in the front line without fear of being stunned or other disabled skills. For the first skill he has, Grock will expand as you hold back the skill release time. The longer you hold on to the skill, the greater the damage that will be caused.

To break the opponent’s formation, Grock will use both skills where he will create a stone wall that will block the opponent’s movements. With this skill, Grock can also maximize the use of the ultimate skill he has.

Grock’s ultimate skill must hit a wall to create a big impact. When an opponent’s hero is hit by Grock near the wall, then they will also receive a stun effect, on the contrary, if there is no wall, then the opponent will only be affected by a momentary airborne effect.

For the item itself, you can combine pure tank or semi-tank. All depends on the gameplay you want.

Valve Confirmed That Their New VR Headset Will Released Soon

Although it is not very popular when promoted, but as technology develops, Virtual Reality or VR increasingly shows its development. It was also agreed by Valve who was preparing for the future electronic entertainment technology with a new headset.

Speaking with PC Gamers, Valve is currently completing small pieces of work until the release date of their latest VR headset with the codename “Index” in June 2019. Although it has been confirmed he will be released on June 15, but chances are he will still be changed again. They plan to announce the device on May 1 and may change.

The online store page says that the mysterious headset will have DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0. He also explained that the controller and other accessories that support it would be sold separately. They no longer cooperate with HTC because the company wants to develop its own technology, so it is likely that the headset they are working on will promote it themselves.

Until now it is not clear when Valve will release it other than two months which is the main fulcrum of its promotion, May and June. You can continue to follow the news to get the latest information when we get it.

Fanny The Deadly Assasin In Mobile Legends

Fanny is a terrible assassin hero on Mobile Legends. Even though it was terrible, Fanny was very difficult to master. Not many players are able to master this hero. One professional player who really likes the Fanny hero is Zxcuan. He is a professional player who joined the EVOS team.

Fanny was very good at killing his opponent quickly, he was also very good at running away from the opponent’s pursuit. But keep in mind, every time Fanny uses a skill, her energy will decrease and when her energy runs out, Fanny cannot use the skill at all.

When playing this hero, you need to get a blue buff, this is mandatory and must be done. Because Fanny is very dependent on this buff, so make it a habit to take a buff first before maneuvering using a cable.

As an assassin, of course, the HP owned by Fanny is quite low, therefore you can combine defend + attack items, so don’t focus too much on attack items only, HP items also greatly affect the maneuvers that you will do during play.

If you don’t allow to kill an opponent hero, you can do pushing, when your opponent realizes you’re pushing, you can escape using the second skill and move to other lanes. This will make it difficult for opponents to defend.

Cyberpunk Quest 2077 Will Be More Complex Than The Witcher 3

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most eagerly awaited games for gamers in the world. The CD Projekt Red game which also works on The Witcher 3 promises to provide gameplay mechanics and new features that will certainly exceed the expectations of its players.

Philipp Weber and Miles Tost as the Quest Designer and Level Designer from Cyberpunk 2077 who a few days ago joined a podcast on Gamestar (One of the game media in Germany), held a joint discussion on one of the quests in the game.

Based on the two member / staff development, the quest in the game will be more complex 3-5 times than the predecessor’s quest game, The Witcher 3. Provides a variety of scenarios that the players can complete. They (Miles and Philipp) say that there is a quest that requires players to leave their weapons in a scenario, but there are also scenarios where players can use these weapons.

They also added that Quest in Cyberpunk 2077 was designed in such a way that it was more logical and rational to follow the game story, and of course the quality was better than the game The Witcher 3. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently being developed on PC, Playstation, and Xbox one. This game is rumored to be released in 2021 along with other Triple A games.

Finally Nexon Decided To Shut Down HIT

Who still plays HIT? one of the RPG action games on this mobile platform is quite interesting and fun to play after getting the last update in December 2018 ago. This game is quite popular back in time.

Nexon as a publisher who released this game globally then surprisingly announced that the game that offers exciting PvP action will soon close its services in the near future. Through its official Facebook page, the game developed by NAT Games will officially close its services on 25 April. With the closing of this service, all of its players can no longer fill top up services to buy in-game items or carry out other transaction activities related to cash purchases. This Hit service talk not only applies globally, but the Korean version is reportedly closed

As a mobile game released in 2015, HIT uses Unreal Engine technology which makes it also still good in terms of visuals even though it has entered its 4th year in 2019. NAT Games is also rumored to be working on several projects currently either in the form of new games or global releases of some games that are still being released in South Korea. Reportedly Nexon is preparing for Overhit which will be released globally this year.

Meet The Powerfull Tanky Hero In Dota 2, Bristleback

Bristleback’s ferocity in the Dota 2 game is no doubt. Not only has a hard body like a rock, the attacks and skills he has also have a terrible damage output. Naturally, Bristleback became a very feared tanker hero in the late game.

Bristleback is an STR type hero who has an abnormal body resistance. Surely the hardness of Bristleback’s body is supported by skills that support it too.

Bristleback has a skill called “Bristleback”, the same name as him. This skill is a passive skill where you will get extra resistance if hit from the back as much as 40%. If you are attacked from the front, the resistance will be reduced to 20%.

Bristleback is also equipped with a mechanism to chase the enemy. Thanks to the Nasal Goo skill he has, he will throw a green liquid that will slow the movement of targeted opponents. This skill will also reduce the armor of our opponents and can be stacked up to 5 times.

In pursuit, Bristleback also has the Quill Spray skill. With this skill he will fire needles in all directions from his body. This needle will provide a stack that can also be stacked. The more stack the enemy receives, the damage received will also continue to increase.

His ultimate skill also plays an important role in the pursuit of the enemy. This skill will be active when you use other skills. When you use skill, you will get additional movement speed, attack speed and also significant attack damage.

5 Most Popular MOBA Game On Android And IOS

If you used to want to play MOBA games like Dota2, League of Legends or something like that had to go through a computer at home or even play at cyber cafe with friends, but we can already feel it by playing MOBA via smartphone directly.

Through your smartphone that is Android or IOS, you can already feel the sensation of playing MOBA because many game developers have released games with this theme. Here are 5 popular MOBA games most played today by everyone.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In 2018, hearing this game named, of course, you are already familiar, right? in various places, you will definitely meet people who are playing this game especially in our country Indonesia. MLBB Games have successfully won the most popular game today with the MOBA theme and become the most widely played in 2018.

2. Garena AOV

Being a competitor from MLBB, of course, the game also presents 5vs5 battles with graphics and designs that are very stunning and for you game enthusiasts with good graphics, this one game will be a recommendation for you because it’s quite exciting with various interesting events provided in it and there are also heroes from DC or Marvel too.

3. Omyoji Arena

It has its own uniqueness with the Anime theme in it and is quite exciting for you to play because even though the type of game is still the same as other MOBA, in general, there are still different sensations contained in it when you play it for that you should try this one game.

4. War Song-A 5vs5 MOBA

Still not released globally until now, but this one MOBA game is also very popular to be played in the creator country, of course, the graphics and game controls are also not inferior to other games. Because so many who can’t wait for this game to be released all over the world many are willing to use certain ways to taste this one game.

5. Paladin Strike

Also, present a unique sensation of a MOBA game in general, the theme given by this one game is to defense a vehicle to reach its destination and for who can deliver this vehicle until the destination is the winner.

There’s No Battle Royale Mode In Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios as the developer behind the popular zombie shooter game Left 4 Dead, recently the California studio seems to answer the fans’ wishes for the presence of Left 4 Dead 3 with their latest game titled Back 4 Blood.

Even though there aren’t many details yet announced for this game, Turtle Rock Studios embed the FAQ on its website which might answer little by little your expectations of this game going forward. You can check the complete FAQ through this page.

Some pretty interesting things from the Back 4 Blood game are the presence of Campaign and PvP elements like the Left 4 Dead pad. However, it is not yet clear whether these two modes will be exactly the same as those presented on Left 4 Dead, which incidentally has a Campaign from one map to the map, as well as PvP mode between the team of survivors and the zombie team.

Furthermore, Back 4 Blood does not seem to present a mode Battle Royale in the game. Considering the Battle Royale game itself is still in demand, maybe it will be a bit disappointing for the Battle Royale game fans.

But at the same time, Turtle Rock Studios seems to want to focus on singleplayer content like they did on Left 4 Dead. But keep in mind that the things above can change from time to time, because Turtle Rock Studios itself seems not ready to release information. -More information regarding the Back 4 Blood game in the near future.

Cyberpunk 2077 Have A Hidden Message For Gamers ?

As we know, CD Projekt Red already anounced the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 game. But there is one thing who make the trailer so catchy, it’s about the hidden message in the trailer. This message is like a writen hope by developer for all gamers.

Cyberpunk 2077 is not released yet. But one thing we can make sure, this game will available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The hype and antisipation from gamers it’s very high. But for you who want to play this game, you need to make sure your PC or laptop specification is enough to run this game.

In the CD Projekt Red show, we can see the demo version of this game. This video have a 48 minutes length video. We can see all the magic in this game within the period of time.

Start from colorfull world to many alternate way to finish a mission and you also can upgrade your character as cool as you want is the magic of this game. But there is a hidden message is writen for a gamers who play this game. Let’s see about the hidden message ! Check it below !

Hope this game can be a great game since so many player is waiting for this game. How about the hidden message ? Write your comment in comment section box ok !

Reason Why You Must Play Clash Royale Again

Clash Royale is a strategy game from Supercell which is very popular in 2016. Before Clash Royale, Supercell already made a good game called Clash of Clans back in time.

Clash Royale have a combined gameplay system. This game is collectible card game with real time competitive strategy battle. Before starting the battle, player must sets the battle deck and build the strategy to win the game.

But after Mobile Legends and Arena of Valors released, Clash Royale popularity going down. If you abandoned this game before, you should play this game again, why ?

For the first, there is many new character in Clash Royale game. The characters is taken from Clash of Clans game. If you already abandoned this game more than 1 years, you will be shocked when playing this game again because you will find so many new character you can choose to win the battle.

The second one is you don’t need much time to play this game. Not like Mobile Legends or AoV which need more time to play, this game is easy to play. So you can play it when you have spare time. Fun right ?

The third one is you can train your brain because this game is strategy game. Not only that, this game is not pay to win game, so if you are a free to play gamer, you still can win this game without spending money.

Hunt Down New Aragami In God Eater 3

Being one of Bandai Namco’s main franchises, God Eater 3 is indeed very well considered by them. Unfortunately, the focus on gameplay minimizes some of the other aspects in it, including customization. Luckily, the developer and publisher from Japan is preparing a new update to satisfy you.

Version 1.20 will add a class-based mission that will bring you new challenges. Finalizing it will give you accessories for your character. A new Aragami named Amen Ra will also be added. Unlike Ra, this purple Amen Ra will be able to devour with the power of her sun without having to throw energy forward.

While 10 hairstyles and some costumes from the game’s characters like clothes from Hugo, Claire, to Lulu will also be added. Although it looks less original, at least it will beautify your character.

Version 1.30 will invite you to do a new gear project by Ein who is assisted by Zeke’s sister, Neil Pennywort. Two new Aragami that were added to the game, Anubis and Havakiri, will get a new form in this update. Anubis will have his Ashborn form, while Havakiri will have a new form named Fallen Havakiri.

Not only the update, Bandai Namco also arranged the balancing of the game, both aragami, motion from Havakiri, to the devour mode of the Ashborn Aragami to avoid being too strong.

At the end of the page, Bandai Namco also teases the presence of update 1.40 which will give Time Attack Mode. Challenge you to fight against time to defeat the Aragami. Unfortunately they are still silent for what they will add in the series.

God Eater 3 can now be played on PC and PlayStation 4. You can follow the updated information from us both from Japanese and English sources about the game. For those of you who are curious about the game, you can read our full review.

This Is The Reason Why Gamers Lazy To Download Game

Sometimes we can find a gamer who have a hundred title of games in their games library, but sometimes we also meet the other kind of gamers who only have a few title of games in their library. Is usually happen, that’s because they lazy to download another game.

Why this thing can happen ? There is so much factor, if you want to know the reason, you need to read this article till the end.

First is price. Yeah, for buying a new game we need money, right ? Not every gamers have much money to buy another games. Sometimes they need to wait the crack version to play some games. Another reason is there is “gacha” in the game. Gacha is a system, maybe like a jackpot system. So you need to buy with real money and gambling, if you lucky, you will get a rare item, and if you’re not, you will get trash item. This is why gamers lazy and decide to not downloading the game.

The second one is the game quality. Not every games is good. If a game have a bad review, gamers will ignoring the game and move to the other one. Specially for P2P game, gamers will spend money to buy a suck game, it’s not possible right ?

Third is the capacity. For downloading a new game, we need to download a big file, like Dota 2, we need to download around 15GB of files. If the connection good, maybe this is not a problem, but for some gamers who have a slow internet connection, this thing will be a obstruction to them.

Glitch In Game Which Turned Into A Blessing For Developers

There is none of game Developer want’s a glitch in their game. Usually, developers will hold the release of the game if they found a glitch on their game. But glitch will never can be erased totally. In a game, we will always find a glitch. But sometimes, glitch can be a blessing to game developers, seriously.

Like killer penguins in Zoo Tycon. As we know, this game is a unique game where the player will bring to handle a zoo. Player will be a zoo manager and need to manage all thing in the zoo. But in Zoo Tycon, there is a glitch, we can see the penguins eating another animals in the zoo. This is only a glitch, but because of this, many people exciting to try this game.

We also can see the glitch in Team Fortress game. In this game, there is a glitch in character colour. But because of this glitch, the developer got an idea to made a new characters named SPY. This character can spying other team and became the one of them.

You see ? Even the glitch can be a blessing, it’s about how you take the opportunity. Because of glitch, that game can be so popular in the world. Cool right ?

Best Build For Omen In Arena Of Valor

For now, there is so many players using Omen in rank match in AoV. You know why ? Because Omen can take down any enemy hero. So, what is the best build for Omen ?

Omen can reach maximum attack speed in AoV. His passive skill, Thirst really devastating and overpowered ! But Omen can be a destructive hero depends on the user. So if you want to use Omen, you need to know what is the best build for Omen.

First item is Gilded Graves. For Omen, movement speed is the most crucial aspect. Omen is a good ganker, so he need a high movement speed item to help him on ganking. Not only that, this graves also giveing 35 resistence and 110 magic defense. So Omen can survive against mage enemy.

The second one is Fafnir Talon. This item can boost Omen attack speed and durability. This item really usefull in early game. Fafnir Talon also giving the ability to lifesteal 10% from his attack. Is that good ?

Third item is Blitz Blade. This item can give you ability to use chain lighting every 8 second. This lightning have 150 damage. Blitz Blade also boost Omen attack speed by 30% and provide lifesteal 10%.

For defensive item, you can buy Hercule’s Madness. With this gauntlet, you will gain a shield every 8 second. This item also boost Omen physical defence and magic resistence.

Moonton Will Release Bruno Special Skin Named “PSG Striker”

A few days later when the news emerged that Indonesian e-sport teams namely Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) and Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) a few days ago on the RRQ Official Account. Mobile Legend, Moonton issued a special skin that seemed to answer the two collaborations. At the Advance server a few days ago, a new Skin called “PSG Striker” was issued

A leak account about mobile legend, @ML_Leaks, leaked an in-game picture wherein there is a new skin called “PSG Striker” The skin is rumored to belong to Bruno, who is the only mob character who has similarities with soccer players. Bruno himself uses a soccer ball as one of his skills, and can use a sliding tackle to give Crowd Control to the enemy.

Besides that, the skin is rumored to be the Zodiac skin, but this can’t be trusted. This is because the average Zodiac skin has the names of skins such as constellations ranging from Capricorn, Aquarius, and so on. While the skin that will be obtained by Bruno is called “PSG Striker”. Well, what do you think ?

For information, Bruno is marksman type hero who have a good escape skill and have great passive ability. You can get this hero with 15.000 BP.

Heartstone Major Update: The Years of the Dragon

Beginning in 2019 it will update its Hearthstone massive and quite interesting to observe. Heartshtone creative director Ben Thompson and chief game designer Mike Donais said that this year is the edition of “The Years of the Dragon” or the year of the dragon. The Years of the Dragon will bring a lot of updates and new features in the game Hearthstone. In addition, the new cards will also appear in the latest update.

The first feature done by Hearthstone developers was a random card back. Where players will get back skin cards randomly when using certain decks in matches. Besides that Blizzard is also making a new card back design which is certainly more interesting.

The second feature developed by Hearthstone developer is a smart card selector. Smart card selector will make it easier for players to make the deck as they wish. Blizzard has the technology to track and collect data Hearthstone matches and dack cards used by players. Later the players will more easily arrange the deck with the help of a smart card selector. Deck made also adjusts to the cards held by a player, even smart cards can provide guidance selector alternative card if the player does not have the desired card in deck.

Next is the update carried out in the arena system. Blizzard wants the arena to be more alive and more varied. Therefore they prepare an update card according to the specified expansion pack. Later bimonthly cards that can be played in the arena will be rotated.

Another update that will also be included in Hearthstone is a single player story. There will be a new single player story mode that has a bigger and more interesting story. Later in the latest expansion of the single player there will be a new chapter 5, 8 rounds each chapter and two modes of play each round. Players can play the first chapter for free, while the next chapter can be purchased with 700 gold. Players can also buy one directly expansion with the original currency.

Then there will be a new hall of fame feature. Hall of fame is a place for special cards that have an imbalance effect in the game. Previously Blizzard would do nerf for cards that were felt too strong and impressed in the game. Even if they don’t do that, Blizzard will ban the use of the card to play standard decks. Now they will put imba cards into the hall of fame feature as proof of the history of the card. Cards such as Genn, Baku and Doomguard will likely enter the hall of fame as soon as possible.

First Impression: Resident Evil II Remake Version

As a writer, i’m not a fan of horror or survival horror games. As long as i playing games, just a few horror games i wrote in my entire life. One of those game is Resident Evil 2 Remake Version.

Capcom as the developer is anouncing of the development of Resident Evil 2 Remake version for PS 4. If you want to feel nostalgic with this game, you should buy and play this remake version. You know why ? Because the atmosphere is truly scary ! Serious ! It’s totally different from the old one version. So there is no doubt why Capcom still want to continue the remake version of Resident Evil 2.

When visiting Playstation Experience Southeast Asia 2018 ( PSX SEA 2018 ), we trying the demo version of Resident Evil 2. It’s just 15 minutes and we already felt the scary atmosphere of this game. IT’S TOTALLY SCARY DUDE !

If you think that the remake version just improving only the graphic quality, you are WRONG ! The gameplay, city, atmosphere all is new. In the remake version, there is a different location for some item and you need to solved some puzzle to get the item.

We think Capcom want to bring a new experience to gamer since this game is already played back in time. There are so many new location which can be explore by the gamers. So dare to play this game ?

SNK Announces New Samurai Shodown For Xbox, PC, And Playstation 4

If console games adapted to the mobile platform might only be suggested to sell nostalgia and please gamers who like smartphone games, SNK as a developer certainly seems aware that if the fans of fighting games they are expecting more new series which really feels actual.

So that departing from that reason, SNK apparently did not miss to want to re-prepare what had been their obligation so far. After King of Fighter XIV, the Samurai Shodown franchise has also finally been resurrected to no longer be a F2P mobile RPG game, but as a non-mobile “fighting game” that greatly reflects the significance of its old series.

Through the trailer that you can see above, SNK has revealed a new freshness from Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Galford’s cool action and other armed warriors in unique cell-shading graphics. Directly supported by Unreal Engine 4, the new Samurai Shodown game is planned for SNK to be ready for release before August arrives on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Because it was also reported from the line up of fighting games that will be contested for the peak EVO 2019 event in Las Vegas around the beginning of August, the organizers have surprisingly added the latest Samurai Shodown game as one of the main games to be competed.

Together with Mortal Kombat 11, which was confirmed to be released in April, it is certainly interesting to see how serious SNK is to bring the newest Samurai Shodown game into the more modern eSports arena, especially considering that the franchise is already known to be so legendary in years Past 90s.

The International 2019 Will Be HeldAt Disneyland Paris

Two of the five Dota 2 Major tournaments this year have been completed, while the third major will be held in March. Making competition towards The International 2019 increasingly tight. The top Dota 2 teams began to step on the gas to collect points so that they could qualify automatically for the biggest date of the Dota 2 year.

One of the two major tournaments is planned to be held in the city of Paris, France. Precisely in the entertainment center of Paris Disney Land. When the execution itself has not been published whether it will be the fourth major May next or the last major before TI next June 9. Professional players who have made it to the major certainly can take part in the tournament while on vacation in Paris, France, of course.

Disney itself is reaching out and is very interested in the world of esport. Major esport tournaments such as Overwatch, Injustice 2, and League of Legends are on the agenda of their tournaments. In addition, the French are also marketing esport to the public. There are several pro Dota 2 players from France such as Sebastian ‘7ckngMad’ Debs who currently plays for OG.

this year’s third major, DreamLeague Season 11 in Stockholm, Sweden, will only be held in March. By fighting for a total DPC Points of 15,000, of course there is no big team that wants to miss the opportunity and qualify for The International 2019 which lists the total prize of more than 360 billion rupiahs.

Underrated Old Hero In Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Game !

Can not be denied, there is so much new heroes released by Moonton on Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. But it’s like a double edge sword, why ? Because popularity of old heroes dramatically down because the release of a new hero. Sad right ? If we look back in the past, heroes like Nana, Tigreal and Eudora is the most playable heroes, specially for beginner and new comer, but for now, all is changed. Almost all player never use them anymore.

Lets talk about Tigreal. In season 1 – 3, Tigreal become the most popular tank in Mobile Legends. His capability to harassing and breaking enemy formation is absolutely good. He can drag enemy to tower easily and can suck them with his ultimate skill. But after Hylos, Akai and Johnson released, no one wanna use this hero anymore. His low damage and skill damage is the biggest reason why no one wanna use him anymore.

The next one is Eudora. Same as Tigreal. In the past, Eudora is the most destructive mage in Mobile Legends. Her skill can burst enemy HP out. Maybe she’s the worst enemy to marksman, with her set skill, she can take down marksman hero so easy. But for now, player with high rank will not use her anymore because Eudora lack of crowd control skill and have a slow movement speed.

And the last one is Nana. Even after reworks, her popularity still same. Back in time, Nana is fun to play support hero. Her second skill can turn enemy into a wild cute harmless animal. Not only that, Nana also can make her enemy fly away with her ultimate skill. But for now, many player said that Nana is a shit hero, low damage and low movement speed is the reason why player don’t want use her.


The Tom and Jerry Game in the style of Identity V

Finally, after the previous 2018 NetEase officially opened the open-beta period for games adapted from one of the well-known franchises namely Tom and Jerry with gameplay in the game Identity V, in February 2019 the developer from the bamboo curtain country again announced that they are ready to open a second open-beta period for the game that will have the title Tom and Jerry: Joyful Intercation. The plan of this game itself will open an open-beta period on February 22, 2019, for those of you who want to try playing this one game you can register first through the TapTap site.

In gameplay this game itself will be similar to the Identity V game where you will be able to choose to use Tom or Jerry, so the game itself will run in 4 vs 1 mode, where there will be one Tom and four Jerry. This game itself will have a 2D look like the Tom and Jerry House Trap game on the PS1 platform. Of course, with the opening of the open-beta period, these two will perfect the shortcomings and add new things that will certainly improve the experience of playing this one game

Of course this is a happy news for Tom and Jerry franchise lovers because besides being able to reminisce with the old Tom and Jerry House Trap game, this game can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with MOBA and Battle Royale mobile games. Unfortunately this one game is still available in Chinese, there is no certainty whether when the release of the game Tom and Jerry like Identity V will get the global version, but given the big name of the Tom and Jerry franchise it is not impossible this game will be available in the global version when official release later.

Nimo TV Recruiting PSG RRQ For Introducing E-Sport In indonesia

Nimo TV, a leading live streaming video platform, announces its newest strategic collaboration in 2019 by cooperating with Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Esports, a well-known eSports team in Indonesia, as a new live streaming partner on Nimo TV. This collaboration is a new proof of Nimo TV’s commitment in1920 to enrich the content on its platform by recruiting the best talent for professional video players and eSports athletes in the countries where they operate.

“It is a matter of pride for Nimo TV to be able to work with one of the famous eSports teams such as RRQ Esports as a new live streaming partner on our platform. Looking at the various achievements that have been achieved by RRQ during its journey in the competitive arena of local and international eSports, we believe the presence of RRQ can further enrich the content quality in Nimo TV, as we commit to recruit the best talents in the form of professional video game players and eSports athletes in Indonesia, “Amy said Cao, Global Marketing & PR Head Nimo TV.

Speaking of achievements, RRQ is not a team that can be underestimated. The team that was formed since October 2013 in total has won 114 awards from various national and international esports competitions followed by various divisions owned by RRQ. Founded by a number of Indonesia’s best Dota 2 players who are well known in the international eSports community, in its development RRQ has added to the realm of mobile eSports by opening various other game divisions.

Their Mobile Legends Division is now one of the most viewed in the local competitive arena, with its success in winning the Indonesian Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 2, November 2018. Members of Muhammad ‘Lemon’ Ikhsan, Dick ‘Tuturu’, William ‘Liam’ Setiawan, Try ‘AyamJAGO’ Sukardi, Calvien ‘InstincT’ and Taiwanese Chen ‘James’ Jui Teng, the division also recently announced its latest collaboration with the eSports division of French football giant, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Esports.

Affordable Wireless Gaming Headphone From Razer

Razer Nari Wireless, of course, Gamers already knew about the Headset which was the last release from Razer, Nari Wireless. Like most Razer headsets, this wireless Razer comes with a black accent with a simple LED color in the center of the headset, the LED is RGB.

This Nari headset uses a fairly rigid durable plastic material, and the headband section uses soft material and can comfortably adjust to the size of your head. For the earmuff headset this is a part that should be lifted because the earmuff is quite thick which makes good outside sound insulation. Razer Nari also uses leather and the part that touches its ears coated with velvet fabric makes the headset comfortable and not hot to use for long because it will absorb sweat better.

This Nari Wireless headset sound can be said like OverBass, for you true BASS seekers, this headset should be glimpsed with the sound out of the box the bass is very solid. but don’t worry if you don’t like bass you can adjust the sound configuration in more detail using the Razer Synapse. This headset also has THX Spatial Sound making sound output can produce 360-degree sound simulations around you.

For connectivity issues this headset can be used with cables and also without cables, Razer includes 2 cables (1 cable for PC, 1 cable for mobile phones). If you use Wireless which of course will use battery power and this headset battery can last for 14 hours. This Razer Nari Wireless is in junction at an affordable price of 180$.

Ember Spirit – Stronger Hero With Fire Elemen In Dota 2

In the Dota 2 game, there are three heroes called Three Virtues, they are Ember Spirit, Storm Spirit and also Earth Spirit representing the elements in Dota 2. This time we will discuss the strongest fire spirit in Dota, namely Ember Spirit . This hero is an agility type hero and is usually played in the mid lane. Although it is of an agility type, Ember Spirit is not a hero that can be invited 1 on 1 because it is not an attack type. Ember Spirit is a hero who relies on a combination of skills he has.

To have a disable effect as well as DPS, Ember Spirit will usually use Searing Chain. This skill was his first skill which allowed Ember Spirit to issue a chain of fire and tie the 3 enemies closest to him. This skill is very effective for chasing opponents or running away from opponents.

As for the skills both are Sleigh of Fist. Spirit Ember will enter lightning mode. When using this skill, Ember Spirit will disappear and slash every opponent in the place he is targeting. During slashing enemies, items with special effects like Maelstrom, Basher or Battle Fury still have presentations to exit.

As a fire spirit, Ember Spirit could also summon coals of fire to surround his body. When active, these coals will absorb the magic damage that the opponent exposes. Enemies who are nearby will also receive DPS which is quite painful.

In Soulcalibur VI, You Can Build Your Own Character

Gamescom 2018 already finished, start from 21 August 2018. It’s mean we have 1 week to get an information about games development. One of them is Soul Calibur VI from Namco.

This time, Namco release an update information about Soul Calibur VI. There is many mode like single player, story mode and many more. But there is one thing which is the best thing in this game, you can build your own character. You can play it in story mode, cool right ?

In this mode, your job is to stop enemy who want to steal Soul Edge. In your journey, you will find many character who have been releas in the last previous series like Taki and Mitsurugi. In every stage, you will need to complete one mission before stepping into the next level.

The customization is very cool, you can adjust the height, weight, face, colour, and you can choose one of 16 race. Your armour, dress, weapon and also your battle style. But your character only can be played in Libra of Soul. Bandai Namco also anounce about online play, where you can play against the other player around the world in casual mode or rank mode.

There is one new character in this game, Tira. He is so powerfull. Her weapon is Ring blade and have a dance of death battle style. You can get Tira from season pass or buy sparate DLC.

Only 3 Days Since Released, Apex Legends Reach 10 Millions Player

Suddenly released about 15 minutes after the announcement of the LiveStream which was also suddenly on Twitch, Respawn Entertainment presented its own unique free battle royale game to compete with similar games with Titanfall-style mixes named Apex Legends. Even though EA intervened from the side of the microtransaction, overall the game was handled by Respawn himself, giving limits only to cosmetic items. His presence seemed to be a breath of fresh air for fans of battle royale games, shooters, and Titanfall.

This is proven only in a short time, Apex Legends has succeeded in winning 1 million players, followed by 2.5 million players. Now, Respawn seems to have been able to breathe a little relieved because the number has increased to 10 million players in just three days. Vince Zampella as CEO of Respawn, expressed his gratitude to the fans. He did not expect that the games they were doing with all their heart seemed to be liked by the fans.

When compared, one million players online together is a count that is the same as the number of players in each Steam game record that exists besides PUBG and DotA2. However, that number cannot be compared because Apex Legends is released on all major platforms. The only possible comparison is Fortnite. Now, the game has reached more than 200 million players with a peak of around 8.9 million people online at the same time. Leading analyst Daniel Ahmad said that the achievements of Apex Legends could be among the fastest compared to the game made by the Epic Games which took two weeks to reach the same number.

This achievement is the biggest success achieved by Respawn Entertainment. They became one of the first-person shooter game developers who were highly respected among a very crowded market for similar games, especially since Titanfall 2 was released. It became the right decision for them to leave Infinity Ward and form a new studio which is now an EA black horse to compete with Activision.

Apex Legends can now be played for free on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Never want to miss the updated information about the game from us by bookmarking the following page.

Avabel Lupinus : New Mobile Open World MMORPG Game

Apart from the many online games that are on Mobile, there are rarely any games that have Open World. Especially MMORPG games developed specifically for the Mobiles version. This is quite easy to understand, because Mobile Phones are not like PCs, although there are some developers like Asobimo who develop Open World MMORPG games, such as Toram Online which has been running for almost 5 years, Iruna Online and so on. Now, this time Asobimo is releasing one of the Open World MMORPG online games specifically for Mobile called “Avabel Lupinus”

Avabel Lupinus is one of the games made by Asobimo Online that uses Fantasy themes. Wrapped with cute and cute graphics, the game that was known as Pokebel Online, has 8 jobs that you can play, starting from Warrior, Ranger, Magician, Rogue, Wanderer, Revenger, Creator and finally Acolyte. Of course, each job has their respective abilities.

Suppose that the Warrior is proficient and suitable in being a tank, Magician and Ranger that has a long range attack, Rogue, Wanderer and Revenger that is suitable as a DPS, and finally Creator and Acolyte are suitable as Supporters. Of course with their respective skills and strengths.

For now, this Avabel Lupinus game can be played by downloading it in the App, but still in Japanese. Even so, this game will be released for the global version this year 2019 if you are interested in the game, please pre-register on the Official site

Best Hero For Killing Roshan In Dota 2

Roshan is a very legendary monster in the Dota 2 game. Roshan can also determine the direction of our game, because Roshan can give the team an advantage through dropped items such as Aegis, Cheese to Refresher Shard. Here’s the most effective hero recommendation to kill Roshan.

First Hero: Ursa.

Ursa is the most effective hero to kill Roshan. With the ability of Fury Swipes, Ursa will give multiple damage each time it attacks. To be able to kill Roshan, Ursa must be equipped with a Mask of Death and be at level 7. Use Smoke of Deceit so that it is not detected by the opponent.

Second Hero: Warlord Troll

This hero is also quite effective in defeating Roshan, it’s just a little different from Ursa. Trolls do have a terrible attack speed, but small HP and small damage make the Troll need a few core items to kill Roshan quickly.

Third Hero: Lycan

With the summon wolf and the Feral Heart, killing Roshan was easy for Lycan. Only with Vladmir Offering only Lycan can kill Roshan very easily.

Fourth Hero: Templar Assassin

The Templar Assassin was also very effective in killing Roshan. With Refraction and Meld capitalized, killing Roshan during the early game was very easy for the Templar Assassin. No need for core items that are too expensive, just capitalize on cheap items. Templar Assassin can kill Roshan very easily.

Nintendo Prepares Smaller and Cheaper Versions for Nintendo Switch This Year

Nintendo may now be able to enjoy its position that has been successful through the Nintendo Switch which is in demand by gamers who want a console that can be used portable. But that does not mean Nintendo will only remain silent while waiting for developers to release new games on their consoles. Because according to the latest report from Nikkei Nintendo is reportedly preparing a cheaper mini version of the Switch.

This is certainly understandable with Switch, who this year was finally two years old. And the Switch requires something “new” to be offered for prospective buyers who don’t have a Switch or users who want something more “compact” for them to carry everywhere. The rumors of the Mini Switch itself have actually been heard since October 2018 and where Nintendo is reportedly developing a new Switch.

According to speculations from Ars Technica the Mini Switch itself will not bring any improvement from the original Switch. But more to provide a Switch console that is easier to use and reach by many people. Later it was said that the first one to be lost was plastic docking and it would be sold separately, then connectivity to the TV would also be cheaper, the screen and body would also likely be reduced to get a cheaper price, and the last is the possibility that the game controller will be embedded into the screen like WiiU first.

The Mini Switch itself is planned to be released this year even though there is still no exact date. More portable and cheaper may indeed be the decision needed by the Switch to be able to attract more new buyers. Are you also interested if Switch finally releases this Mini Switch?

Durango: Wild Lands presents the Latest Big Update named Second Wave

Durango: Wild Lands, one of the Open World MMORPG games where players will be moved in the age of dinosaurs, follow existing quests and try to survive in the wild to build community with other players. This time, Durango: Wild Lands, will introduce the latest update called Second Wave.

In the update, players will get a private island in the form of ‘Tamed Island’. On the private island, players can manage their area, their domain without using additional fees. Uniquely, if you need to pay attention to the durability of the building beforehand, in that area the durability of the building is not a factor in the game which means that if the player has built the building it will last forever.

Players can also control the settings of their own ‘Tamed Islands’. They can give permission to other players to be able to enter and travel from other islands through a personal dimension hole, and expand their domain to 13 boxes (possibly increasing in the future). Players can also decorate buildings that have been built, starting from the roof, walls, floors, pillars and so on in their homes. And there will also be a set of furniture that will provide additional effects such as buffs.

In addition to the update, Durango will also introduce technological improvements, many other updated maps, and different dinosaurs. And again the thing that is emphasized from the next update is the Farming feature which will be fixed and become the main function in the future update.

Best Item Build For Zeus

Zeus is an INT hero who can give a big damage burst to the opponent’s hero. His capability as a mid laner does not need to be doubted. Zeus is a hero who has the power of lightning.

To play Zeus, we need to buy items that provide Mana regeneration and also add to the Mana pool for Zeus. This is because Zeus really depends on what he has.

Therefore, you can buy Arcane Boots at the beginning of the game to refill Mana that runs out. After that, you can buy the Aether Lens. This item can provide additional magic damage of 8% and provide additional cast range for the user.

The next item is Blink Dagger. Although Zeus is equipped with a skill that can provide burst damage, he does not have a good self-rescue mechanism so he cannot escape easily from his opponent’s pursuit. This item can help Zeus to combat easily.

Next is Eul Scepter and also Kana. This item can provide a lot of additions to Zeus. Entering mid game, you can buy Aghanim Scepter. This item will give you one more skill where you can put a lightning cloud in the location you want. This cloud will draw lightning to the random target that is in its range.

For late game items, you can buy Refresher Orb and also Scythe of Vyse. You can adjust it to the situation for which items must be purchased first.

Ubisoft Will Hold A Music Concert With Assasin’s Creed Themes

It is undeniable that Assassin’s Creed is able to become one of the most successful franchises today, presenting more than 15 giant titles, this one has a massive number of fans from all over the world. There is a lot of attraction that Ubisoft is trying to offer through this franchise, one of which is the soundtrack that always looks epic on each series.

Who doesn’t know this one RPG game? Assasin’s Creed is a very popular game in the world. Even many fans are happy to play characters in this game.

The players can feel the sensation of being a murderer. Not only displays intense battles, Assasin’s Creed also presents exciting and interesting stories to follow.

The good news is that Ubisoft will soon hold a big tour that will present a series of epic soundtracks that were present in the Assassin ‘Creed franchise. The concert titled “Assassins’ Creed Symphony” was promised to present an atmosphere so immersive, and the following is the tour schedule:

Los Angeles – Dolby Theater, June 11, 2019

Paris – Palais des Congrès, 29 June 2019

San Francisco – Davies Symphony Hall, August 3, 2019

Montreal – Place des Arts, September 27, 2019

London – Eventim Apollo, 5 October 2019

Milan –Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, 6 October 2019


Become a Police or Demonstrator in RIOT Simulation: Civil Unrest

The riots are certainly identical with the existence of two conflicting camps. In RIOT: Civil Unrest, you will see how riots took place from the perspective of each camp, in this case between the police or the demonstrators. You can witness a little appearance of the game through a few screenshots and the trailer below.

There are campaign and riot scenarios taken from real events, such as Arab Spring, NoTAV, Indignados and many more. You can also create your own scenario with the level editor provided by the developer.

Here are the features of the RIOT game: Civil Unrest listed on the Steam page:

Play as the Police: 

Employees of numerous crowd-control tactics, both passive and aggressive.
Command Assault, Tactical, and Ballistic squads.
Call in police trucks, water cannon or even a tank!
Choose whether to use smoke grenades, rubber and plastic bullets or live ammunition events.

Play as the Rioters :

Instruct Rioters (armed and passive) and Journalists.
Incite rage and cause the process to act aggressively or try to calm the situation with tactical crowd reformation and retreats.
Attack authority with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, paper bombs, rocks, street furniture and the power of the media.

Multiple Modes :

Sixteen campaign levBecome a PoliBecome a Police or ce or Dels split over four scenarios; Keratea (Greece), NoTAV (Italy), Indignados (Spain) and Arab Spring (Egypt).
See the story of unfold from both sides – play all thirty-two levels as the Rioters or the Police.
Single player mode – play against the computer AI.
Versus mode – play with or against friend or AI on the same computer.
Create your own Riots with the level editor (Coming During Early Access)
Alter the look of the confrontation by importing your own background graphics.
Position elements, vehicles and obstacles where you want them.
Choose and position rioters and police starting points as well as their orders and level of aggression.

Contra Return Finally Can Be Play In Android And IOS Platform

Still remember about Contra game ? Back in time, exactly in 90, this game is very popular in SEGA. For remembering that time, Garena Indonesia anouncing their new game called Contra Return. This action genre game will be available for IOS and Android devices.

This game was made by Konami in 1987. After releasing, Contra is exploded on the market. Almost all gamers like this game because it’s very innovative. Untill now, gamer still remember how we fight the aliens for save the world.

For bring back the memories, Garena and Tencent colaborate to develop this game. They also work with Konami Digital Entertainment to releasing this game near soon.

Not only Bill Rizer, Lance and Alice, there is 10 another character in this game. All the character can be obtained for free. You will protect the world from terorist and aliens organization called Red Falcon.

For optimizing your gaming experience, there is so many mode you can play like solo story, multiplayer and PvP. You need a good reflect to finish this game. For PvP mode, you need to shot and moving in same times and dodge all enemy bullets.

This game will be a good game for mobile platform. Dare to play this game and bring back your memories of Contra ?

Mobile Legends Ready to Release a New Mage Type Hero

Finally after a few days ago the ml_leak Instagram account provided leak information for the latest Mobile Legends hero, who has the Miss Violet / Violet Princess code name, on January 18, 201 Moonton officially released this hero who has Guinevere-Ms Violet’s official name to the advanced server . Guinevere’s name itself is taken from a story or an Arthurian legend or King Arthur. In his Arthurian legend Guinevere himself is the wife of King Arthur.

In the appearance of hero clothing that has a role as a Fighter / Mage with this special charge / burst or marksman, wearing royal princess-style clothes from mainland Europe with orange hair that looks so elegant. Although in his own role she is a mage that is identical to attacks with a far range, Guinevere is unique because his attack is classified as melee and has a short span.

However, this is paid for by the damage caused by this one hero to damage both physical damage and magic damage. You can see this from the passivity skill. In terms of the gameplay itself the hero will have a fairly high level of difficulty, remembering that Guinevere is a mage with a short attack range, so you are required to draw closer to your enemies to maximize the skills she has.

Tentunta, with the release of this latest hero in advanced servers, is increasingly proving that Moonton continues to innovate to spoil Mobile Legends players with new heroes that can enhance the mobile legends experience of Mobile Legends.

The Almighty Undying – Tanky Spellcaster Hero In Dota 2

Undying is melee STR hero who really good as a tank and good as a spellcaster and support. His ability can make enemy hero suffer to death. Undying is a good debuffer also a good healer for team. The only one bad thing in Undying is no disable skill.

With Decay ability, Undying can make enemy hero suffer, specially in early game. With this skill, Undying will steal enemy STR point in an area. Undying also claim the stolen STR for himself for a period of time. This skill can make enemy hero frustrated because losing STR means losing HP pool, right ?

His second skill is Soul Rip. When using this skill, Undying will damaging enemy target, but when you using it to teammates hero or yourself, you will heal them. This skill depends on how many target near you, more target mean more healing point or damage.

Tombstone is his third skill. Undying will summon a tombstone at the target point. Enemy who is in the tombstone area will be attacked by zombie. You can’t control the zombies. This zombies have a deathlust ability, which is causing their attack to slow enemy unit. Not only that, the zombies also gaining extra movement speed and attack speed when in deathlust form.

The ultimate skill of Undying is Flesh Golem. Undying will turn into a giant flesh golem that possesed plague aura. Enemy under effect of plague aura will take extra damage ! The closer to Undying, they will gain more damage and slow effect.

Hold the First Tournament, KFC Gaming Give Free Legend Cards to Eat at KFC Forever

Having shocked the internet and the world of esports a few months ago, the esports gaming division of the fast-food restaurant made by the late Colonel Sanders – KFC Gaming – finally raised its first wing by holding a tournament called KFCRoyale.

As the name implies, the genre that will be contested is Battle Royale, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which Activision claims to be the first game to be competed in the KFC Royale tournament.

Reported from PCGamesN, the black card is allegedly a legend card that gives you the power to access food for free at KFC forever, but with a maximum total price used to reach 200 euros or around 3 million rupiah per day.

But one thing that is very unfortunate is that the KFC Royale tournament is only valid for UK or UK citizens. And only those who are not part of the professional team are allowed to join this tournament.

But there will be some content creators or influencers in the gaming world who will also participate in enlivening the tournament. Some of them are Cyanide, Daithi, Gaz, TommyT, Spratt, Vikstaar, MiniLadd, Marleythirteen, Terrorizer, PsySin, iTemp, MrDalekJD, Zerkaa and CodeNamePizza.

Rikimari The Silent Killer In Dota 2

Rikimaru is the Dota hero who has the best disappearing ability in Dota 2. He has a nickname as Stealth Assassin. Rikimaru is very skilled at killing opponents suddenly and not detected. Rikimaru is an agility type hero that can be played for many roles, from carry to roamer.

With the Smoke Screen skill, Rikimaru can throw smoke bombs. For anyone who is in the smoke bomb will be affected by the effect of slow and silent. Enemies in the smoke bomb area will also receive “miss” effect of up to 80%. This skill is very effective to use when you want to kill an opponent’s hero or do ganking and save a teammate.

With the Blink Strike skill, Rikimaru can also jump instantly to the target he wants. When used on an opponent’s hero, they will get 100 points of physical damage. This skill can be used to be allied so it is very effective to be used to escape quickly.

Rikimaru’s Skill Cloak and Dagger also gave Rikimaru many advantages. When he does not hit the target, he will disappear and when he hits from behind the opponent, he will get additional damage based on the amount of agility he has.

Rikimaru’s ultimate skill named Tricks of the Trade. When using this skill, Rikimaru will disappear and throw the dagger in a large area. For enemy targets inside the Tricks of the Trade area, they will receive damage every 0.5 seconds. The size of the attack depends on the attack damage and agility that Rikimaru has.

The Most Picked Hero In Mobile Legends Season 9

2019 became the beginning of the anticipated season 11 – awaited by Mobile legend players. Not because of the many events that will be released, but because BP is free as well as season 11 skin, the Tigreal “WrymSlayer”.

Besides that, there will be new heroes that will be released on the original server in early 2019, for example Badang and Vale. If you have just played Mobile Legend, then of course you want to know what mobile legend heroes often pick, because in general Hero who is often picked means OP, because that is the following will provide a list of mobile legend heroes often picked in the beginning of season 11.

Johnson is one of the Mobile Legend tank heroes who has high mobility. This hero has the ultimate that can be used to snatch enemies. Worse yet, Johnson can bring his friend to snatch the enemy. So the enemy hit by Johnson will surely die, especially if the one hit is a soft enemy like Mage, Assassin, Marksman, and Fighter. Therefore, it is one of the tank heroes that is often picked in the beginning of season 11.

The hero fighter is quite annoying if picked by the enemy team. This hero has the ability to snatch enemies into the tower, kill him with the help of a tower. Even worse, the previous patch update was updated a few weeks ago. Chou gets the buff as a fighter as a whole, increasing the damage he has. He became one of the hurt heroes in Mobile legend. One punch can eliminate half of blood marksman and assassin. Even though he wasn’t as hard as before, he was still annoying. Makes it one of the most frequently chosen heroes in Mobile legend.

Who are the mobile legend players who don’t know Kadita. Yes, one of the heroes made based on Indonesian legend. Not only beautiful, Kadita is one of the mage heroes who has it all, ranging from burst damage, Crowd Control, HP’s ability to regain, and Mobility to run when surrounded. This makes it one of the most frequently chosen heroes when match up.

Ubisoft Preparing New Tom Clancy Game For Next Year ?

We all know that Ubisoft currently has another Tom Clancy series debt that they have not yet realized. Instead of releasing the Splinter Cell series two years ago, they actually released the Division’s new IP which ended up quite disappointing. Although I had mentioned that they had not forgotten Splinter Cell and had received many studio offers to make it again, the news seemed to have been swallowed up by the earth. Now, it seems that the French developer is preparing a new series which also contributes to raising his name.

A YouTuber corecross just discovered a fictional company website called Skell Technology. The website that is locked with the username “asantos” and the password “10068” contains a video that is “unlisted” (only those who have the video link can watch) about the introduction of Skelltech uploaded by Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel. The video explains that they are a company engaged in drones, both agriculture and health.

Even though you don’t have any other explanation about the game that will be presented, but if you have played a shooter or military game for a long time, then the setting of a successful company that is likely to dominate the world is certainly not a stranger to you. Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s most famous shooter or military game is the Tom Clancy’s series. Making it can be speculated to be many things, from the expansion of the fourth year of the Rainbow Six Siege, the expansion / new Ghost Recon series, to the franchise that was only “teased” by them, Splinter Cell.

Until this article goes down, there isn’t any information about it yet. So, it would be nice if we waited for confirmation from Ubisoft’s own mouth. What do you think? Could they present one of the three possible franchises? Or maybe a new IP?

God of War Review – Unbelieveble Good !

Although the gameplay is undergoing massive changes, the exclusive game on the PS4 is not a Reboot game, but a direct sequel to the previous games.

The story of this game is reminiscent of two famous films, namely John Wick and Logan where Kartos, who was once fierce and known as the God of War and the Sparta fighter, tried to start a new life and forget about his life by becoming a father of a child named Atreus.

The story begins with Kartos and Atreus preparing for the funeral of the woman they love, with one final request, which is sowing the ashes in the highest Norse peak, which will be a difficult journey.

Therefore Kratos must first make sure Atreus is ready by training him to hunt in order to face the threat that will end him on a journey in fulfilling the promise of the woman he loves the most.

But it seems that Kartos has no time to do this, the situation changes when a mysterious man knocks on the door of his house. From there Kartos realized that there was no time to train Atreus, so a trip to the highest peak of the Norse had to be done immediately.

Santa Monica’s decision to replace the hack and slash gameplay that further highlighted the ferocity of Kartos slashing and killing his opponents brutally, with the ability to fend off, dodge and then strike back seemed to present a challenge during the game. These changes can be seen from the weapons currently used by Kartos, namely Levianthan Ax and a priation, where you will be forced to play close range which is more vulnerable to enemy attacks, so that the ability and fending off and avoiding timings are very crucial factors.

So you can no longer attack brutally in this latest God of War game, your attacks must be coordinated if you don’t want to die silently in the hands of your enemies.

Betsheda Has Been Reporter By User Because Banning All Mod User

When playing games from Bethesda, it feels less when not given a mod at all. Starting from The Elder Scrolls III to Fallout 4, games from this studio have always been known to support a wide range of mods that can change the vanilla version of the game dramatically.

Fallout 76, their first multiplayer game, was intentionally lacking modding support for fear of cheating. But that stops the modder from acting. In the past month, several mods have been present for this game, although it is very limited to visuals, at least modder managed to remove their mod even without the support of the developer. It’s just that now these mod users must have severe consequences when playing with this third-party content. Some players with mod report when they have been hit by a ban from the game even though the mod used is only Reshade or mod widescreen resolution.

Youtuber Juicehead became the first source to report wave tires to these modder and based on the e-mails obtained, those affected by the ban must write an essay about “why third-party cheat software can damage the online gaming community” if they still want to play Fallout 76.

Surely this provoked a negative response by mod users and the Fallout 76 community in general. The majority of those hit by tires are only players who try to beautify the visual quality of the game, and they feel they don’t interfere with anyone’s playing experience through the third-party program used. But the anti-cheat system from Bethesda still detected it as a cheat and now they have to follow orders from Bethesda or wait for a response if there is an error from the anti-cheat detection that the game has.

Fallout 76 is planned to have mod support, but not in the near future. So for now, players must be unwilling to be satisfied with what they offer in the vanilla version.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Strengthen Equipment

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you will be introduced to 5 kinds of equipment development systems. Strengthen, Refine, Upgrade, Slotting and Enchantment. On this page I will explain only 3 types, because Slotting and Echantment will go into the category of advanced elements, while the other 3 are basic elements.

Strengthen, this is one of the most basic equipments development systems. You will also be taught how to strengthen in the game, but it doesn’t hurt me to explain this feature first.

To strengthen you can talk to the Blacksmith NPC then select the strengthen menu or you can access directly from the inventory, on the right side, select tab 2. Here are some explanations about Strengthen:

Strengthen only needs zeny, the higher the level / level strengthen the more expensive the zeny must be paid.

Strengthen does not make equipment broken / damaged.

Strengthen adds status depending on the type of equipment.

The maximum amount strengthens based on the Base Level character.

Strengthen can be removed at NPC Furnace and zeny 100% back. (Equipment that still has strengthening cannot be sold on the Market or put into Shared Storage).

The strengthen level can be moved if you replace the equipment.

If you change equipment to a higher rarity, then the strengthen level might decrease because the strengthening price for higher rarity equipment is more expensive (zeny is not lost).

After 5 Years Of Release, DayZ Finally Entered The Beta Phase

First released in 2013 ago as early access, DayZ experienced development that was full of problems. Game creator Dean Hall decided to leave Bohemia Interactive after the game was released and the studio itself focused on other projects. Completing this game now is basically too late especially seeing the survival / open-world genre begin to be irrelevant again. But Bohemia slowly wants to complete this one game.

After 5 years, DayZ will finally enter the beta phase. This 0.63 update is planned to have a base-building mechanic, new vehicles, and a mechanized “player detention”. Developers want to overcome the problem of too little endgame content, making the gameplay of DayZ boring within a few hours of play.

What’s more important is that they want to complete all the main features and stability of the game for the upcoming full version 1.0. There is no exact schedule yet when this full version will be released, but they plan to complete this DayZ before 2018 ends.

After that, the developer does not promise to continue to provide new content for this survival open-world game. Therefore they added experimental tool mods and Steam Workshop, so the community can express their ideas for this game. Lets see how this game come out.

Detroit Become Human Be The Best RPG Game In Australia

The video game industry has officially created many communities that are truly plural in the world. Thanks to the courtesy, not infrequently they also have a different point of view in determining the game that they want to appreciate. You can find a small example of the emergence of many game award venues that gave birth to very varied winners.

Of the many game awards that have been held by our hobbyists, the game awards event in Australia seems to have a kind of unique consideration in determining the games that they think are very worthy to be considered the best.

In the RPG game category, the Australia Games Award has officially ordained Detroit Become Human as the winner of that category. This exclusive PS4 game is indeed a game with exceptional quality or in other words it cannot be called an ugly game. However, the decision of the Australia Games Award to classify the game made by Quantic Dream into the RPG game category seems to have attracted a lot of viral attention from the audience of gamers.

How about you, do you agree that when Detroit Become Human is classified as an RPG game?

Hero Who Got Rework In Mobile Legends

Moonton as a publisher of the Mobile Legends game recently applied rework to some of their heroes. This rework was done because the hero was unable to compete with the new hero who came out. Therefore, with this rework, the ability of the hero can increase dramatically. What are the heroes?

The first hero is Vexana. Formerly Vexana was a mage that was rarely used because it did not have a large damage skill. Besides that Vexana’s skills are also difficult to target. After getting rework, Vexana returned to demand. This is because the skill has great damage and necromancer ability that is able to raise the opponent’s hero to be an ally.

The second hero who gets massive rework is Sun. This hero is an underrated hero before getting rework. Since getting rework, Sun is increasingly in demand by players. Besides that the shadow that Sun made now gets a buff, which can get attack speed from the item that is owned by the original Sun.

Nana, who doesn’t know this cute support hero? Nana used to be a very popular support hero, since she came out with a new hero like Angela, Nana’s popularity dropped dramatically. But since getting rework, Nana is again popular among players supporting Mobile Legends.

The last hero is Gatot Kaca. Heroes taken from Indonesian super heroes also get rework. Formerly Gatot Kaca did not have great damage and was only useful for crowd control, but since it got rework, it became a tank with the biggest magic damage on Mobile Legends.

Sekiro Became The Most Highest Wishlist Game On Steam

Steam turns out to have calculated how many wishlist players in each game have not been released. Not only that, they also turned out to have provided a separate Top Chart page that ranks the most frequently listed games in the Steam community. This was only known when Simon Carless (via PC Gamer) spread this information via his Twitter.

From the page, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – the game from the developer Dark Souls is the most anticipated game by the Steam community. Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus and Devil May Cry V are under the game which was originally developed as Tenchu’s current-gen series.

This list of most wishlists is getting more and more interesting to explore. Not only mastered by games from major publishers, indie games also seem to be still in great demand. Games like Eastward, My Friend Pedro, Forager, and other indie games are in the top 50 row amidst giant games with a large budget.

Unfortunately Steam does not mention how many wishlists each game has. Even though the information is confidential and not very important, it will be a little interesting to see how much the comparison of each game and the level of interest of the Steam community will be on the game.

Nintendo Switch Can Surpassed Playstation Vita

The Nintendo Switch has done something unexpected, where Nintendo has surpassed the PlayStation Vita sales record in Japan.

Nintendo’s new hybrid console quickly passed not only six million units sold in Japan this week, but left the PlayStation portable system far away in the sales process.

This data comes from Media Create, which released the latest report on the Japanese video game market earlier this week. According to him, the Nintendo Switch sells 281,222 other units in Japan this week, and that means making a total of 6.112100 units sold.

As we know, the PlayStation Vita sales record in Japan was only 5,955,448 units. Forgotten handhelds have been available in Japan since December 17, 2011. While the newcomer, the Nintendo Switch, has only been available in Japan since March 3, 2017, but sales have been quickly pursued by Nintendo.

While the Switch is certain to have a fast and strong start in Japan, where console games have declined in recent years thanks to surges in mobile games, and it seems that Sony has to swallow the fact that the Switch is more popular even though Sony released PS Vita in 2011 .

Estimated PS Vita Sony has sold a total of about 16 million units, but the Nintendo Switch seems to be easy to catch up to, how not? now it’s 6 million more, what if it’s 7 years? We will see later.

New Event In Mobile Legends For Christmas

Every year, Mobile Legend often celebrates events on major days. Like yesterday’s Halloween event held in October. Well, this time Mobile Legend is preparing for an event to celebrate Christmas which will be held this December. If you are curious about these events. Next we will summarize and explain some of the events that will be held in Mobile Legend. See the article below.

As usual, if it’s not a free Hero, Mobile Legend will provide free skins to its players to celebrate the event. Skins that can be obtained are “Black Mamba – Natalia”, “Pale Flame – Valir”, “Arhat King – Gatot Kaca”, “Vanguard Elite – Bruno”, and finally “Power of Wildness – Hilda”. All skins are Elite type, and can be obtained on December 22.

It turns out that it is not just Christmas that will be celebrated in the game. On December 22, coinciding with the launch of the Christmas event in Mobile Legend, Mobile Legend will also celebrate the end of season 10. Where players who have the above rank Elite will get Skin Season prizes along with tickets and BP in not small amounts. What rank are you ?

Mobile Legend often makes skins to celebrate the event. The skin was generally themed with the event, for example the Impish Trickster Lolita Skin that was made to celebrate Haloween days ago. Well, for this Christmas event, Mobile Legend will provide several new skins such as Skin Christmas Zilong and Freya. Both will be released on December 22nd. In addition there was also Skin Gord rework last year which made it even cooler. Ready for money, bro!

In addition to Free Skin and Season skin, Mobile legend also reopens survival mode, which of course is made even more interesting. This Survival Event was based on a Christmas theme, with snow and jungle monsters being changed like snowman. Very interesting isn’t it?

Bai “rOtK” Fan Involved in “Bet” Scandal When Livestream

Trainers from the Dota 2 professional team from China, Vici Gaming, have just been involved in a gambling scandal. Bai “rOtK” Fan recorded his conversation with someone who was talking about having to bet to PSG. LGD or Natus Vincere in the MegaFon Winter Clash tournament last weekend when he was livestream and forgot to turn off the camera and mic.

As a result the conversation was heard clearly by the viewers where ROKK said some crude swear for PSG’s frustration. LGD lost to Na’vi to a conversation about the money he put in to bet. According to him if he wins, he will get approximately $ 7,000 USD but in the end PSG. LGD lost 2-0 over Na’vi in ​​the final lower bracket. Annoyed at his defeat, he issued harsh cursing when talking to people in the same room and maybe RoKK forgot to turn off his livestream until the audience heard a conversation discussing the gambling.

Valve itself has implemented regulations regarding gambling in its other competitive games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Every pro-player, team and all involved in the event in any situation may not be involved in gambling. Maybe the rule can also be applied in competitive scenes Dota 2 considering dev. and the publisher is the same, Valve. Although rOtK itself is not currently an active pro player, its status as a coach is still tied to the professional team of Vici Gaming who also still often participates in major tournaments.

After the video was viral on a local social network, namely Weibo, finally ROTK gave a statement about what happened in Livestream last weekend. There are three important points that he said.

The conversation was her with a close friend who asked for advice on a bet. Finally he gave a choice which he thought was right PSG. LGD, but the friend kept asking the same thing until finally ROKK assured “if I lose I will pay half of your loss”. According to him he did not need money from such results which would later affect his reputation and career. Basically the money he earned was enough for all his needs.

I have known this LGD for a long time. When we meet they are used to calling each other with the words “b * st * rds” or “do * s”. It may sound rude but it does not mean to insult them and they know it.

I am very uncontrolled about my words that might make people who do not understand me well will think differently. My words caused some negative reactions, so I’m here to apologize for all Dota 2 fans.

Two PSG players. LGD also gave its reaction regarding the scandal that befell rOtK. The captain of PSG. LGD, namely Xu “fy” Linsen through his Weibo account gave his opinion.

Behemoth Will Come To MHW PC Version

Capcom is still endlessly pampering the players of Monster Hunter World on the PC platform. Even though they are currently generous to hold a special winter and Christmas event (on all platforms) by reopening many limited quests that you might have missed, this time the PC players arrived at an event that had been long awaited.

One of the iconic monsters of the Final Fantasy series, Behemoth reportedly in the near future will soon set foot in the world around Astera to challenge you directly. December 21 at 7 am WIB will be a pretty thrilling moment if you are able to deal with the ferocity of the Behemoth, or even be depressed miserably?

Besides Behemoth, there are also interesting rewards that you can reap from this event, such as the Drachen armor set, special Insect Glaive weapons with the name Gae Bolg, to the cute Moggle skin for Palicomu.

Before you want to challenge the Behemoth, don’t forget to pay attention to the Hunter Rank you have. Because the main and most important condition for being able to carry out the Behemoth quest is that you have to defeat Xeno‘jiiva first, or at least take HR 16 and above.

Finally, don’t forget to read other interesting information about the game Monster Hunter World or other interesting stories about the world of video games from us.

The Latest Dragon Age Teaser Presents Important Figures from the Inquisition

Last appeared in 2014 in Dragon: Age Inqusition, BioWare, as the developer of the RPG genre series, turned out to slip a new Dragon Age teaser in the 2018 The Game Awards that took place some time ago.

You might realize it from the artstyle used in the one-minute teaser. But what’s interesting about this teaser is that the hashtag used reads The Dread Wolf Rises, which refers to one of the important characters in Dragon Age: Inqusition named Solas. You can watch the teaser below.

You who play Dragon Age: Inquisition, may know that Solas reappeared in the Trespasser DLC, where Solas later revealed himself as the Dread Wolf. This is getting stronger with the sentence “suspect you have question” on the teaser video above, where Solas also sent this sentence to the Inquisitor in the Trespasser DLC.

The latest Dragon Age teaser also quickly attracts attention and various fans’ questions, such as whether Solas returns as the main character, or even becomes the main antagonist, or becomes part of a party like the previous game.

BioWare itself does not provide much further information besides this teaser, considering that they are also still focused on working on the Anthem game, it seems that Dragon Age will certainly not appear in the near future.

The new game Koei Tecmo wants to show off is a “horse racing” game

Hearing that Koei Tecmo will soon announce their latest game with illustrations of flaming fire, many of you must have guessed that the game is a game series that deals with battles or battles that are so fierce. Your estimate is connotatively not 100% wrong. However, if you hope that this is a new series of the Samurai Warriors franchise or all kinds of other Warriors games, be prepared to be disappointed.

Officially leaked earlier by Famitsu, apparently the mysterious game prepared by Koei Tecmo is a Horse Racing sports game entitled Winning Post 9. Reportedly the game with simulation elements will soon launch in March next year on the PC, PS4, and Switch.

Famitsu has also leaked various details about the latest simulation features that you can enjoy in this game, namely:

The racing atmosphere made is far more dramatic and realistic
There is a kind of Bonding Element for riders with the horse”World Suitability”, a feature that can adjust the characteristics of horses raised in various countries.

Your horse will have rivals with various attractive conditions and mechanisms when competing with certain horses. Rival in the game is not limited to horses, there are also rivals from fellow rider characters

The Winning Post franchise itself is a Koei original horse racing racing game series that has been circulating since 1993. For you horse racing fans and special fans from the Winning Post series, it looks like you are just waiting for a moment to see the appearance of the first trailer to be ready for Koei Tecmo in the near future.

Indonesia Game Publisher Show Off In TGS 2018

Japan is the best country of the game world. Just name names like Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, and Konami, all of them from Japan. Not only that, attending the annual Japanese game event, the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is also one of the dreams of gamers around the world.

For Indonesian game developers, Japan is also one of the attractive markets for the games they make. Therefore, in the 2018 TGS which was held on September 20-23 2018, seven Indonesian game developers with support from the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) and the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) participated in exhibiting works under the Archipelageek booth banner.

Archipelageek’s own booth is not the first time this is present at TGS. Earlier in 2017 yesterday, Archipelageek also helped six of Indonesia’s biggest game developers and game events, BEKRAF Game Prime to get exposure from gamers present at TGS. Overall, Indonesia itself has never been absent from TGS since its first participation in 2012.

Archipelageek itself is an initiative of BEKRAF and AGI to help Indonesian developers achieve the three main missions at TGS 2018. First, is to showcase works on the Japanese market. Then second, to get business opportunities from Japanese game industry players. And the last is to establish connections with industry players to foster the development of the Indonesian game industry.

Another game publisher from Indonesia who joined this event is Lentera Nusantara, Agate, Studio Namaapa, and the last one is Melon Gaming.